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How Many Kids Does John Dutton Have?

How Many Kids Does John Dutton Have?

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If you’ve been drawn into the compelling world of Yellowstone, you’re likely familiar with the complex dynamics of the Dutton family.

At the helm of this powerful clan is John Dutton, the tough-as-nails patriarch with a love for his ranch that matches the intensity of his devotion to his offspring. But just how many kids does John Dutton have?

This question sparks intrigue not just because it introduces us to key players in the storyline, but also because the relationships between John and his children add layers of tension and emotion to the show.

How Many Kids Does John Dutton Have?

John Dutton is the father of four children, three biological and one adopted. His children are Kayce, Beth, Jamie, and the late Lee.

Family relationships in the Dutton household have not always been easy. The death of John’s wife Evelyn put tension on the family, as John was never the same afterwards. In addition, the dangers that come with protecting the only make matters more complicated for John and his children.

Below is an in-depth look into each of John Dutton’s kids.

Lee Dutton

Lee Dutton, John Dutton's son on Yellowstone who died

Lee Dutton was the oldest child of John and Evelyn Dutton. He was heavily involved in working at the ranch alongside his father.

Lee Dutton died in just the first episode of Yellowstone. After cattle were taken from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Lee, along with other ranch hands and members of the Montana Livestock Association, headed to the Broken Rock Reservation to take them back.

Unbeknownst to Lee, his brother Kayce was trying to keep the cattle on the reservation and prevent any fighting from happening. As soon as John noticed what was happening he called off the operation. However, in the midst of the commotion, Lee was shot by Robert Long.

As Robert was about to finish Lee off at point-blank, Kayce shot and killed him before he could do Lee any more harm. Sadly, Lee succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

Lee Dutton is buried at the family cemetery on the property. He was not married and he did not have any children.

Jamie Dutton

Jamie Dutton Black Vest Yellowstone

Jamie Dutton is the adopted son of John and Evelyn Dutton. Jamie works as an attorney and eventually gets the position of Montana State Attorney General.

Jamie was adopted when by John and Evelyn when he was just three months old. Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, killed his biological mother, Phyllis Randall.

After getting home from work one day, Garrett found young Jamie crying and sucking on a crack pipe while his mother was sleeping with another man. Garrett killed Phyllis after a fit of rage, landing him in prison for 30 years.

Jamie did not know that he was adopted growing up. It was only as an adult when his assistant handed him his birth certificate that Jamie learned the truth of his parentage.

After learning what happened when he was a baby, Jamie went on to meet his biological father after he was released from jail. As Jamie and Garrett get to know each other, they form a relationship and Garrett even comes to stay on Jamie’s ranch.

However, all of this is destroyed when Beth gives Jamie an ultimatum, leading Jamie to regretfully kill his biological father.

Jamie has always had a complicated relationship with his adoptive father, John. Jamie has regularly done what John has asked of him only for John to constantly look down on him. The tension has caused Jamie to turn against his father.

While Jamie is not married, he does have a child with his former assistant Christina. Though things did not work out between Jamie and Christina, Jamie is still working to be a part of his son’s life.

Beth Dutton

Close up of Beth Dutton wearing a cowboy hat

Beth Dutton is the only daughter of John and Evelyn Dutton. Beth works in finance as well as being the chief-of-staff to her father in his role as governor.

Beth carries the guilt of her mother’s death even though it is not her fault. One day when Beth and Kayce were children they were out on a trail ride with their mother Evelyn. Not being a confident rider, Beth lost control of her horse as it spooked, causing Eveyln’s horse to rear up and fall on her.

After being crushed by her own horse, Evelyn instructed Beth to go get her father. By the time Beth returned with her father, Evelyn took her final breath. Since the incident, Beth has been haunted by the guilt of her mother’s death, often seeking comfort in drinking.

Beth and John tend to have a good relationship, though Beth does not always approve of John’s love interests. Beth works alongside John in his political career to help him protect the family ranch.

Beth is married to ranch foreman Rip Wheeler. As a teenager, Beth had an abortion at a health clinic on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. However, unbeknownst to her at the time, the abortion left her sterilized, so she is unable to have children.

While Beth and Rip do not have any biological children, they care for Carter, a young boy who had been in foster care. Beth, Rip, and Carter live on the ranch in their own cabin.

Kayce Dutton

Close up of Kayce Duttton. John Dutton's son in Yellowstone

Kayce is the youngest child of John and Evelyn Dutton. He works alongside his father at the ranch as well as being a Livestock Agent for the Montana Livestock Association.

Kayce is married to Monica Long and together they have one child, Tate. Kayce got Monica pregnant when they were young, causing tension between Kayce and his dad as he went off to start his own family.

After living with Monica’s family on the Brocker Rock Indian Reservation, Kayce made his way back to his father’s ranch. He began working at the ranch once again alongside his father.

Kayce has not always had the best relationship with his wife Monica. While they do love each other, Monica struggles with Kayce working for his father as it puts their family in danger.

At one point, Monica and Kayce were even briefly separated before finding their way back to each other. Their relationship improved after they moved off the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch into their own home, giving them a fresh start.

In season 4, Monica found out that she was pregnant once again. Kayce and Monica were overjoyed to learn their family was expanding.

In season 5, Monica began experiencing contractions while Kayce was still at work so she drove herself and Tate to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, Monica got into a car accident that left her seriously injured.

Sadly, the baby did not survive the accident, dying shortly after he was born. Monica and Kayce named the baby John after Kayce’s father.