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Heartland Season 14 Episode 1 Review

Heartland Season 14 Episode 1 Review

After Season 13’s cliffhanger ending, we have all been anxiously waiting for the return of Heartland. To everyone’s great relief, the show was renewed for yet another season in May 2020. The first episode of Season 14 “Keep Me in Your Heart” premiered on January 10th, 2021, marking a whole new era in the Heartland universe.

What do I mean by that? Well, Season 14 introduces some major storyline changes that have shocked viewers around the world. While it’s safe to say that Heartland will never be the same after what happened, the show’s new direction is also beautiful and exciting.

Without further ado, here are the highlights of Heartland Season 14 Episode 1!

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

He’s Gone and He’s Not Coming Back

Season 14 kicks off with a quick recap of the Season 13 finale. Lou has won the election and is now officially the mayor of Hudson. Georgie Fleming-Morris and Quinn finally get together, while Amy and Ty dream about their future home. We also see Amy getting hit by a stray bullet and Ty rushing her to the hospital, where he discovers that he’s been shot as well.

One year has passed since the events of the last season. The has been the hardest year the Bartlett-Fleming clan had to endure in a long time. Because they have all lost someone dear to them, someone who was not supposed to leave so soon.

At the start of the episode, Amy reminisces about halter breaking the wild colt with the help of Spartan. In the flashback, we see Jack Bartlett, Ty, and Lyndy around the round pen, watching Amy work her magic on the wildie. It is a beautiful moment, at the end of which the horse joins up to Amy.

However, the bliss doesn’t last long, as while putting Spartan away, Ty collapses on the ground. Amy and Jack run up to him, but it was too late: Ty had passed.

Ty Borden dead on Heartland

At this point, you might not realize Ty’s actually dead yet. At least you hope it’s not true. But as Amy remembers the doctors saying her husband had deep vein thrombosis and there was no intervening, the horrible truth starts to sink in. He’s gone and he’s not coming back.

Life Without You

Watching Heartland for 14 years now, we have all grown close to the characters of the show. Amy and Ty have always been the center of it all, and we have always thought they would grow old together. His tragic departure has been so heartbreaking and painful to watch for fans around the world.

But if his loss affected you this much, imagine how the character Amy might feel. How lost and hopeless she must be without her loving husband.

Every day for the past year, Amy has been riding out to the site of their house and back. She hasn’t taken on new clients and is certainly not herself, which concerns her family. Especially her dad.

Tim being Tim has been pushing Amy to start working again and make a decision about the house, even though she’s clearly not ready. Luckily, Jack is there to act as a buffer and tells Tim Fleming to give her more time whenever the topic comes up. But Tim still wouldn’t let it go, which annoys Amy.

The Secret Engagement

Meanwhile, Lou is buried under her mayoral duties. We see her at the council sorting official matters out with her Chief Administrative Officer Rick. You can tell there’s a lot on her mind, and the kid protesting under her window doesn’t help.

Then all of a sudden Mitch rings on FaceTime. He tells Lou why he can’t make it to the family event this weekend and asks why she’s not wearing her ring.

Wait a minute! What ring?! Surely that can only mean one thing right?

So it seems like Lou might have some exciting news to share, but she doesn’t look half as excited about it. She hesitantly tells Mitch she’s not wearing it yet as she’s worried about how Amy is gonna react. While that’s really considerate of her, it must’ve been hard for Lou to keep their engagement a secret from her entire family.

Back in the Saddle

At dinner, Georgie and Quinn who have just returned to Heartland from university catch up with the rest of the family. It’s great to see the two are still together and going strong. We find out that Georgie has stopped jumping competitively, which is surprising news to everyone since she’s so talented.

Quinn briefly mentions he’s coaching this girl called Fiona Mackintosh, who will enter a competition this weekend. Amy takes this opportunity to encourage Georgie to enter, who seems to take the idea on board.

I hope this means we’ll see more of Georgie and Phoenix jumping as they make such a fantastic team! It would be a real shame if Georgie was to quit competing altogether.

After dinner, we see Amy struggling to go about her evening as every part of the house reminds her of Ty. As always, Jack is there to save her from spiraling. The two have a heart-to-heart talk about moving on, and Jack suggests they go up to the fishing cabin to spend some quality time together.

At the Fishing Cabin

As we know, this place has a special meaning to the Bartlett-Fleming clan, especially for Jack, Amy, and Ty. They have all found their peace here several times in the past, which is why Jack was eager to take Amy up there at this difficult time.

Amy Fleming crying on Jack Bartlett's shoulder

Arriving at the cabin is an emotional moment for Amy as she remembers her first time there with Ty. In Season 2 Episode 18 “Step by Step”, they got trapped in the cabin by a snowstorm after bringing feed up for the wild horses. Amy and Jack reminisce over that time while skipping stones, which seems to lighten the mood.

