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Kevin Costner’s Horizon Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

Kevin Costner’s Horizon Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

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After a 20-year hiatus, Kevin Costner is returning to the director’s chair for the upcoming film Horizon: An American Saga.

In addition to directing the Western film, Costner is also the producer, co-writer, and star of the saga series.

Horizon has been a passion project for Costner for many years that is finally coming to fruition. Costner originally commissioned Horizon in 1988 as a single film and approached Disney a few years later to bring his idea to life.

While the deal with Disney didn’t pan out, Costner announced in January 2022 that he was finally in the works of bringing Horizon to the big screen.

“I’ve mortgaged 10 acres on the water in Santa Barbara where I was going to build my last house. But I did it without a thought. It has thrown my accountant into a f*cking conniption fit. But it’s my life, and I believe in the idea and the story,” said Costner in regard to Horizon.

Many new sources have been reporting that Costner’s time spent on Horizon is the reason that Yellowstone is coming to an end. Supposedly, the delay of the return of season 5 of Yellowstone is due to scheduling conflicts with Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton.

When is Horizon Coming Out?

Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1 will be released on June 28, 2024, and Chapter 2 on Aug 16, 2024.

The saga is set to contain a total of four films, however, we only know the release dates for the first two films. Costner told Variety, “they’re all different films that all connect, so you’re watching a saga of these storylines that are happening.”

Filming for the first movie began in August 2022 and wrapped up in November 2022. Filming for the second movie is already underway. The second film, known as Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 2, started filming in May 2023.

“We’re deep into the production of #HorizonFilm, and I have to tell you, I haven’t felt this way about a movie since we were making Dances With Wolves. Can’t wait to share it with all of you,” said Costner on Instagram on May 17, 2023.

See the official Horizon trailer below:

Plot and Official Synopsis

Horizon is set to follow pre and post-Civil War expansion and settlement of the American West, spanning over a 15-year time period.

The epic story is supposed to be experienced through the eyes of many who called the American West home.

The official synopsis released with the trailer reads:

“Horizon: An American Saga explores the lure of the Old West and how it was won—and lost—through the blood, sweat and tears of many. Spanning the four years of the Civil War, from 1861 to 1865, Costner’s ambitious cinematic adventure will take audiences on an emotional journey across a country at war with itself, experienced through the lens of families, friends and foes all attempting to discover what it truly means to be the United States of America.”]

Costner has also said, “It’s a beautiful story; it’s a hard story. It involves women trying to get by in a world that was impossibly tough. They were often [dragged] out to these places because that’s where the men wanted to go; women were following their men. They didn’t ask to be in these territories that were unsettled and dangerous, and life wasn’t easy. I’ve chosen to make sure that was really obvious, that that wasn’t easy, and how vulnerable people were.”

Horizon Cast

In addition to Costner, Horizon is set to star Jamie Campbell Bower, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Ella Hunt, Will Patton, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, Thomas Haden Church, Michael Rooker, Glynn Turman, Kathleen Quinlan, and Giovanni Ribisi.

Costner’s own son, Hayes, is also set to have a role in the film.

“He’s very good,” Costner told People. “Hayes plays the namesake character that I actually play in the movie. He’s 13 years old and the screenplay’s been around longer than that.”

Other stars set to appear in Horizon include Alejandro Edda, Tatanka Means, Michael Rooker, Jeff Fahey, Tom Payne, Abbey Lee, Wasé Chief, Tim Guinee, Michael Angarano, Colin Cunningham, Scott Haze, Angus Macfadyen, Douglas Smith, and Jon Beavers.

Kevin Costner dressed as a cowboy and holding a chestnut horse

Where is it Being Filmed?

Horizon is being filmed in southern Utah, with filming locations set in the Moab and St. George areas. In addition, filming is also occurring throughout Washington County.

The Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office of Utah believes the Horizon films will generate more than $90 million in local economic impact.

“Our distinct landscape has been the setting for several film and commercial shoots over the years, but nothing of the magnitude of Horizon. This is a multi-year partnership with great economic benefit to the community, but little impact to residents,” said Joyce Kelly, sales manager for The Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office.

Costner is also building a state-of-the-art film studio in St. George, Utah. Known as Territory Film Studios, it will feature multiple structures with the stunning Pine Valley Mountains serving as the backdrop.

The studio is a 500-acre industrial complex that will feature two sound studios, a production warehouse for set design, and office space. In addition, there will be an on-site restaurant that will also do catering.

Costner is set to return to St. George to film the third and fourth installments in the film franchise. Horizon is said to be the largest film production to be filmed in Utah.

“We think it’s going to be an amazing studio. We think it’s an amazing location… Very accessible to LA, Las Vegas and incredible scenery. You know, whether you’re filming indoors or outdoors, we think it’s going to be an amazing experience for filmmakers worldwide,” said Joyce Kelly.