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Where is Heartland Filmed? (Real Ranch Location, Facts & FAQs)

Heartland has become the most-watched horse TV show in the equestrian world. The actors, producers, and directors do an incredible job throughout the fourteen seasons of this hit series that includes love, loss, family, ranch life, and of course, horses.

The show is set on a picturesque ranch in Canada that features beautiful horses and scenery.

As it has become a popular TV show, people are eager to know more about where the show is filmed, the actors, and other fun facts.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Heartland TV show!

Where is Heartland Filmed?

Heartland is filmed on a real ranch located in Millarville, Alberta, Canada. In 1928, Roy Foster and his family moved to the property where they raised cattle. The famous barn that is seen on the show was built by Roy’s brother, Les.

The show also films ranch scenes at a dude ranch, which is not far from the real Heartland Ranch, and a studio in Calgary.

Here is the real Heartland ranch on Google Maps:

In 1928, Roy Foster and his family moved to the property where they raised cattle. The famous barn that is seen on the show was built by Roy’s brother, Les Foster.

Can You go to Heartland Ranch?

Unfortunately, you can’t visit the real Heartland Ranch because it is privately owned, and the owner doesn’t give anyone apart from the cast and crew during filming.

However, you can see the ranch from a distance, and fans are allowed to visit the outside of Maggie’s diner in High River and peer in to see the set.

Fans may also visit the Museum of the Highwood, which includes costumes and props from the show. If you are lucky, you may even get to catch a glimpse of the crew’s trailers as they park behind the museum when filming.

High River is a great place to visit if you are a fan of the show. In addition to the museum and Maggie’s diner, you can also stroll through the town to visit shops that sell Heartland mementos.

If you’re in High River, don’t forget to take a stroll in George Lane Memorial Park. Here, you will find the famous red gazebo that hosted Amy and Georgie’s high school graduation.

Here is a Heartland set tour with Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) and Graham Wardle (Ty Borden):

Are There Heartland Ranch Tours?

Though there are no guided tours for Heartland Ranch, you can take self-guided tours through High River. In addition, there are ranches just outside of Calgary that offer trail rides throughout beautiful scenery.

Did you know that all indoor scenes on Heartland Ranch and Scott’s clinic are filmed in a studio in Calgary? These include the interiors of the farmhouse, the barn, the loft, and the vet clinic.

Besides Heartland Ranch, there are other filming locations in Millarville fans might want to visit. For once, there is the cute little wooden chapel where Lou’s wedding ceremony took place. To find it, look for signs to the Millarville Anglican Church.

The Millarville Farmers’ Market and Race Track are also open to visitors all year round. This location served as the setting for all rodeo and horse racing-related scenes. The Farmer’s Market is the best in the foothills and opens every Saturday from June to October.

Where is Dude Ranch Located?

The Heartland Dude Ranch can be found south of the Priddis community in Alberta, along Range Road 30. It’s not far from the real Heartland ranch in Millarville, but unfortunately, it’s also private property.

Here is a Dude Ranch on Google Maps:

Is Maggie’s Diner from Heartland real?

Maggie’s Diner, Tack and Feed is filmed on a real set and is the only permanently accessible set that fans can visit. Although Maggie’s is not a real working diner, fans are allowed to peer through the windows and see the set when the show isn’t filming there.

You can also visit a real-life version of Maggie’s in High River called Evelyn’s Memory Lane. This retro diner is located on 4th Avenue, and it’s one of the best places for food in the area.

Maggie's Diner restaurant set on Heartand

Do All the Actors on Heartland Ride Horses?

Surprisingly, horse riding is not a requirement for getting a role on Heartland. Since many actors didn’t have prior experience with horses, they had to attend cowboy camp to learn the basics.

Amber Marshall and Alisha Newton are real-life equestrians and do most of their horseback riding scenes on Heartland. However, the actors are replaced with stunt doubles who ride for them in the more dangerous riding scenes.

Jessica Amlee, who plays Mallory on Heartland, was also a confident rider before coming on the show. Shaun Johnston (Grandpa Jack) and Nathaniel Arcand (Scott Cardinal) both grew up on a farm with horses and were happy to ride for the show.

Find out which actors are true horse lovers by reading our guide: Heartland Actors Who Live Like Their Characters in Real-Life

Who Owns the Horses on Heartland?

John Scott owns most of the horses that are used in Heartland. Scott is the head wrangler of the show and is well known in the film industry.

With over 50 years of experience training animals for movies, this man has done it all. John Scott has been wrangler on major productions like Lord of the Rings, The Revenant, Unforgiven, and many others.

Scott is a widely celebrated actor, stuntman, wrangler, and producer. According to Avenue Calgary magazine, his company John Scott Productions has worked on seven Oscar-winning films to date.

Scott keeps his stunt horses and props on his Longview farm in Alberta, which also serves as a filming location. The legendary wrangler’s journey to success has been documented in True West: The John Scott Story that you can watch here.

See our list of Heartland horses here.

Is Heartland Based on a True Story?

The Heartland Ranch TV show is not a true story but rather based on the Heartland novel series created by Lauren Brooke. Although the show is fictional, Lauren Brooke confirmed in an interview that her real-life inspires aspects of the show.

See the Heartland books here on Amazon.

Where Can I Watch the Heartland TV show?

If you haven’t seen Heartland yet, you can watch it on CBS, Netflix, and here on Amazon Prime to see what everyone is raving about!

Currently, the newest season of Heartland is only available on Netflix in a limited number of countries. If you live in the United States, you can stream Heartland Season 14 on Up Faith & Family or watch it on UPTV. Also, read our guide on where to watch Heartland Season 15.

Will There Be a Season 15 of Heartland?

You’ll be delighted to find out that Heartland will return with new episodes this year! CBC has confirmed the show’s renewal for Season 15, announced by Heartland’s very own Amber Marshall.

Just like recent seasons, Season 15 will have ten hour-long episodes. Production is already underway and is set to wrap on September 21. According to CBC’s schedule, the new season will premier on October 17, 2021.

For more Season 15 news and details, visit our guide here.

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Russ Ruby

Thursday 14th of October 2021

I found the Heartland series on Netflix as I was trying to find something to watch. I watched the trailer they had and immediately fell in love with it and started to watch it. I have been watching it every night since I found it. In fact, I watch 3 to 5 episodes every night. The actors couldn’t be better, the scenery is beautiful, each episode’s plot is outstanding and how they have transformed the book(s) to the screen is superb. Oh, and the horses are fun to watch too. I would like to commend everyone involved in this series for an absolutely wonderful show. For those who have not taken the time to watch this yet, you need to watch it. You won’t regret it. Good luck to everyone involved with this series. I hope it never ends. If it would happen to come out “for sale” I would have no problem in purchasing it for future watching “marathons”. Thanks again for such wonderful viewing entertainment.

Joanna L Meyer

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

I absolutely love heartland. Please keep filming episode after episode this is what this world needs today.

Tonja M Lockhart

Saturday 18th of September 2021

I'm a big fan of the show. I was wondering if there are actual ranches like the one in heartland that's peacefully quiet for a great getaway

Lauren Blunk

Saturday 7th of August 2021

Im a huge fan of the show! I just love the way Amy has a special connection with horses. During a season 13 episode I remember Amy talking to the wild black stallion that was owned by a kind man (sorry I can't think of the name right now) anyway just the way she was able to talk to him and calm him down was just so amazing to me! I have a special way with horses myself but when I watched that scene it bought tears to my eyes.

Carol Cook

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

Have been streaming for a number of years and this is the best series I have ever seen. Down to earth, something that all ages can watch. Hoping to see more as the family grows, please don't stop with season 15.