Once night falls, they talk about lost loved ones while listening to one of Grandma Lyndy’s songs. Jack shares how he had to stay strong for his daughter when his wife died and how Amy must do the same. He also tells her that nobody knows how to grieve as it’s different for everyone every time.

Brrrr, listening to Jack’s wise words always gives me goosebumps! But Amy blames herself for Ty’s death, as she didn’t make him go to the doctors that morning despite Ty saying he felt weird.

Jack tries to comfort her, but to no end.

Amy: “Ty died trying to protect me.”

Jack: “That’s right, he saved your life. And because of it you’re here now. And Lyndy has her mom.”

Eventually, Amy begins to open up about how she really feels, making the first step towards recovery.

In the morning, Jack and Amy find some wild horses trapped between fallen branches and set out to free them. However, this again reminds Amy of Ty and their Christmas rescue mission to save the starving wildies. She can’t take it anymore and withdraws, consumed by her grief.

Amy: “He’s always helped me. And now he can’t. He’s gone, Grandpa. And he’s not coming back. It’s not fair. It’s not fair.”

Once the wild horses are finally free, Amy spots Ghost’s son Casper. Throughout the series, Ghost always appeared whenever Ty was in danger and has always had a special meaning to both of them. Seeing Casper’s family is an important moment for Amy, as she realizes that no matter what happens, life goes on.

Competing Again

In the meantime, Georgie has been training hard for the competition this weekend, after deciding to get back out there again. At the events, we see Quinn’s student Fiona ride a clear round, with Georgie up next.

It first seems like it will be an easy win for the dream team. However, when approaching a combination, Georgie spots someone she thinks is Ty walking by the course and doesn’t finish the competition.

Alisha Newton jumping on a horse in Heartland Season 14 episode 1

This incident just proves that Ty’s death has deeply affected all members of the family, not just Amy. I think we can expect to see more of how each of them handles this loss during the rest of the season.

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The Memorial

While up at the cabin, Amy also had time to think about whether to go through with Ty’s memorial. She decides she wants something to mark the anniversary of his death that she will actually remember, as his funeral was all a horrible blur.

So the family gets together in a very emotional scene to share memories of Ty. If you shed a tear or two at this point, you weren’t alone; I was bawling my eyes out as if I lost a brother of my own.

Lou remembers the time she taught Ty to dance at the dude ranch.

Lou: “We laughed so much that night. He was the little brother I never had.”

Caleb’s up next, reminiscing about adventures they had together like rushing Ty home when Amy was giving birth or getting Jack’s longhorn back.

Caleb: “I’m a new father. New baby boy. I’m gonna miss Ty being a part of that, for the rest of my life.”

Jack and Tim bring up Ty’s Mongolia adventure, saying what a crazy but respectable choice he made. Amy follows with a moving speech about how Ty gave her enough love to last a lifetime and how much she misses her. She tells him that she and Lyndy will do their best to move on as that’s what he would want

Amy: “We will be strong, brave, and we will make you so proud. Because I know in some way you’ll always be with us. We won’t be alone, we’ll never be alone. I love you Ty. We love you.”

And so the Miracle Girl said her final goodbye to her loving husband. What an epic but unbelievably short run these two had, and thinking about how many lives they changed is overwhelming. I sure hope that Amy will return to her true self soon, with Ty living in her heart until the end of times.

A New Beginning

Back at Heartland, Quinn, and Georgie talk about what’s next for Georgie’s jumping career. While the last competition wasn’t her best run, it made Georgie realize how much she loves the sport. She asks Quinn to be her coach and take her to the Olympics, which he gladly accepts.

Amy and Tim also finally have their overdue talk about the house. Amy tells him she will not go through with construction, as she couldn’t live there without Ty. Tim understands and heads over to knock the structures down, releasing all the pain he’s been bottling up lately.

The closing scene is a beautiful sunset in which Amy and Lyndy visit the wild horses riding Spartan. Upon their approach, the colt Amy was gentling breaking when Ty died breaks out of the herd and walks up to them. Amy’s expression suggests she might soon be ready to move forward.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 1 Summary

This episode was both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. While for most of it I was hoping Ty’s death is no more but a bad dream, towards the end I began to see the value it could add to the show. His departure is certainly not ideal, but the Heartland cast & crew have done a wonderful job turning it into something meaningful.

There has also been no shortage of new and exciting storylines. We can look forward to seeing Georgie’s journey to the Olympics, Lou in her new role as Mayor, how Amy and Lyndy cope with the loss of Ty, and much more. A new chapter of the show has begun and I can’t wait to see where it leads!

Here is a preview video of Season 14 Episode 2:

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