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Touching Moment Horse Reunites With His Old Friend After 4 Years Apart

Touching Moment  Horse Reunites With His Old Friend After 4 Years Apart

We all know that people can form friendships that can last a lifetime. However, horses are also capable of forming strong bonds that can last forever.

Sue Blagburn raised three horses from foals together in Mustons Field, England. The horses, Harry, Arthur and William grew up as best friends.

However, due to a change in careers, as Blagburn transitioned into equine facilitated learning and therapy, she had to give up Arthur.

For the next four years, Arthur spent his time as a top sport horse, competing in many high-class competitions. Harry and William spent their time traveling around England with Blagburn.

Then with Harry and William living in Firle, East Sussex, Blagburn set out to purchase Arthur back.

After living away for four years and competing, Blagburn finally had the opportunity to reunite the trio.

Once she repurchased Arthur, Blagburn was anxious to get the friends back together. She figured they would recognize each other when reintroduced, but she was taken aback by their touching reunion.

William and Harry were overjoyed to see Arthur again. The three best friends loving nudged each other, clearly happy to all be together once again. After lots of friendly nudging, the trio took off running around the field.

“I knew that they would recognize each other, but this is so much more deep than I thought possible, and… it’s so extraordinary, ” stated Blagburn.

Blagburn was surprised that after four years the horses still shared such a close bond. She explained that William is bossy and wouldn’t let other horses do what Arthur is doing.

Now, these three buddies are the star team with Adventures With Horses, an organization that provides equine-assisted therapy interventions and learning. William, Arthur, and Harry are doing their best to help people.

“We provide a range of equine-assisted learning and therapy interventions that support learning and growth, self awareness, mental health, well-being and nature connection for both adults and young people,” states the website.

There is no doubt that William, Harry, and Arthur are great friends. The joyous reunion among the trio can be seen in this uplifting video below.