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12 Best Heartland Quotes

12 Best Heartland Quotes

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There are many reasons why Heartland is the longest-running one-hour Canadian drama series and is watched in over 120 countries. One of those are its signature Heartland quotes, full of wisdom and inspiration from the world of horses. Whether you’re a horse lover or not, once you get under the spell of this magical show you’re addicted for life!

With its multigenerational cast, the Heartland universe appeals to the entire family. It’s one of those rare TV shows that even four generations can sit down and enjoy together without having to worry about horse lingo.

If you’re a Heartland fan, you’re familiar with how emotional certain scenes can make the audience feel. Because beyond all the fun and adventures, Heartland also leaves us with some important life lessons.

Here are the Best Heartland Quotes

Revenge is like biting the dog cause the dog bites you. It’s a waste of energy and all ya get’s a mouthful of hair.

Jack Bartlett, Season 1, Episode 12, ‘Nothing Endures’

To be a winner, you don’t have to be the first across the finish line.

Ty Borden, Season 3, Episode 7, ‘The Starting Gate’

There is no such thing as death, just a continuation of Spirit. A change of worlds. Around the Wheel We go.

Victor Whitetail, Season 2, Episode 17, ‘Full Circle’

You never want to give up an opportunity to be close to your family.

Jack Bartlett

Horses will forgive practically anything. If you work at it.

Amy Fleming, Season 1, Episode 4, ‘Taking Chances’

It’s kinda hard to sling mud and keep your own hands clean.

Jack Bartlett, Season 1, Episode 2, ‘After the Storm’

We don’t whisper things to horses. We let them speak to us.

Amy Fleming, Season 1, Episode 3, ‘Breaking Free’

Why do you have to always see the best in people? Why can’t you be judgemental like the rest of us?

Ty Borden, Season 6, Episode 6, ‘Helping Hands’

One of the great lessons every cowboy learns is no matter what, you gotta get back on the horse.

Tim Fleming

Keeping secrets from the people we love, that never ends well.

Jack Bartlett, Season 6, Episode 6, ‘Helping Hands’

Just cuz you think nothing is something doesn’t make something out of nothing.

Jack Bartlett, Season 5 Episode 18 ‘Candles in the Wind’

Amy’s mom said, ‘You can’t call yourself a true rider until you’ve fallen off at least 20 times. 19 more to go.

Georgie Fleming Morris

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