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7 Best Horse Racing Card Games

7 Best Horse Racing Card Games

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When not at the barn, a great way to pass time is by playing card games. Cards games are a great way for the whole family to have fun, especially when the games center around horses.

Enjoy the excitement of the racetrack at home with these entertaining horse racing card games.

Each game features a deck of playing cards that are incorporated into the gameplay. They will take any game night to the next level.

Here are the best horse racing card games.

1. FINENI Horseracing Board Game With Dice and Cards

FINENI Horseracing Board Game With Dice and Cards

This classic horse racing game features a wooden board, playing cards, dice, and metal horse game pieces. All the pieces are elegant yet sturdy, which is great for any rowdy player.

With a combination of skill and luck, this game will provide hours of entertainment. The game is easy to learn how to play and will keep you on your toes until the finish line. The dice and cards determine your horse’s corresponding move.

When not playing the game, you can keep it on display, as it will look great in your home. It is great for playing with the whole family, especially when you have a large group of people as it can have up to 11 players.

2. Across The Board

Across The Board

This handmade horse racing game features a sturdy wooden board, gorgeous horse game pieces, playing cards, and dice. It is great to play in small groups or at large parties, as it can have anywhere from two to 20 players.

The game is easy to play and will provide hours of fun for everyone involved. The dice and playing cards determine your horse’s next move down the race course.

This game comes in maple or walnut wood, allowing you to choose the color of your board. Both kids and adults will have a blast trying their hand at horse racing.

3. Hey! Play! Horse Race Game with Dice and Cards

Hey! Play! Wooden Horse Race Game with Dice, Cards and Chips

This game is a great introduction to learning about the world of horse racing. It is geared towards families and can accommodate up to eight players.

The game features a sturdy wooden board, wooden horses, playing cards, chips, and dice. The cards and dice determine your next move, and the chips can be used in place of currency.

Fitting for those ages six and up, the game is simple to learn while still being lots of fun. You can even customize the rules based on the number of players.

4. Derby Day Horse Racing Board and Card Game

Derby Day Horse Racing Board Game

Enjoy the excitement of Derby Day from the comfort of your own home with this exciting game. The game features an elegant wooden board, beautiful wooden horses, playing cards, play money, and dice.

Use the playing cards to split shares of the 12 horses. Roll the dice to send the race horses toward the finish line before you collect your share of the elusive jackpot. The game currency even includes some of racing’s most iconic legends including Seabiscuit and Secretariat.

The game is designed for two to six players, though the rules can be alternated to accommodate up to 12 players. This family-friendly game makes a perfect addition to game night.

5. Big Dot of Happiness Kentucky Horse Derby

Big Dot of Happiness Kentucky Horse Derby

This is the perfect game to play during your Derby Day watch party. The game is easy to play and can be made more competitive by adding a prize at the end of the game.

The card pack features four games: Pick Your Race Horse, What’s Your Horse Name? Scavenger Hunt and This or That. People of all ages can participate and enjoy playing the game.

The cards are printed on heavy-duty cardstock. All four games are a great way to get people more involved in watching horse racing.

6. WE Games Grand National Horse Race Game

WE Games Grand National Horse Race Game

This stunning game is based on the iconic Grand National. It features a gorgeous wooden board, durable metal horse pieces, a custom deck of racehorse playing cards, poker chips, and wooden dice.

The game is easy to follow and is something that the whole family can enjoy playing with each other. Use the playing cards and dice to determine your horse’s position and strive to bring home the big jackpot at the end of the game.

This game makes for a fun family night and can have up to 15 players. When not playing, you can keep it on display as it is a gorgeous set.