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Our Top 10 Favorite Horse Artists

Our Top 10 Favorite Horse Artists

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We’ve scoured the web and found our top 10 favourite horse artists. Most of them do commissioned work and will be happy to capture your equine companion on canvas.

Let us know which ones you like and which ones you think we should consider adding in the comments below!

In no particular order, here they are:

Caroline Towning

Horse Under Tree painting by artist Caroline Towning

Caroline Towning grew up with horses. Spending hours studying their movement and presence. Her deep understanding of the nature of the horse is evident in her life-like paintings.

She captures the spirit of each animal and brings life to her paintings. Each artwork is unique and powerful.

Instagram: @carolinetowningart

Bethany Vere

Sketch of a horse by Bethany Vere, horse artist

Bethany Vere is a talented sketch artist specializing in horses, with some other animals making an appearance from time to time.

She is well known for her anatomically correct work, depicting the character of sporting horses with divine accuracy. Bethany sells prints of her art and also takes requests for custom sketches.


Facebook: @bethanyvereartist

Instagram: @bethanyvere_art

Denise Finney

Denise Finney equine artist

Denise Finney is one of the most renowned equine racing artists in the world, and with good reason! Her images are incredibly lifelike and she does each individual horse superb justice.

She captures the unique motion and character of each athlete with precision, to the point where her paintings are often mistaken for photographs at first glance. These days her focus has shifted to painting special horse breeds.

Facebook: @denisefinneyart

Tony O’Connor

Drawing of a horse's head while jumping Tony O Connor, Equine Artist

Tony O’Connor’s classic style derives from influences such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo. If you’re a lover of Renaissance art, fine detail, and hyper-realism with a soft touch, this artist will blow you away.

He captures his subjects’ true likeness and spirit with meticulous attention to the smallest details.


Facebook: @tonyoconnorequineart

Janet Ferraro

Heavenly Horse drawing by equine article Janet Ferraro

Janet uses oil on canvas to capture the beauty and power of horses. From commissioned works to artistic masterpieces, her portfolio is filled with pieces that use a special blend of brushwork and color to bring a sense of wonder and the ethereal to each image.

Her specialty is horses, but she enjoys painting other animals from time to time.


Facebook: @JanetFerraroFineArt

Click here to see Janet’s Etsy Store.

Eric Sweet

Eric Sweet specializes in watercolor and oil paintings of all animals, including wildlife and birds. He does commission work of pets and horses in a choice of watercolor or oil.

While most of his paintings are composed of vivid color in an impressionistic style, he knows how to create realistic interpretations too, often blending the two approaches into a unique piece that captures the soul of the animal in question.


Facebook: @artistericsweet

Click here to see Eric’s Etsy Store.

AmyLyn Bihrle

AmyLyn Bihrle drawing of a native american horse

New York based AmyLyn Bihrle draws inspiration from Native American tradition to create beautiful renditions of American breeds, including the Curly.

Her work includes hand-painted works using all mediums, but her background in design allows her to broaden her portfolio to include business logos with the hint of surrealism her work is known for.


Facebook: @AmyLynBihrle

Click here to see Eric’s Etsy Store.

Louise Mizen Furgusen

Louise Mizen Furgusen drawing of a horse

While Louise Mizen Furgusen has shifted the focus of her art over to Lagotto Romagnolo, a non-shedding dog breed, she still does commission charcoal and detailed guash works of horses, her first passion.

She has an incredible grasp of form and composition, making her work both timeless and unique.


Click here to see Eric’s Etsy Store.

Shannon Lawlor

Shannon Lawlor Gallery drawing of a horse with a bridle on

Shannon Lawlor is set on preserving the unique culture of the American West in her artwork. Each piece portrays the majestic horses that form the heart and soul of the community she calls home.

Her artwork is warm and inviting, focusing on key features from the West, such as hackamores, loose reins, and ropes, all delicately draped over the horses that wear them.


Facebook: @LawlorArt

Georgina Leigh

Known as “The Horse Artist”, Georgina Leigh captures the likeness and personality of horses in various mediums, including oil, watercolor, pastel, and graphite.

She works closely with her clients to create timeless portraits that capture the very heart and soul of the animal. Yes, she’s The Horse Artist, but she creates masterpieces of any animal.


Facebook: @thehorseartist

Andi Berrin

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

I own several of Janet Ferraro's paintings and treasure them all. In fact, being in my living room and dining room I am surrounded by her beautiful horses gracing the walls. Along with being a gifted, dedicated artist, Janet is also a beautiful woman with a great heart.

Thank you for sharing the work of all the artists.

Lindsay Hill

Tuesday 8th of March 2022 Artist to HM The Queen and several top international riders