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Horse Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

Horse Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

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With a horse as your spirit animal, you’re in for quite a ride. Horses are known to be adventurous and free-spirited creatures, and it’s no different in this context. Get ready to be daring and bold, because this horse spirit animal is going to carry you all the way to reaching your dreams.

Horses symbolize strength, passion, and directed energy. In the Native American culture they also represent wealth and power.

In general, you can trust your horse spirit animal to be a source of strength that will carry you to bigger and better things. They will give you the energy and courage to move forward toward your goals.

But each horse is different and will offer you different opportunities and challenges. To find out exactly what your horse spirit animal means for you, read on carefully. The color of your horse plays a big role in their meaning:

What Does Seeing a White Horse Symbolize?

White horse spirit animals symbolize purity and freedom, with the wisdom to make good choices. If your spirit animal is a white horse it means they can be trusted to carry you through life with dignity and grace.

Whether your white horse is tame or wild, they are there to help you express the pure intentions of your soul. If you come to a crossroads and you don’t know which decision is best, your white horse can be trusted to help you find the wisest path.

White horses are incredibly moral creatures. Often represented as mythical horse creatures, they symbolize freedom and grace in many cultures. You can trust this horse spirit animal to bring out the best in you. They are wise in the ways of the world and will take all possible outcomes into consideration before choosing the best course of action.

White horse showing itself as a spirit and guide

What Does Seeing a Black Horse Mean?

Do you know the expression that someone is a “dark horse”? A black horse as a spirit animal symbolizes strength and passion that will carry you through the most difficult of times.

If your horse spirit animal is black, you can count on them to be there when you need them the most. Black horses may tend to be wilder than most. And they never lose that wild streak. But that’s what makes them an invaluable asset.

They don’t back down from a challenge. In fact, you can trust in their passion and power to carry you to victory in any battle. So while they may be aloof when things are going well, their strong nature will be right there to lean on when you’re fighting through a tough situation.

Brown Horse Meaning & Symbolism

Brown horses symbolize energy and control. Of all the colors, this horse will be the one that consistently carries you through.

Whether you’re struggling to muster up the courage to start something new or you just need that extra push over the finish-line, your brown horse will give you the determination and energy you need to see things through.

Brown horses are passionate and determined. Sometimes to the point of stubbornness. But this is exactly the energy you need from your spirit animal to give you that extra push to reach your dreams.

Other Colours

If your horse spirit animal is a combination of colors don’t freak out. Finding their meaning is quite simple. Just combine the meanings of the colors above.

So for example a Piebald or Grey would be a combination of the meanings for black and white horses. They will be both pure and wise, and carry you through tough situations.

If your horse has more of a certain color, that color’s characteristics will be dominant. So if you have a Skewbald or Appaloosa, which is mostly brown, you can expect them to give you more determination than anything. But they will also help you make wise decisions when you reach a crossroads.

It’s also important to note that chestnuts tend to be fierier than your standard brown horse. They can ignite a fiercer passion inside you and give you more energy than a brown horse would, but they are also more difficult to tame, so watch out.

Spiritual white horse guide

Horse Spirit Animal Guidance

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6 Meanings Horse Spirit Animals Represent

Besides the different colours your horse can be, there are other aspects that can alter their specific meaning. When you look at your spirit animal, take note of whether they are wild or tame first. This will give you your first insight into the meaning they hold for you.

Wild or Tame

Horse spirit animals can be wild and free, or docile and constricted. The meaning of your horse will largely depend on how they control their own energy.

If you have a tame horse that can contain their energy it means you have a trusty steed that will carry you to your goals in a methodical way.

If your horse is wild and free, they are in your life to help you push your boundaries and explore life in a more energetic way.

But to get the most out of your horse, you want a balance between these two types. You want to give them the freedom to explore and be free, but you also want to build a trusting relationship between the two of you.
Once you have found a healthy balance between these two energies your horse can hold the following meanings for you on a personal level:

Igniting Passion

Horse spirit animals will ignite your passions. Whether it’s your drive to succeed, express your emotions, or move out of your comfort zone. Your horse will help you express yourself in ways you never thought you could.


With your new-found passion you’ll find your personal boundaries breaking down. Things you never thought possible will suddenly seem less daunting. The more you work together with your horse, the easier it will become to jump the fences in your mind and explore new territories.


This may be physical travel. But more often than not it’s a less tangible kind of travel. As you become freer within yourself and you broaden your horizons you’ll find yourself traveling toward your goals at a very quick pace. Your horse spirit animal will help you travel forward in your life.

Girl with her horse spirit guide


Last but by no means least; your horse will give you strength. They will be a pillar to lean on in times of need. Even when you feel like you can’t carry on you can climb onto their back and ask them to help you reach those goals that seem so far away.

The colour of your horse will tell you in which aspects of your life you can expect these meanings to manifest the most.

The important thing to remember is that your spirit animal represents a part of you. If they are acting irrationally wild, there’s a part of you that is yearning to be expressed. If they are too docile and complacent, you’ve become too comfortable and it’s time to push yourself out of that comfort zone.

Horse Totem Meaning

The Horse as your totem animal represents freedom above all else. You are being urged to take the reins and move forward. Whether that means leaving others behind or embracing daunting changes; you need to trust that your horse will carry you to bigger and better things.

You need to set yourself free from the constraints you place on yourself and ride boldly into the sunset. The only thing holding you back are your personal beliefs. Let the horse carry you on a brand new journey.

Is a Horse Your Spirit Animal?

How do you know? It’s quite easy. Close your eyes and go to your happy place – wherever that may be. A quiet field, a cave, a waterfall, a river… Pick a place you love and feel safe and comfortable.

Imagine yourself sitting there and close your eyes in this imagined setting. Call your spirit animal to you. You’ll hear them coming and feel their presence as they enter your happy place.

Keep your eyes closed until you’re sure they’re there. Then slowly open your eyes in your happy place (keep your real eyes closed). The animal that you see in front of you is your spirit animal.

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Seeing Horses in Your Dreams

Horses can appear in dreams too. This doesn’t mean they’re your spirit animal, but they still carry an important message. The way they present themselves in your dreams can have special meaning too.

When you see a horse in your dreams make sure to take note of things like color, how they act, what they’re doing, and what you’re doing while you’re around them.

See our guide to horse dreams to find out in-depth what horses in your dreams means.