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Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Seeing horses in your dreams can be an amazing experience. I remember dreaming about riding so fast and jumping so high as a child. But these horse dreams can be more meaningful than you realize at first.

Seeing horses in your dreams represents freedom and purity. They represent an aspect of yourself or your life that needs to be freed in the near future. Horses also mean also mean that you are being carried toward your goals.

But the exact meaning depends on the horse you see and what you were doing in the dream. There are a lot of varied meanings. That’s why it’s so important to take note of the details of your dream.

When you have specific details you will be able to go through the list below and find out exactly what your subconscious is trying to tell you with your horsey dream!

White Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

White horses represent spirituality and are often associated with death. This does not mean physical death, but rather you’re heading for a spiritual awakening or rebirth.

A part of your belief system is going to die away for you to reach a better understanding of the physical world around you.

The white horse is there to show you that your intentions are pure and you’re ready to travel to a new spiritual state. The way you experience the world will be more grounded and pleasing.

White horse creatures in mythology such as a Pegasus or unicorn are commonly a symbolism of savior from yourself or evil.

Black and white horse dream

Black Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Black horses are carriers of positive, but mysterious energy. Seeing a black horse in your dream means there is an energy that is about to enter your life. This energy will have a positive effect on your life. But it may not be obvious at first.

This energy can come into your life in a myriad of ways. It could be a person, a career change, an unexpected event… Really, it could be anything. But the key here is that the sequence of events that will be set into motion by this energy will have an overall positive effect.

If you see a black horse, your subconscious is alerting you to be on the lookout for something extraordinary that’s on the horizon.

Brown Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Seeing a brown horse in your dream is a sign that something is going to manifest in your life. Or that you need to be more grounded.

I once had a dream about a bay gelding with a white mark over his heart. At my next riding lesson my riding instructor told us about a bay gelding she wanted to buy. He had a heart-shaped star on his forehead.

Personally I associate bay horses with manifestation and chestnut horses with grounding. Bays have a bit of “black horse energy”. So they will bring some new, mysterious energy into your life.

Chestnuts are more fiery by nature. They indicate that a part of you is running wild, usually emotions, and needs to be grounded.

Riding a Horse Dream Meaning

If you’re getting on a horse and riding it in a dream it means you’re being carried to your goals.

You know that feeling you get when you’re riding a horse in real life? You’re free, you have a bond with a powerful being, and you’re moving forward…

Well, riding a horse in your dream indicates that there is a powerful part of yourself that is going to help you reach your destination. The colour of the horse can help you identify what aspect of yourself is strongest at the moment.

Horses in Water Dream Meaning

Whether you’re riding the horse or viewing a herd from a distance, horses in water means that the river of life will flow to you. Water is associated with growth and prosperity. Seeing a horse in water means that prosperity is on its way to you.

Again, the colour of the horse can give you an indication of how this prosperity will manifest; Spiritual, unexpected, material or emotional prosperity are all possible.

Horse Attacking You Dream Meaning

If a horse attacks you in a dream it means there is a part of you that is unhappy. Some part of you is yearning to be free; to be expressed. Try to pinpoint what part of you that is yearning for expression by identifying the colour of the horse.

Once you can express that part freely, your life will change for the better.

Horses Running Towards You Dream Meaning

If a herd of horses runs towards you it’s a sign that big changes are heading your way. Horses are symbols of change and expansion. I

f a herd of horses (or even a single horse) comes running towards you it means good things are coming into your life. You will need to face certain truths, but you have the strength and courage to take big steps in your waking life.

White horse running in snow

Dead or Injured Horse Dream Meaning

Not a nice dream to have, but it can have a very good outcome. A sick horse represents a “sick” area in your life. By pinpointing the color of the horse you’ll have a better idea of what area of your life needs healing.

A dead horse means that a certain aspect of your life is going to undergo major changes. There is a real opportunity for growth in both instances as long as you stay positive.

Interpreting Your Horse Dream

If you have a dream about something that happened it might just be your brain adjusting to the reality of your life. For example, I had a really bad fall once and for weeks I dreamed of that situation. That was just a way for me to process the traumatic event.

But you’ll know when a dream is trying to tell you something. When that happens, try to remember as much of it as you can. Remember how you felt, what the horse looked like and what you were thinking or expecting to happen in the dream.

Dream interpretation is an intuitive process. So, while these meanings can help you make sense of your dream and give you a direction… Keep in mind that deep down you already know what the dream means. These meanings are just a tool to help you understand what you already know.

To learn more about your spiritual connection to horses, see our horse spirit animal meaning & symbolism guide.


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