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Loyal Horse Protects It’s Owner From Protective Mother Cow

Loyal Horse Protects It’s Owner From Protective Mother Cow

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Horses and humans share some of the most special bonds. These magnificent creatures have worked alongside humans for centuries, proving to be loyal companions.

Though modern machinery has replaced the jobs of many horses today, many cowboys still rely on them for working cattle. They are irreplaceable assets to ranch life, as they play an important role that can not be replaced by machinery.

Many cowboys and cowgirls have reliable horses they use every day on their ranches.

One trusty steed proved just how valuable a good cow horse is by protecting his owner from an overly protective cow.

Horse protecting a cowboy from a cow

The Perfect Equine Partner

Ranch managers Scott Warren and Jose Ibarra of Clinton, North Carolina are often busy maintaining different aspects of their ranch. Since it is just the two of them on the ranch, they couldn’t do their jobs without their horses.

Since the business partners can’t always be there to help each other out, they train their horses to stand between them and the cattle. This allows the ranchers to safely do their jobs without the interference of cows.

Warren and Ibarra’s training has definitely paid off, as their trusty horses stand guard whenever they have to get hands-on with calves.

Horse kicking a cow to stop it hurting it's owner

In this viral video, Ibarra is tagging a newborn calf while its protective mother tries to get to it.

Ibarra’s horse, Stallion Red, stood between him and the cow as he tagged the calf. He protected Ibarra while he worked, kicking at the eager mother as she impatiently tried to get to her calf.

Red was always a step ahead of the cow, preventing her from interfering with Ibarra’s work, where she could have potentially injured him while trying to get to her calf.

Red clearly is a clever, loyal horse and he did a great job keeping his rider safe.

Watch the video of Red and Ibarra down below: