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100 Best Horse Names List

100 Best Horse Names List

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You’ll be enjoying a close relationship with your horse for many happy years to come, so it’s essential to pick a name that you like. There’s no right or wrong answer, and everyone feels a connection with different types of horse names.

The chances are when you hear it, you’ll instantly know – but getting to that point can be tricky.

Getting to know your horse before picking their name can help as you’ll feel more comfortable making a choice that you’re sure fits their personality.

There’s an almost never-ending list of options for horse names so we’ve given you a helping hand here by breaking them down into categories which we hope might offer some inspiration!

Tip: Use our table of contents to help find categories which match your horse

Female Horse Names

  • Dolly
  • Lady
  • Beauty
  • Misty
  • Gypsy
  • Molly
  • Daisy
  • Lottie
  • Ruby
  • Jill
  • Grace
  • Briana
  • Candi
  • Mia
  • Gemini
  • Autumn
  • Millie
  • Frida
  • Chica

The gender of a horse isn’t a big important factor, but choosing a pretty and feminine name for mares can work very well.

Flowers are popular as well as names that end with an “i.e.” sound – take a look at those on the list above, and you’ll get the idea…

Male Horse Names

  • Paddy
  • Sky
  • Major
  • Batman
  • Teddy
  • Zeus
  • Elvis
  • Drummer
  • Max
  • Leo
  • Bailey
  • Dillon
  • Gus
  • Scout
  • Rocket
  • Milton
  • Boston
  • Toby

By contrast, names for stallions and geldings are typically anything but flowery, instead hinting at power, strength and majesty.

If that doesn’t seem to suit your boy, you could opt for a name that’s friendly and approachable instead, or perhaps one with a hint of mischief?

Horse Names by Color


  • Bramble
  • Pepsi
  • Panther
  • Batman
  • Angus
  • Knight
  • Guinness
  • Bandit
  • Flicka
  • Zorro
  • Maverick
  • Raven
  • Noir (French for black)
  • Nero (Italian for black)
  • Whiskey
  • Spike
  • Jack
  • Magic
  • Caviar
  • Eclipse
  • Felix

For our black horse names, we have chosen names which have a black connection or are most associated with black horses.


  • Jasper
  • Snowy
  • Athena
  • Prince
  • Freya
  • Ghost
  • Dove
  • Jonah
  • Faith
  • Caesar
  • Alaska
  • Blizzard
  • Lotus
  • Pearl
  • Fleur
  • Hope

A true white horse is the rarest colour of them all and is believed to bring luck for lovers. A nod towards the noble character and uniqueness of your white horse by picking a name that references its pure colour.


  • Meka
  • Storm
  • Lunar
  • Breeze
  • Thunder
  • Willow
  • Thor
  • Sky
  • Marble
  • Mouse
  • Dash
  • Albus

Sometimes known as dappled, grey horses are a soft and gentle shade – at least they are when they’re clean! Choose a name that describes the silvery tones in their coat with one of these grey-themed monikers.

Brown & Bay

  • Chester
  • Cleveland
  • Kit Kat
  • Brandy
  • Coco
  • Rolo
  • Bentley
  • Dynamo
  • Amber
  • Charlie
  • Axel
  • Comet
  • Harvey

Most of these are suitable for brown, bay or chestnut-coloured horses. Although these colors are common, these horses are typically very striking and handsome and come in many different shades.

Black & White

  • Oreo
  • Badger
  • Domino
  • Montie
  • Tonto
  • Enzo
  • Stella
  • Rockstar
  • Apache
  • Lemur
  • Magpie
  • Flint


  • Honey
  • Dancer
  • Sunny
  • Champ
  • Pharaoh
  • Rapunzel
  • Spring
  • El Dorado
  • Alice
  • Sandy
  • Treasure
  • Diva
  • Amber

A palomino horse is a real head-turner with a stunning coat that could be anything from the lightest cream right through to shimmering gold.

Words that hint at opulence combined with yellow tones could produce a name that jumps right out at you!


  • Rocky
  • Patches
  • Puzzle
  • Bella
  • Banjo
  • Flora
  • Biscuit
  • Gunner
  • Cheyenne
  • Smudge
  • Keres
  • Kenya
  • Blossom

Paint horses typically have an exquisite combination of coloured markings, resulting in an appearance that’s as individual as your fingerprint.

Pay tribute to the beauty of their coat with a name that is unique, individual, and just a little bit different.

