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40 Funny Horse Memes Equestrians Will Find Hilarious

Horses can be real hilarious sometimes. So can the eccentric people who care for them. Funny moments happen in the horse world every day that normal people would never understand, but equestrians live for.

Below, you’ll find a selection of horse and equestrian memes that capture the best moments of equestrian life. Of course, ranking memes is very subjective and everyone is going to have different opinions.

Still, rest assured that our list will not disappoint! If you’re an equestrian, you are going to love browsing through these hilarious horse memes.

Here are the best horse memes to make your day:

Every Horse Owner’s Struggle

Dori, another horse meme
Credit: @laurenknoppdressage

Mares Being Mares

horse teenage mutant ninja turtle meme
Credit: @shatquestrians

Equestrians Shopping

funny equestrians going in a horse store
Credit: @shatquestrians

There’s no way you can enter a tack store and buy one thing!

Horsing Around

funny horse running off picture meme
Credit: @shatquestrians

The Struggle is Real

funny people down the yard meme
Credit: @shatquestrians

Riding Camp Kids

funny beginner horse rider meme
Credit: @shatquestrians

Horse Trainers Can be Brutal

funny photo about a horse trainer
Credit: @shatquestrians

Plodding Along

lazy horse who's made to work meme
Credit: @shatquestrians

The Best Feeling Ever

funny reaction to a snobby horse rider
Credit: @shatquestrians

Every barn has that snobbish person who think they own the place and know everything. However, as it often turns out, they are far from perfect.

Everything is Under Control

Silently trying to teach your horse a lesson in front of people
Credit: @shatquestrians

Horses Rule

loudest sounds meme with a horse
Credit: @shatquestrians

Concentration Level 100

when I'm riding my horse happy face
Credit: @shatquestrians

The Biggest Crime

Sean Bean bailing twine meme

Know What You Signed up for

reality of dating a horse girl

Under the Surface

How much my horse loves me meme

Expectation vs. Reality

When a horse meets your dog expectations

Life Goals

Equestrian life goals with kids and horses meme

Moms Playing Hairdresser

Funny horse hair cut meme

Funny Leading Two Horses Meme

That face when you're holding two horses and they mess about

Leading one troublemaker horse can challenging, but two?? Now that is some real skill.

When a Horse Doesn’t Listen

Funny horse photo
Credit: @blacknbay

Horses Come First

Funny horse injury memes

There are two types of equestrians: those who have fallen and those who are going to fall off a horse. Regardless, they are all crazy enough to think of the horse first.

Pony Fun

When you buy things you don't need equestrian meme

Fair Warning to a New Horse

girl buying a horse will do this to you

Dating a Horse Girl Meme

When the girl you're dating rides horses meme

Normal girls are crazy too, but horse girls are another level. Also read: 10 Things to Expect When Dating a Horse Girl

Funny Forse Sheath Cleaning Meme

When you find out what horse sheath cleaning is meme

The jucky side of owning a gelding. That awkward conversation when you tell your non-horsey friends what sheath cleaning is!

Horse Girls are Expensive

Boyfriend won't financially recover from dating a horse girl

If it’s not us, we all know someone who goes crazy buying new rugs and numnahs. Our partners just don’t understand that a new matchy matchy set is essential.

Rider a Friend’s Horse

Riding someone else's horse meme

We know how sensitive horse owners are about their horse, so we try very hard not to do anything wrong.

Easier Said Than Done

Training a horse meme
Credit: @horsecomics

Every horse trainer will realize this sooner or later. As Olympic dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin said, “Training doesn’t just go up. It goes up and down constantly.”

Funny Barn Life

There's two types of horses in a stable

Wrapping Your Horse in Bubble Wrap Meme

Funny horse vet bills cartoon

This horse meme sums up what horse owners know all too well. Horses always seem to get themselves hurt out of nowhere, especially as soon as they’ve recovered from their last injurt.

Humming Bird Horse Meme

funny horse hummingbird feeder meme

When Your Horse Refuses to Work

When your horse doesn't perform meme

Horses Have Feelings Too

"I saw you riding another horse"

‘When You See a Horse You Want’ Meme

Wanting a new horse is something all true horse lovers struggle with, even if we have a few already.

The Mare Stare

No meme sums up the attitude of some mares (not all mares)!

Funny Uses of Bailing Twine Meme

Knowing how to use bailing twine is essential to running a ranch.

Using Your Core Muscles When Riding

Using your core muscles when riding meme

When you’re giving all you’ve got and your instructor wants more.

Funny Horse Gas Meme

So true! The little day to day joys of owning a horse. We still love them though.

Horse Owners Getting Bad Advice

Funny horse owners asking for advice on Facebook meme

We’ve all seen someone get bad advice on Facebook from a Karen horse owner!

Having a Pre-Ride Chat With Your Mare

Having a pre ride chat with your moody mare dinosaur meme

Funny No Stirrups Ride Meme

Funny after no stirrups ride equestrian meme

Seeing a Horse Trailer on the Motorway

When you pass a horse trailer on the motorway meme

When you want the driver to know you’re a horse lover too and not an ‘average person’. Also, thinking about where they have been and what their equestrian life is like.

That’s it for our best horse memes! Check out our other fun horse articles using the search bar, or see a quick list below:

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