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Heartbroken Horse Mourns its Owner at His Funeral

Heartbroken Horse Mourns its Owner at His Funeral

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Horses are some of the most truly incredible creatures. Every equestrian knows how special and meaningful the bond between horse and rider is.

After Wagner Lima of Paraguay tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident in Paraiba, Brazil, his brother knew his horse deserved to bid his owner farewell.

Lima and his horse Sereno were best friends, sharing a close bond with one another.

A Touching Goodbye Caught on Camera

Grieving horse

Lima was just 34 years old when he sadly died, leaving behind his loving family and horse.

Knowing his horse deserved to say goodbye to his beloved owner, Lima’s brother made sure that Sereno would attend the funeral.

When the vehicle carrying the casket pulled up to the memorial, Sereno appeared to know that Lima was in there.

The beautiful gray horse began smelling the coffin and even laid his head on it, showing his late owner affection one last time. The horse clearly had a deep connection with his owner.

Horse smellign and crying on it's owners casket

As the vehicle drove to the funeral home, Sereno walked alongside the other mourners. Along the way, he even ‘whimpered’ in sorrow, bringing many people to tears. It was an emotional and sad day for everyone in attendance.

Sereno now has a home with Lima’s brother and his family, where they can heal together. He will continue to have a loving home and forever be a part of Lima’s family.

It is clear that horses are loving animals, capable of showing emotion. They are social animals and enjoy spending time and bonding with their owners.

“Some horses show easily observable expressions of grief, such as waiting for days by the gate through which their buddy disappeared, exhibiting reduced social interaction, or appearing depressed. Their eyes may be lackluster, their usual expressions of joy may fall by the wayside, and even food intake may be reduced. Sometimes they will just be a little quieter overall, which can easily go unnoticed. These signs of grieving are most likely to become apparent shortly after the loss,” says Dr. Ella Bittel, Equine Wellness Magazine.

Watch the touching video below: