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Escaped Horse Spotted Taking The Bus Home

Escaped Horse Spotted Taking The Bus Home

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Many of us ride horses and take the bus, but every now and then the tables turn. A loose horse in Cardiff, Wales “willingly trotted” onto a bus to catch a ride back to the barn.

The horse was wandering loose on the A48 ‘mane’ road in Cardiff Thursday evening causing some trouble in the ‘neighborhood’.

Ms Stephens was driving home from work when she noticed the horse. She, along with her friend, were able to capture the horse and stop traffic. Eventually, a bus also stopped and the police showed up.

Everyone involved in the horse’s rescue was a bit baffled as to what to do with the horse since they wouldn’t be able to get a horsebox or trailer to the scene in time.

Finally, the bus driver suggested simply putting the horse on the bus. Local pedestrians and motorists pulled over to help corral the horse onto a bus.

Ms Stephens, who helped to rescue the horse, said “I used to ride horses in Cardiff Riding School, but I have not loaded a horse into a horsebox or trailer, let alone a bus. It was quite a novel experience.” 

Even the local South Wales Police saw the funny side and brought out some horse-related puns.

The bus driver put down the disabled ramp and the horse “went on quite happily.”  

The horse spent about five minutes riding on the bus as it was transported to a local Park and Ride. He was accompanied by Ms Stephens and one other passenger. 

“A loose horse on the ‘mane’ A48 Eastern Ave decided it wanted to ‘stirrup’ a little trouble but in doing so it risked falling ‘foal’ of the law, the South Wales Police force said of the incident.

Following his bus ride, the horse was shortly reunited with its owner. Ms Stephens said “It was crazy and I still can’t believe it”.

It was a very eventful night for all who were involved and thankfully this story has a happy ending. You could say the horse is now in a ‘stable’ condition. However, the horse is now wanted for an unpaid bus fare.

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