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12 Best Horse Grooming Bags & Boxes

12 Best Horse Grooming Bags & Boxes

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Grooming is an important part of caring for a horse. You will need everything from brushes, a hoof pick, detangler, fly spray and a shedding blade.

In order to store all your grooming supplies, you will want either a horse grooming bag or box. Not only will this allow you to keep all your equipment organized, but it will let you easily carry your grooming supplies wherever you go.

Horse grooming bags and boxes include essential storage space and compartments to keep all your supplies tidy. They are available in tough mesh totes, waterproof nylon, and durable plastic.

To help you find the perfect solution to your storage needs, we have included 12 of the best horse grooming bags and boxes.

12 Best Horse Grooming Bags & Boxes

Equi-Essentials Super Groom Organizer

Equi-Essentials Super horse grooming tools ornagizer

The Equi-Essentials horse grooming bag is waterproof, heavy-duty and roomy. With carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, this is the essential on-the-go grooming bag.

Horse owners love the large interior that includes a secure bungee cord close that will keep your brushes dry and clean. The exterior pockets are ideal for storing bottles of fly spray, detangler, hoof grease and shampoo. This bag will allow you to easily store all your grooming supplies.

Equinessential Tote

Equinessential horse grooming tote bag

One of the most popular grooming totes available, this unique tote from Noble Outfitters has everything you need. Made from durable polyester canvas, this deluxe tote includes a water repellent finish.

This tote includes plenty of storage space for all your supplies, featuring three zip-closure exterior pockets and two oversized interior mesh pockets.

The Equinessential Tote even includes a mesh bottom that allows dirt and hair to fall out, while keeping your brushes secure and clean. Designed with comfort in mind, this bag has a removable padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Kensington Horse Grooming Tote Bag

Kensington Horse Grooming Tote Bag

With multiple pockets for storing brushes, sprays, and all your equipment, this tote bag is simple and stylish.

This tote’s innovative design makes it waterproof, mold resistant and air preamble. Built with durable Textilene fabric, it is easy to clean and will hold up in tough conditions. The elastic straps make it easy to transport.

All-Around Tote Carry Bag Organizer

All-Around Tote Carry Bag Organizer for Horses

Waterproof, tearproof and mold resistant, this versatile bag is built to last. Crafted with sturdy nylon, this bag features a zipper interior, with two exterior pouches and two exterior zippers.

The breathable mesh bottom will prevent the buildup of dirt and hair. With plenty of room, you can securely store all your grooming supplies.

Weaver Leather Trailer Grooming Bag

Weaver Leather Trailer Grooming Bag

Designed to hang up on trailer doors or in tack rooms, this Weaver horse grooming bag is portable and convenient for equestrians on the go.

The grooming bag includes open and zippered mesh pockets, along with padded compartments. Not only is this bag durable, but it will also keep all your grooming supplies neatly organized.

Tough 1 600 Denier Poly Grooming Tote

Tough 1 600 Denier Poly Grooming Tote Pink

With three roomy compartments, this grooming tote has room for all your supplies. The wide framed zipper top makes grabbing your brushes easy.

With a convenient padded strap, you can take this grooming tote anywhere you go. The elastic pockets at each end add easily accessible storage. Sturdy and convenient, this grooming tote would make a lovely gift for a horse owner.

LITTLE GIANT Plastic DuraTote

LITTLE GIANT Plastic Duratote horse grooming bag

This hardy plastic tote allows you to stay organized with its efficient design. The varied compartment sizes hold everything from brushes to spray bottles, with spots designed to store your hoof pick, combs and sweat scraper.

Made from durable plastic with extra thick sides and an easy-grip handle, this tote will last a long time. The open design allows you to easily access all your equipment.

Duratote Step Stool with Grooming Box

Duratote Step Stool with built-in horse grooming box

The perfect solution for any equestrian who travels, this unique box is a two-in-one grooming box and mounting block. Economically designed, this deluxe grooming box will save you precious space in your horse trailer and at the barn.

The stool lid can be removed to reveal a roomy grooming box that includes several convenient compartments. The retractable carrying handle allows for easy transportation, storage and makes it simple to mount your horse.

Weaver Leather Mesh Grooming Bag

Weaver Leather Mesh horse Grooming Bag

The unique mesh design of this grooming bag allows any dirt and hair to fall right out. Though other grooming bags may have mesh pockets or bottoms, this bag is entirely meshed besides the convenient drawstring top.

You don’t have to worry about any mildew build-up with this bag thanks to its breathable design. With comfortable webbed handles, this grooming bag is easy to transport.

Durable and well priced, this is one of the best selling grooming bags on the market.

Huntley Deluxe Organizer Bag

Huntley Equestrian Deluxe horse Grooming Organizer Bag Tote Bag

Stay organized with this deluxe grooming bag. With a large zipped interior and an exterior that includes multiple pockets, this bag has all the room needed to store your grooming equipment.

This well-constructed bag is water repellent, so you know that your supplies will be kept dry no matter what the weather is. The large interior even has room to store your helmet or paddock boots. With handles and a shoulder strap, this bag is easy to carry anywhere you go.

Desert Equestrian Sport Tote

Desert Equestrian sport grooming bag

This quality tote helps you keep all your brushes tidy and easy to find. It features a generous sized center compartment that is enclosed by six outer pockets.

Made from durable nylon, this bag includes handles and a removable shoulder strap. The fact that this bag is waterproof will also help you rest assured that your equipment will be kept dry. At a quality price, you can’t go wrong with this grooming tote.

Horze Smart Grooming Box

Horze Smart Grooming Box

This hardy box features plenty of room for storing all your supplies. It features a removable tray with split compartments underneath, so you can easily store brushes and bottles.

Made from durable Polypropylene plastic, you can also use this box as a stepping stool to groom those hard to reach spots on tall horses.

You can even store horse treats in this box, as it features two snap closures that keep critters out. With the ability to add your own lock, you can confidently take this box anywhere you go.


What Should Be in a Horse Grooming Bag?

Your horse grooming kit should include a curry comb, stiff brush, soft brush, hoof pick, mane and tail comb, sweat scraper and shedding blade. You may also want to include other products such as a sponge, fly spray, detangler, shampoo and hoof grease.

Why is it so Important to Groom a Horse?

Grooming is important for the health of a horse’s skin and hair. It removes excess dirt and hair that may cause irritation while riding. It also reduces the chances of any skin or hoof problems developing.

What is the Order of Brushes When Grooming a Horse?

When grooming a horse, you start off with the curry comb to loosen dirt and hair, next the stiff brush to remove the dirt and hair and then the soft brush to provide a smooth finish. After brushing, you can pick their hooves and then comb their mane and tail.

Why Do You Brush a Horse After Riding?

Brushing a horse before and after riding is important. You should brush a horse after riding to remove any debris or sweat that may have accumulated. If your horse is hot and sweaty, you should sponge them down and use a sweat scraper to remove excess water.