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Brave Horse Runs to Burning Stables to Save Her Horsey Family

Brave Horse Runs to Burning Stables to Save Her Horsey Family

There is no doubt about it that horses are incredible animals. One mare proved the incredible bond these animals have for one another.

Horses naturally have a strong herd instinct. That behavior was exhibited to the fullest when a mare named Prieta ran back towards the path of danger to help other horses. This was a particularly brave moment as California wildfires were quickly closing in on her stables in Simi Valley.

Brave Horse With a Strong Family Bond

In the video, Prieta frantically runs back to the stables through the smoke to help guide a horse and a two-month-old foal to safety. The foal that Prieta helped saved, Onyx, is her granddaughter.

Though it is natural for horses to flee from dangerous situations, they are also often look out for one another. They can form strong bonds with their herd mates, as there is safety in numbers for prey animals.

Despite the chaos and panic happening, Prieta managed to look out for her stablemates.

Prieta is a true hero, as she put her loyalty to the horses above her desire to flee danger. Her strong maternal and herd instincts kicked in as she put herself in harm’s way to ensure the safety of the others. Despite the scary situation, Prieta was able to lead the horses to safety.

Fortunately, Prieta and the others were able to get out of the path of the wildfire. Shortly after the chaos, they were able to be relocated to a stable in Los Angeles.

Prieta, along with Onyx and her mother Mona Lisa, were all reunited and safe.

Thanks to Preita’s incredible behavior, her fellow stablemates made it out safely from the fiery situation. Prieta displayed the incredible loyalty and love that horses can have for each other.

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