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6 Best Horse Card Games

6 Best Horse Card Games

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After spending all day at the barn, a fun, relaxing way to spend time at home is by playing a card game. Even better is when the card game is centered around horses.

These horse card games are great for the whole family to enjoy. They are easy to learn while still providing hours of horse-themed entertainment.

Whether for a party, while on vacation, or simply just for game night, here are some fun horse card games.

1. Spirit Untamed UNO

UNO is one of the most popular card games that people of all ages enjoy playing. It is easy to learn and encourages friendly competition.

The deck of UNO features horses and characters from the animated film Spirit Untamed. While the game follows the traditional rules of UNO, there is also a wild card rule unique to the Spirit deck. Keep your eye out for the Wild Best Friends Card!

This UNO game is ideal for ages seven and older and includes two to 10 players. The beautiful artwork makes it a perfect game for those who are fans of Spirit the wild stallion.

2. Top Trumps Horses

Top Trumps Horses, Ponies and Unicorns Card Game

Entertaining and educational, this is the perfect card game for any horse lover. Put your horse knowledge to the test while learning about horse breeds from all over the world.

In this game, you will see how different breeds measure up to each other based on their stats. See how the lovable Shetland measures up to the noble Lippazaner. Be sure to also look out for the unicorn as players battle for victory.

The game is ideal for those ages six and older and can accommodate anywhere from two to 30 players. The deck comes with a convenient travel case so you can easily take the game anywhere with you.

3. Hooray for Horses Card Game

Hooray for Horses Card Game

Fun and educational, this horse card game is a must for any young equestrian. The rules are simple to learn, and the game is great for the whole family to enjoy.

Hooray for Horses features five different fun games to play. The games incorporate different horse breeds from all over.

The game is ideal for those ages six and older and can accommodate two to four players. It comes with 48 educational and beautifully decorated cards.

4. Horse Breeds of The World Playing Cards

Toy Supply Horse Breeds of The World Playing Cards

Whether you are playing crazy eights, go fish, or your favorite card game, you need a quality stack of playing cards. Playing cards are great for traveling or parties.

These beautiful playing cards feature a different breed on each card. The cards include breeds such as the Belgian, Morgan, Marwari, Percheron, Arabian, and Appaloosa, among many others.

The cards are high-quality, and each one is beautifully illustrated. 

5. DreamWorks Spirit Matching Game

DreamWorks Spirit Matching Game

Though not a traditional playing card game, this matching card game is great for improving memory. It is easy to learn and develops important critical learning skills for children.

The game features 72 tiles that are all beautifully illustrated with a horse or character from Spirit Untamed. The game takes five minutes to learn and less than 15 minutes to play.

Kids can match Spirit the wild stallion along with his friends Chica Linda, Boomerang, and many more.

The game can be played solo or with a friend.

6. Professor Noggin’s Horses Card Game

Professor Noggin's Horses Card Game

Professor Noggin’s is an educational card game that encourages kids to learn interesting facts about horses and ponies.

The cards combine trivia, true or false, and multiple choice questions. There are easy and hard questions to keep children engaged. Also, there is a special three-numbered dice that adds an element of unpredictability.

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