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Horse Boarding – The Extreme Equestrian Sport You Need To Know About!

Horse Boarding – The Extreme Equestrian Sport You Need To Know About!

You’ve probably seen videos circulating online of people riding mountain boards whilst being towed by horses. If not, then you need to hear about this up-and-coming equestrian sport called Horse Boarding. Brothers Daniel Fowler-Prime and Tom Kilroy are the founders of the sport of horse boarding in the UK and it’s getting more popular year after year. So much so, that their primary objective is to establish the sport internationally, with recognised rules and procedures.

What is Horse Boarding?

HorseBoarding UK explains that “The board rider is towed by holding a handle attached to a rope no longer than 10 metres in length, which itself is attached to the horse’s saddle by means of a small harness, with a quick release mechanism for safety. Horseboarding is a multi-discipline sport, which tests the skills of both the horse rider and the board rider.”

After watching videos of the relatively new equine sport in action, it’s clear to see that the horse rider must be able to maintain the correct speed and position to ensure the board rider stays on the board. Communication between the team members is vital.

How many compete in HorseBoarding?

In total there are three members to every team, the horse, the horse rider and the horse board rider.

Types of Competitions

There’s a Horse Boarding drag race along a 100-metre drag strip. Two teams compete head to head, in separate lanes. This type of competition is run in heats, with a final knockout stage until a winner is crowned.

The other competition is Arena Horse Boarding. This is where teams negotiate a series of ‘gates’ around a complex twisting course, against the clock.

Prizes are also awarded to the horse boarding teams gaining the overall fastest time, and highest speed in each event.

Head over to the Horseboarding UK website for details on how you can get involved in the sport. Horseboarding Rules can be found here.

Barbara P. Turner

Sunday 27th of August 2017

Well there's one born every minute! Can we say FOOL?!