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What Is Heartland Rated? Is It Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

What Is Heartland Rated? Is It Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

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Since premiering in 2007, Heartland has gained a large fan following. The series has been renewed for a 17th season as it shows no signs of slowing down.

Heartland follows the Flemming-Bartlett family at their Alberta-based horse ranch. The show deals with the ups and downs of life as the family remains there for each other through it all.

As a parent, you may wonder if Heartland is a suitable show for your child to watch. What is the rating for the series? Does it deal with topics that are not suitable for children?

We will explore Heartland’s rating and everything you should know about the series that will help you determine if it is right for your child to watch.

What is Heartland Rated?

On Netflix, Heartland receives a TV-14 rating. However, on the streaming service UP Faith & Family, it receives a PG rating.

According to Dove.orgHeartland is suitable for children 12 years and older. Labeled as a family drama, the series can be enjoyed by tweens, teens, and adults. Not only does the show include horses and ranch life, but also relationships, heartbreak, loyalty, love, loss, and friendship.

To help get a better understanding of its rating, here is a breakdown of different themes found in the show.

Violence and Scary Scenes

Heartland does feature some mild violence and the occasional scary scene. At the beginning of the series, a character dies in a car crash which can be frightening to children.

Throughout the series, there are some mildly freighting scenes including scared horses, accidents, tension, peril, and a shooting.

Georgie Fleming-Morris feeding a foal milk through a bottle in a stable while Amy Fleming helps to hold the foal

While there are some occasional fights with punches being thrown, there is no major violence. Situations rarely get bloody in Heartland.

Drinking and Smoking

Heartland does feature some occasional drinking, including some underage drinking at parties. There is also the rare occasion of cigarette smoking.

Mature Themes

Heartland does include some more mature themes including death, complicated family dynamics, and personal emotional struggles. While these themes may be harder for children to grasp, they are not conveyed in an inappropriate manner in the show.

As a family drama, Heartland deals with issues such as divorce, the loss of a spouse, complicated paternal relationships, and the loss of a parent. Heartland does have romance as well but does not get anymore sexual than kissing and the occasional innuendo.

Is Heartland a Comedy or Drama?

While Heartland does have some comedic moments it is classified as a drama, specifically a family drama. As a family drama, it deals with many different issues as sisters Amy and Lou navigate the challenges of life as they grow together.

While the show heavily revolves around the Heartland ranch and Amy’s special talent to work with horses it is much more than that. Family dynamics play a large part in the show.

Lyndy, Amy, and Ty on Heartland

While there are serious and complicated moments, there are also many happy and light-hearted moments. The series will have you both laughing and crying as it portrays many different emotions.

Positive Aspects of Heartland That Are Good for Children

Heartland has many positive aspects that can make it a wonderful kid-friendly series. There are inspiring characters, entertaining storylines, and valuable lessons that can be learned.

Heartland has many positive messages of love, meaning, sticking up for your family, and believing in oneself. It also does a good job of tackling hard issues such as death, heartbreak, and divorce.

Aside from family issues, Heartland has many enjoyable aspects of ranch life. It portrays the challenges and joys of working with horses. It also gives a positive outlook on overcoming your fears, as it shows what you can achieve when you work hard.

While Heartland may not be ideal for young children, both tweens and teens can find it enjoyable. There are plenty of positive messages throughout the series and challenging topics that can be good to address.