Funny Horse Names

  • Moose
  • Bikini
  • Barnaby
  • Fidget
  • Bandit
  • Pants
  • Chip
  • Cricket
  • Pongo
  • Wotsit
  • Trixie
  • Pickles

A funny name may be very endearing but make sure you don’t pick something that you will quickly tire of and get embarrassed about!

There are lots of funny names that roll off the tongue and won’t ever be cringeworthy, but as everyone’s sense of humor is different, you’ll need to pick the one you’re comfortable with!

Cute Horse Names

  • Nutmeg
  • Nibbles
  • Pebbles
  • Cookie
  • Buttons
  • Pepper
  • Lucky
  • Houdini
  • Rebel
  • Bubbles
  • Spot
  • Puff
  • Poppy

The personality of every horse is different; some are fearless and headstrong, while others are gentle and sweet. If your horse falls in the latter category, you might want to choose a cute name.

Cute names also work well on smaller horses, capturing their endearing size and demeanor in one easy swoop.

Western & Cowboy Horse Names

  • Buck
  • Buddy
  • Trigger
  • Ranger
  • Carson
  • Billy
  • Sundance
  • Tulsa
  • Outlaw
  • Ringo
  • Cisco Kid
  • Cherokee
  • Gunner

Whether your horse is a guy or a gal, a name from a rootin’ tootin’ western could be just the ticket.

Some beautiful southern belle names would be fabulous for a mare or filly while geldings and stallions could be named after a famous gunslinger?

Native American & Indian Horse Names

  • Kai
  • Dakota
  • Geronimo
  • Nina
  • Lulu
  • Kiona
  • Chief
  • Chex
  • Sierra
  • Nandita
  • Taos
  • Nova
  • Kaya

The Spanish brought horses to America in the 17th century, and they quickly became an integral part of Native American life, especially important for hunting and travelling.

Pay your respects to their heritage with a name that symbolizes the speed, power, and nobility of your horse’s ancestors with a Native American name.

Horses from Films

  • Aladdin
  • Flicka
  • Spirit
  • Rain
  • Bullseye
  • Magic
  • Ringo
  • Scout
  • Pepper
  • Maximus
  • Rocket
  • Woody
  • Buzz

There are many memorable horses in films and TV: who can honestly say they didn’t love Black Beauty?! For more inspiration, take a look at our 20 Best Horse Films guide!

Also read our ultimate guide to Disney horses.

Unique Horse Names

  • Starlight
  • Aries
  • Tori
  • Ace
  • Apollo
  • Comet
  • Trace (Show name: Without A Trace)
  • Nevada
  • Sienna
  • Quest
  • Pandora
  • Velvet
  • Jasmine
  • Xena
  • Stella
  • Quest

No-one says you have to go for a tried and tested name so if you find something that’s unique and different that seems to fit your horse beautifully, you shouldn’t let anyone stand in your way.

Your horse is a unique creature, so why not give them a name that’s just as special as they are?!

Naming Pairs

  • Sugar & Spice
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Jesse & James
  • Dawn & Dusk
  • Zelda & Link
  • Cookies & Cream

With two horses, rather than naming them individually, think about the names as a pair and see if they complement each other. Of course, it’s still important to make sure each name suits the horse too!

Thinking about them as a double-act and maybe taking inspiration from some of your favorite twosomes from film, TV or history could offer a winning idea?


Are you still stuck on what to call your horse? Below are some top tipis to help you name your horse.

Use a Common Theme for Multiple Horses

If you plan on getting more than two or a group of horses, why not find a fun theme to name them all by. Here are some fun examples:

  • Royalty: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke & Duchess.
  • Alcohol: Bud, Guinness, Whiskey, Martini, Brandy, Spirit.
  • Disney: Elsa, Simba, Woody, Buzz, Ariel, Lilo, Belle.
  • Chocolate: Wispa, Mars, Aero, Twix, Zeus.
  • Locations: Paris, Sydney, Rome, China, Vienna, Alaska.

Let us know in the comments if you have any more fun theme ideas for multiple horses!

Take Your Time

Although getting the right name is fun and important to us, there’s nor rush to name your horse. Bond, with your horse for a while, get to know their personality and quirks to help find a name that suits them.

Keep Your Horse’s Old Name

Although not scientifically proven, most horse owners will tell you that horses eventually learn and respond to their name.

When buying a new horse, it’s usually best to keep the name their previous owner gave them. This will help your horse bed into their new horse and make it a little less stressful.

Which horse names do you like best from our list? What are your favourite horse names, or ones you think we should add? Let us know in the comments below!


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