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Heartland Season 14 Episodes

Heartland Season 14 Episodes

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Over a year after the release of Season 13, Heartland Season 14 finally arrived to our screens on January 21, 2021. The long-awaited season had no shortage of surprises, drama and, of course, horses!

You can watch Heartland Season 14 on UP Faith & Family, a streaming service that offers a free trial to its users.

The new season is also available through Netflix in a few countries, although its release date in the United States is still uncertain. However, fans expect Season 14 to become available on the platform shortly after March 2022. Season 14 consists of 10 episodes in total, each around 60 minutes in length.

Here’s an overview of all Heartland Season 14 episodes:

*Warning: mild spoilers ahead*

Episode 1: “Keep Me In Your Heart”

The first episode sees Amy dealing with a major turmoil in her life. One year passed since the events of Season 13 and things at Heartland have been at a standstill.

Lou is still the mayor of Hudson, struggling to coordinate her professional and personal lives. An annoying girl protesting next to her office causes some trouble.

Georgie is back from college with her boyfriend Quinn. She is reunited with Phoenix and together they continue their journey towards the Olympics.

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Episode 2: “The Last Goodbye”

Amy is slowly finding herself again and agrees to help a young girl bond with her horse. However, her efforts backfire and the horse ends up running away.

Meanwhile, Tim and Jack go on their seasonal cattle drive, but this time Quinn and Jade also join in. The event stirs up painful memories for Jack.

Lou Fleming is dealing with some just accusations regarding her actions as mayor. All issues resolve on the annual Fall Harvest Festival.

Episode 3: “Making Amends”

Ty’s mom Lily unexpectedly turns up at Heartland with a problematic racehorse for Amy to fix. The timing of her visit doesn’t exactly thrill Amy, but she decides to help the horse anyway.

Lou’s caught up in her mayoral efforts of trying to turn Hudson into a tourism hotspot. Her busy schedule allows little time for Lou to support Amy through tough times, causing clashes between the sisters.

A young girl who’s temporarily living at Heartland convinces Jack to invest in a greener lifestyle. The episode ends with a mysterious explosion that covers the skies in black smoke.

Episode 4: “Through the Smoke”

In this action-packed episode, a train derailment causes fire to break out on the grounds near Hudson. Everyone springs into motion trying to get their loved ones to safety.

Lou’s main concern as mayor is to mitigate the effects of the disaster and inform the locals about what’s happening. Meanwhile, Amy and Lily head to the rodeo grounds to evacuate the horses trapped there.

Jack Bartlett on the other hand is on a rescue mission trying to find the new girl who’s lost in the nearby forest. Eventually, the combined efforts of multiple fire departments avert the danger and everyone can safely return to their homes.

Episode 5: “Outsiders”

Upon losing a battle, a wild, black stallion is forced to leave his herd and wanders off with his injuries. Amy decides to track down the horse and tend to his wounds.

To Lou’s horror, the woman who got her fired from her old job in New York is arriving to stay at the dude ranch. However, the visit turns out to be more about making amends instead of old grudges.

Tim Fleming is also keen to rebuild the rodeo grounds destroyed by the fire. To save the rodeo school, him, Jack and Caleb organise a fundraiser baseball match that turns out to be a success.

Episode 6: “The New Normal”

This episode even more horses are pushed out of the wild herd by the new leader. As the horses have nowhere to go, Amy agrees to host a clinic to find them new homes. The event ends up being a success and all 5 horses are purchased by the new equine therapy center.

We also see Caleb struggling with parenthood now that Cas works all the time. Luckily, Peter’s there to reassure him about what a great father he really is.

When Jack gets an unexpected invitation to be the spokesperson for Heartland Beef, he travels to Calgary with Lisa. The two spend some quality time together during the event.

Episode 7: “Courage”

We see Amy helping Lyndy come to terms with a family issue. Although she’s still dealing with the problem herself, Amy proves to be a strong mom who’s able to support her daughter through tough times.

Tim gets caught up in a polo match to impress a woman he likes. Even though polo is not his cup of tea, Tim manages to cope well enough to avoid complete embarrassment.

Georgie and Quin are also home from Florida. They have an exciting announcement to make, which Lou misinterprets as a marriage proposal.

Episode 8: “Changing gears”

Caleb arrives with a gift for Amy that stirs up painful memories in Jack. The two go on an emotional journey, at the end of which Jack is finally able to move on from the past.

Meanwhile, Jade decides to take up bareback bronc riding as part of her rodeo portfolio. Tim is against the idea at first, but with the help of Amy and Caleb, Jade convinces him otherwise.

Caleb Odell also finds himself at a crossroads in his life. He has his family to think about now, so can’t afford to risk his life competing in the rodeo. However, he will remain at the rodeo school as a coach.

Episode 9: “Find Me in the Dark”

Quinn’s dad unexpectedly turns up at Heartland, saying he wants to meet Georgie’s family. However, Quinn suspects hidden intentions behind his visit.

Father and son fall out over the real reason why Quinn’s dad came to Heartland. He also offers Amy a job, which she politely declines.

Lou Fleming is having doubts about a major life-changing decision she made. Tim’s forming relationship falls apart, leaving him without a partner once again.

Episode 10: “Staying the Course”

In the final episode of Heartland Season 14, a lot of issues building up throughout the season are resolved. The new horse therapy center suffers a loss of investment, but Amy and her new friend save the day.

Things also seem to come together for Georgie. Her Olympic dream is closer than ever following her victory at a local horse show.

Finally, Lou and Peter rekindle old feelings for each other, meaning there might be a future for the couple. Tim mends his own relationship and might be going on a little adventure on his own.

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Saturday 18th of September 2021

hi I love the seasons of heartland

Mary Melton

Saturday 28th of August 2021

Glad to see Peter and Lou reenvisioning their relationship...I thought it was a good solid relationship...with both of them whining about personal aspirations. Their relationship together can go a lot farther for all of them - than either of their subsequent relationships....


Sunday 11th of July 2021

Graham should have stayed with the show. All previous seasons were leading to Ty/Amy in their new home, building their family and running their business Together. What a let down, so dissapointed. Graham should have been offered more money to stay. I always thought this was the best TV series to ever air on TV..But not now, you let down your loyal fans and viewers...still love the hearland family..just so dissapointed..

Patty Dilworth

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

@sarah, I knew something was up when he was constantly leaving for several episodes. It really didn’t surprise me. One day she will find another true love that will want all the things she wants. Ty was great in the beginning but when he kept leaving her it made it easier for his timely death. Amy makes this show what it is plus Lou and Peter is a plus.

Lee Fisher

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Having lost my wife recently was not sure could watch Amy go through Ty's loss. But it was handled very well, even helped me some. Enjoy horses, scenery, and cast, especially Amy and Jack. Hopefully, it will continue....

Henrietta Szathmary

Friday 9th of July 2021

Hi Lee,

So sorry to hear about your loss. It must have been incredibly hard for you. Glad you found some comfort in Heartland and that you're enjoying the series :))

All the best

Sharon Davenport

Friday 25th of June 2021

Help! Unable to get season 14 episode 9 on UP Faith & Family

Henrietta Szathmary

Friday 25th of June 2021

Hi Sharon,

Perhaps try contacting their customer support?

All the best