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Heroic Dogs Save Horses from Being Stolen for Meat

Heroic Dogs Save Horses from Being Stolen for Meat

Brenda Kramer of Zephyr Hills, Florida, knew that something wasn’t quite right when she heard her two Rottweiler dogs barking.

In fact, the dogs were causing such a commotion that Kramer ran outside in the early hours of Sunday morning to see what the problem was.

When she got outside, she discovered that the power to the barn had been shut off. Her horses were very rattled but ultimately safe. 

Kramer quickly realized that her two Rottweiler dogs had scared off potential horse thieves trying to steal her horses.

She thoroughly checked over her horses and saw that they all had new cuts and scrapes on them. They also had what may have been rope burn on their faces. One horse even had a rope still around its neck. 

Brena believes the would-be horse thieves were attempting to steal her horses so they could be sold for slaughter at a profit. The heroic dogs saved the horses from a tragic and unfair end. 

“Stealing horses is common down south,” Kramer told FOX 13. “It’s something that most horse owners know about, especially in Florida. This is more of a black market thing. It depends on where you go and who you know as to how much it sells for per pound.”

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident as there have been attacks and theft all over the south lately.

Horse meat is sold for large amounts per pound, making horse theft quite lucrative. Police and horse owners believe this is the motivating cause behind recent attacks. 

Horse owners are warned to stay diligent. These attacks often include cutting through fences to steal horses. They’re taking somebody’s baby, they’re taking somebody’s close personal pet,” said Tammy Weaver. Her horse, Jada, was recently stolen and killed in Bushnell, Florida. 

Thankfully, Brena’s dogs barked and bit at the intruders to keep the horses safe. Local authorities strongly suggest horse owners utilize floodlights, have very secure gates and fences, and have an alarm system.

Game cameras are also a good way to get photographs of suspects in the event something does happen. Like the Rottweilers, large dogs can also be a good deterrent. 

How To Help

Pascal County Police Department is aware of the incident and they are looking into the matter. If you have any information, please call the Pasco County Police department at (727) 847-5878