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7 Best Horse Feed Brands

7 Best Horse Feed Brands

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When it comes to nutrition, you want only what is best for your horse. We are sharing the seven best horse feed brands that will keep your beloved companion happy and healthy.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right feed for your horse. Age, weight, activity level, and health concerns all factor in finding the right diet for your horse. Simply put, a high-performing show horse will have different nutritional needs than an older, retired horse.

Before deciding what food is right for your horse, it is best to consult with a veterinarian. They will help ensure your horse is getting the proper diet based on their individual needs. Here are the best horse feed brands.

1. Triple Crown

Triple Crown horse feed brand

Triple Crown produces high-quality equine feeds that will allow your horse to thrive. They offer a wide variety of feed, forages, and supplements to meet all your horse’s dietary needs.

Of their 11 types of feeds and seven types of forages, they offer specially designed products for senior horses, easy-keepers, and performance horses. In addition, they carry low-starch, all-natural, growth, and balancer options, to ensure every horse gets the right nutrient, no matter their needs.

Triple Crown is trusted by top equestrians and is partnered with the United States Pony Clubs and National Barrel Horse Association.

Why We Like Them:

  • Carefully crafted to meet any horse’s needs, from show horses, seniors, easy-keepers, and everything in between.
  • They offer low starch, all-natural, growth, and balancer options to meet any specific needs your horse has.
  • They carry multiple feeds, forages, and supplements to create a balanced diet.

2. Nutrena

Nutrena horse feed brand in the USA, popular feeds

To meet your horse’s energy level and age, Nutrena carefully formulates the right blend of nutrition for individual dietary needs. With 33 different feeds to choose from, you can rest assured your horse will get the right option for its health.

To help you find just the right feed for your horse, they provide an interactive horse feed selector. By entering your horse’s weight, age, activity level, and nutritional goal, they will recommend appropriate options.

Nutrena has nine product lines: ProForce, SafeChoice, Empower Supplements, Triumph, Pennfield, Country Feeds, Respond, Stack and Stable, and EquiMin Supplements.

Their specially formulated feeds meet any horse’s needs, from seniors, broodmares, show horses, easy-keepers, or with metabolic concerns.

Why We Like Them:

  • 33 different options to choose from, giving you the option to find just what your horse needs.
  • Formulated product lines come in various options, including senior, performance, broodmare, easy-keeper, and hard-keeper.
  • In addition to feeds, they also offer supplements.

3. Purina

Purina horse feed brand bags

A leader in the pet food industry, Purina carefully formulates all of its equine feeds to meet the demands of horses from all walks of life. They offer a wide variety of options, such as breeding & growing, active pleasure, performance, senior and special needs, at any stage of life.

To see improvements in your horse’s overall health, they precisely formulate to all ages and activity levels. The results can be seen in stronger hooves, shiny coats, and healthier horses. Their feed recommender tool will help you find the right option for your horse’s lifestyle. They even offer options for horses with unique health or dietary needs, such as gastric support and amino acid supplement feed.

Why We Like Them:

  • They offer feeds for breeding & growing, active pleasure, performance, senior and special needs at any stage of life.
  • Options are available for different health or dietary needs.
  • They also offer supplements and specialized treats for horses with dietary concerns.

4. Tribute

Tribute horse feed brand in the USA

Tribute carefully formulates all their products’ nutrition, so horses will need less feed and fewer supplements to be at their healthiest. Their products’ results are recognizable by enhanced muscle tone, beautiful hair coats, and calmer temperaments.

As a family-owned business, they strive to produce the best products possible by inspecting all the ingredients. They offer feeds for performance, racing, breeding & growing, and senior. The special Wholesome Blends line is soy-free and infused with nutritious seeds and vegetables. In addition, they make ration balancers and low sugar/starch blends for horses that require special diets.

Why We Like Them:

  • Crafted, so your horse requires less feed and supplements.
  • It is made for horses of all ages and lifestyles, specifically performance, racing, breeding & growing, and senior.
  • Wholesome Blends, ration balancers, and low starch/sugar options are available for horses that require unique diets.

5. Modesto Milling

Modesto Milling organic horse feed brand

Modesto Milling offers a modest line of all organic feed, so you know your horse is only receiving the best food. All their products are made with the highest quality certified organic ingredients without corn, soy, and molasses.

They use ingredients such as organic oats, barley, alfalfa, organic coconut meal, peas, flax, and sunflower seeds in their feeds. They add supplements like natural vitamin E and biotin for healthy coats and hooves, with essential oils and herbs to give flavor.

To meet different horses’ health requirements, Modesto Milling offer supplement pellets, senior pellets, Plus feed, and alfalfa pellets.

Why We Like Them:

  • All of their feed is organic and free of corn, soy, and molasses.
  • Supplements like natural vitamin E and biotin are added for healthy coats and hooves.
  • Essential oils and herbs provide unique flavors horses will enjoy.

6. Hallway Feeds

Hallway horse feed brand

As a family-owned and operated business, Hallway Feeds is committed to producing advanced equine nutrition. They partner with Kentucky Equine Research to develop premium quality feed and supplements created using only the finest hand-selected ingredients.

They specialize in nutrition for racehorses and sport horses, providing the food top performers need to succeed. In addition, they offer lines for stud/nursery, senior, and low-starch, along with other specialty options.

Their unique “Edge Technology” products incorporate “super-fibers,” which have the ability to provide readily accessible forms of digestible energy. This special formula has the equivalent of 90% of the energy of oats.

Why We Like Them:

  • Partners with Kentucky Equine Research to produce premium quality feed.
  • Specializes in the nutrition of race and sport horses.
  • Unique “Edge Technology” provides readily accessible forms of digestible energy, equivalent to 90% of the energy of oats.

7. Manna Pro

Manna Pro horse breed brand

Manna Pro is committed to providing high-quality, nutritionally wholesome feeds, supplements, and even treats for horses. They devote themselves to a more sustainable lifestyle while always looking for better ways to make their products.

They offer a wide array of products to meet the needs of horses of all ages and lifestyles. Their seventeen different feeds range from top-performance and senior horse feed, along with everything in between. They even offer a Safe Performance line which provides a controlled-starch option for equines with specific dietary requirements.

Why We Like Them:

  • They commit to providing high-quality feeds, supplements, and treats.
  • The Safe Performance line provides a controlled-starch option.
  • Their wide array of products are made for horses of all ages and lifestyles.