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5 Best Heated Water Buckets for Horses & Farm Animals

5 Best Heated Water Buckets for Horses & Farm Animals

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When winter’s chill sets in, one of the primary challenges for owners of horses and other farm animals is ensuring a constant supply of unfrozen drinking water. This is where heated water buckets become an invaluable addition to any farm or stable.

Designed to prevent water from freezing, they guarantee your animals have access to fresh water, even in the coldest weather.

To help you find the right one, we created a list of the top-rated heated water buckets for horses and farm animals. We’ll explore their features, benefits, and what to consider when choosing the best option for your specific needs.

Best Heated Water Buckets

1. Farm Innovators Heated Bucket

Farm Innovators heated water bucket for horses and livestock

This durable flat-back heated bucket is ideal for hanging in a horse’s stall. It is completely safe, as the five-foot-long power cord has a heavy-duty ‘anti-chew’ metal spring to prevent chewing.

The 120-watt built-in heater is thermostatically controlled, so it will only operate only when necessary. It automatically turns on at 35 degrees Fahrenheit and turns off at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can easily use the bucket year-round, as there is a hide-away cord compartment underneath the bucket you can store the cord during the warm months.

The bucket is available in two, three, four and a half, and also five gallons, with five gallons being the recommended size for horse stalls. It is also available in plastic or rubber options.

2. API Heated Water Bucket With a Flat Back

API Heated Water Bucket With a Flat Back

This hardy flat-back bucket is ideal for hanging up in your horse’s stall, as it is made from highly durable polyethylene resin. This makes it impact-resistant against cracks and leaks.

The 115-watt heater in the bucket is thermostatically controlled to keep water at just the right temperature no matter how cold it gets. The over-temperature protection prevents water from being overheated and becoming a safety issue. It has the ability to work in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sheathed power cord is chew-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your horse messing with it. The 20-quart size is ideal for hanging in stalls.

3. Farm Innovators Heated Rubber Flat-Back Bucket

Farm Innovators Heated Rubber Flat-Back Bucket

Durable and flexible, this flat-back bucket can withstand frigid temperatures as cold as -35 degrees Fahrenheit. It is made from natural and recycled rubber that has long-lasting durability and top-notch insulation with a lower wattage.

The 90-watt heater is thermostatically operated for safe use. It automatically turns on when temperatures get too cold and will automatically turn off when the water hits between 50-60 degrees. There is even a measurement tracker in the bucket that allows you to easily keep track of how much water your horse is drinking.

The anti-chew cord is safe to use with even the most curious horses. In addition to coming in 18 quarts, it also comes in 12 quarts as well.

4. Farm Innovators HT-200 16 Gallon Heated Livestock Bucket

Farm Innovators HT-200 16 Gallon Heated Livestock Bucket

This large heated bucket is great for using in sheds, pastures, or even stalls. Its easy-grip handles make it portable, so you can easily transport it to different pastures.

The 200-watt heater is thermostatically controlled so it will only operate when necessary. The heating element is replaceable, allowing for years of use. It is great to use not only for horses, but also for other animals as well.

The five-foot-long cord has a cord protector, so you don’t have to worry about horses messing with it. With a 16-gallon capacity, it is ideal for multiple horses to use.

5. WarmGuard WG05 Insulated Pail Band Heater (Alternative)

WarmGuard WG05 Insulated Pail Band Heater

Though the WarmGuard WG05 isn’t a heated water bucket, it is a water bucket heater. The product is a powered heated pad that wraps around buckets, providing them warmth. It has a pre-set thermostat that allows you to control the temperature, the heater should keep the water from freezing all throughout winter.

The only major drawback is that the power pad needs a power socket nearby to function.

Benefits of Using a Heated Water Bucket

Using a heated water bucket is something both you and your horse can benefit from. Breaking ice is time-consuming and can even be difficult depending on how much ice has formed.

Buckets that freeze over can be problematic, as horses won’t have access to freshwater to drink. Horses can then become dehydrated, which can lead to colic and other health problems. Even if there is little to no ice, some horses do not like to drink ice-cold water.

With a heated bucket, you do not have to worry about any ice forming in the bucket. Horses will enjoy drinking the warmer water and they will stay hydrated as the temperatures drop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Heated Horse Water Buckets Safe?

Yes, heated horse buckets are safe to use as long as you carefully follow the instructions and properly install them. Be sure to regularly check the bucket for any wear including loose parts and frayed cords.

How Much Water Does a Horse Drink in a Day?

On average, a horse will drink between 5-10 gallons of water a day. This may increase to up to 15-18 gallons of water a day if the weather is hot. Be sure to always supply your horse with a source of fresh, clean water to keep them healthy.

During winter, horses’ diets will consist largely of hay, which has a lower amount of concentration of water, since there is not an abundance of fresh grass. Due to this, horses may increase their water intake up to 10-15 gallons a day.