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Heartland Season 15 Officially Begins Filming in Alberta

Heartland Season 15 Officially Begins Filming in Alberta

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Hey there Heartland lovers! Following Amber Marshall’s announcement of the new season, a lot of you have been asking whether production has already begun. Well, you’ll be delighted to learn that Heartland Season 15 has now officially started filming in Alberta!

In case you’re wondering what the show is all about, Heartland is one of the most popular TV series about horses in the world. It features a charming ranch against the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, where a very special girl heals troubled horses. Trust me, if you love horses and haven’t seen Heartland yet, you’re missing out!

The show has already aired 14 long and beautiful seasons, making Heartland Canada’s longest-running one-hour drama series.

Viewers from over 119 countries have indulged in the heartwarming stories of the show for over a decade. According to CBC’s official press release, the filming of Season 15 has officially begun on Monday the 7th of June.

The Heartland cast & crew were eager to reunite on set once again after a year spent apart. Prior to traveling to Alberta, many cast members can also barely contain their excitement. Many of them have posted behind-the-scenes photos from this week’s production, so it’s worth giving them a follow on Instagram or Twitter.

If you want to receive regular updates from the Heartland set, it’s also worth checking out #HLinProd on Instagram. Here are some of their most recent photos about the first week of filming Heartland Season 15:

Similar to previous seasons, the filming locations for Heartland Season 15 remain Calgary and the nearby areas of High River, Longview, and Millarville.

You may already know that High River appears as the fictional town of Hudson on the show, while Heartland ranch is located in Millarville. To find out more about Heartland‘s filming locations, read our ultimate guide to where Heartland is filmed.

Once production wraps on the 21st of September, the first episode of Heartland Season 15 will premiere on Sunday, October 17 at 7:30 PM (NL) on CBC and CBC Gem. This will mark the show’s 225th episode, so there’s all the more reason to celebrate! The new season will have 10 60-minute episodes in total, with the last episode scheduled to air on the 19th of December.

Releasing over 200 episodes is not something that happens to many TV series out there. Heartland‘s showrunner and executive producer Heather Conkie told CBC: “Everyone involved is absolutely thrilled to start shooting the 15th season of Heartland. We are all so proud to be reaching the milestone of 225 episodes, and I’m especially looking forward to sharing storylines that see Amy moving forward and embracing the future.”

While we wait for the release of Season 15, we can always rewatch past seasons of Heartland on Netflix, Hulu, or Up Faith & Family. You can stream the latest Season 14 for free on Up Faith & Family using their 14-day free trial. Also, find out where to watch Heartland Season 15 here.