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Meet the ‘Horse Barber’ Who Creates Incredible Clipping Art on Horses

Meet the ‘Horse Barber’ Who Creates Incredible Clipping Art on Horses

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Melody Hames, also known as the Horse Barber, is no ordinary artist. She creates beautiful masterpieces by clipping incredible designs into the hair of her horse Romeo.

Hames began clipping on her pony when she was only nine years old. Her Connemara pony had Cushing’s Disease and in order to keep him comfortable she taught herself how to clip.

Fast forward 20 years, Hames became the first clipper in the UK to offer traditional and creative clipping skills as an equine educator, in the form of education and training.

Her skills have been showcased nationally and internationally. She has even paired up with Andis, an American clipper company, to provide clipping demonstrations to other equestrians.

Melody Hames 'Horse Barber' and her horse Romeo
Melody & Romeo

Her designs are truly impressive, with each clip being as impressive as the next. She works to inspire others in the industry with educational seminars on both traditional and creative clipping.

She has created many beautiful designs including a warhorse tribute, tribal prints, patriotic designs, and many other amazing creations.

Amazing Horse Clipping Art

The Horse Barber offers a variety of different services including traditional clipping, creative clipping, trimming & show preparation, remedial Cushing’s & sweet itch clipping and mountain & moorland show blending.

Horse clipping art by the 'Horse Barber'

In addition, she also offers confidence building sessions, 1-1 training sessions, and demonstrations. You can even sign up for her online training services.

Hames’ unique approach to clipping is due to her love for art and design, horsemanship skills and her knowledge of different horse coat types.

Her goal is to create a safer and happier environment for both horses and people throughout the clipping process.

The attention to detail in her work is truly incredible! Her passion for horses and her talent in clipping shines through in every design.

See a lovely interview with Melody below:

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram at @thehorsebarber or check out her website!

More Horse Clipping Art Examples

Remembrance day horse clipping

This clip above was created by Melany in 2018 for remembrance day. The art commemorates fallen men and horses in the Great War.

Horse clipping art

Wendy Shores

Monday 28th of June 2021

Wow! Thats fantastic! Beautiful and original... great job!