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Heroic Boy Jumps Into Freezing Canal to Save Drowning Horse

Heroic Boy Jumps Into Freezing Canal to Save Drowning Horse

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When 13-year-old Cameron Martin saw a horse drowning, he didn’t hesitate to help.

Despite the water being freezing cold, he jumped into a canal on a Norfolk Broads’ farm in a daring rescue to save Domino the horse.

Martin, a Lowestoft native, shouted for help while using all of his strength to keep Domino’s head above the water.

For more than an hour, the young teenager courageously kept the struggling horse from drowning before help finally arrived.

Just in the Nick of Time

When Martin was walking to the field to see his pony at Midspirit Discount Equestrian farm, he noticed one of the owner’s horses was missing. After the initial panic, he immediately checked the nearby canal.

Boy jumps into canal to save horse
Credit: Tanya Docwra-Smith/Wessex News Agency

As soon as Martin spotted Domino in the water he jumped into action. He did everything he could to keep the horse’s head from going under the cold water while also shouting and gesturing for help.

Domino was not in a good state and Martin knew if he got out of the water to run and get help, the horse would drown. Fortunately, his screaming paid off, and help arrived.

Jonathan and Tanya Docwra-Smith, who look after Martin at their farm while his mom works as nurse, finally found the teenager after frantically looking.

Once they saw Domino was in danger, they brought in machinery to help the distressed horse.

Jonathan used a crane and a rope to hoist Domino out of the water, who was clearly in pain as he had weeds trapped under his nose.

Luckily, the operation to save him was successful and Domino received a hot bath and rub down to recover from the ordeal.

Domino horse who was rescued by a boy from a frozen lake
Credit: Tanya Docwra-Smith/Wessex News Agency

“I was so exhausted afterwards that I slept for 24 hours, woke up for five, and then went back to sleep for 22 more,” said Martin.

Paul Williams, Domino’s owner, is ‘immensely grateful’ for Martin’s brave actions, calling him a ‘little hero’.

Thankfully, after the scary and frigid situation, Martin and Domino are both okay. The eventful rescue even brought the pair closer together.

“He and the horse have bonded after this. When the horse stands at one side of the dyke and Cameron is at the other side, Domino gives him a little whinny,” said Tanya Docwra-Smith.

Watch the harrowing rescue down below: