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5 Best Soaking Boots for Horses

5 Best Soaking Boots for Horses

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If you are a horse owner, soaking boots can be beneficial to have on hand. Luckily, there are some great soaking boots for horses on the market that are easy to use and effective.

Soaking boots help with hoof conditions such as abscesses, thrush, bruising and puncture wounds. Typically, warm water is mixed with Epsom salt and put in the boot. This allows horses’ hooves to soften so infections can be drawn out.

What to Look for in Soaking Boots

When it comes to soaking boots, there are different styles and sizes available. They can be short, tall and disposable.


Short boots are ideal for long soaks and horses that don’t like to standstill. Long boots are great for soaking as well as icing and are easily adjustable.

Disposable vs Reusable

Disposable boots are easy to use if you are in a pinch. They fit all different sizes and you don’t have to worry about washing them out after using them. However, if your horse is wearing shoes, they may rip the disposable bag.

Reusable ones will save you money in the long run. They can be washed, stored and reused. However, if you have multiple horses of different sizes, you will have to buy boots for each size to ensure a proper fit.


A good pair of soaking boots will be durable, easy to use, and will not come off if a horse kicks. Straps will help provide a secure fit. You will want to make sure you choose boots that are the right size for your horse so they will properly fit.

How to Use Soaking Boots for Horses

Soaking boots are a wonderful tool owners can use to treat injuries and ailments in their horse’s hooves. Before you put a soaking boot on your horse, you want to make sure you thoroughly pick out their hooves.

To use a soaking boot, you want to gently slide the boot onto the inflicted hoof. Next, you want to add warm water and Epsom salt, ice, or medicine to the boot. Some people do prefer to do this before putting the boot on their horse.

Generally, the hoof will only need to be soaked for 10-30 minutes. However, depending on your horse’s condition, your vet may recommend it stay on for longer.

Make sure to monitor your horse while they are wearing a soaking boot so they do not take it off. If you need to bandage your horse’s hoof afterward, be sure it is completely dry beforehand. You typically will only use a soaking boot a few days in a row, but it is always best to check with your vet first.

Here are the five best soaking boots for horses that are sturdy, reliable and simple to use.

5 Best Soaking Boots for Horses

1. yeezo Hoof Soaking Boot

yeezo Hoof Soaking Boot for horses

These tall soaking boots are ideal for anything from treating thrush to bacterial infections. They are durable 500D PVC tarpaulin, with an enhanced bottom so they are able to withstand even the most fidgety horses.

The three fastening points allow for a more precise and snugger fit to the hoof. The pair is reusable and washable so that you can use them on multiple horses. They are collapsible and lightweight for easy storage, which is great if you have limited room in your tack trunk.

2. Hoof Wraps Easy Soaker

Hoof Wraps Easy Soaker for horses

Say goodbye to frustrating soaking sessions with these short easy soakers. With three fastening straps, they fit securely and comfortably on your horse.

There are two EVA foam pads for additional support, which are beneficial when treating hoof issues. Whether doing an Epsom salt soak or an ice bath, the drawstring closure at the top helps prevent spilling. They are lightweight and collapsible, allowing for easy storage.

3. Tough 1 Protect O Boot

Tough 1 Protect O Boot

With triple layering, this boot provides ultimate protection. The sturdy strap allows for ease of putting on while being strong enough to hold in medication.

Thanks to the extra durable bottom, it is a great choice for horses wearing shoes. The extra durable short build is fitting for impatient horses who don’t like to stay still. It’s made from a hardy material that will withstand a horse walking, kicking, or pawing.

4. yeezo Disposable Hoof Soaking Bag

yeezo Disposable Hoof Soaking Bag

Easy to use and convenient, these disposable horse soaking boots are made from a heavy-duty Polyethylene material. They fit all sizes of equines, from donkeys to drafts, which is great if you own multiple horses.

To use them, slide them over your horse’s hoof, then fill them with medicine, water, or ice. Then, wrap the top around the leg and secure it with vet wrap. They are ideal for impatient horses, as you don’t have to adjust multiple straps.

5. TUBBEASE Hoof Soaking Boot

TUBBEASE Hoof Soaking Boot

This one-of-a-kind soaking boot features a polyester sock lining with a sealed PVC base. The sock lining allows for a breathable and comfortable fit while the PVC base keeps liquids in, allowing the hoof to soak with ease.

They easily slide on your horse’s hoof, and a velcro strap securely keeps them in place. This versatile boot can be used over hoof wraps and dressings, allowing for wound protection and cleanliness. You can also pour the solution straight into the boot once it is on your horse. Additional pads are available for purchase if your horse needs more support.

How Do You Make an Epsom Salt Solution for Soaking Horses’ Hooves?

When making an Epsom salt solution for soaking, combine two cups of Epsom salt for every one gallon of warm water. It is also beneficial to add a squirt of betadine to the solution. Try to keep the water as warm as possible without it being scalding hot.

Can You Use Soaking Boots for Turnout?

Soaking boots are not meant to be worn for turnout. Horses can damage them or pull them off if they are not in an enclosed space.

You should always monitor your horse while they are wearing soaking boots to make sure they keep them on. While being worn, horses should be held, tied up, or confined to their stalls. If you want your horse to wear boots while in turnout, make sure to buy specifically designed ones for that purpose.