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Meet The Haflinger Horse With Stunning Rapunzel-Like Hair

Meet The Haflinger Horse With Stunning Rapunzel-Like Hair

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The Haflinger breed is known for its beautiful golden coat, flowing flaxen manes and tail, sturdy yet athletic build, and friendly temperament.

One Haflinger in particular from the Netherlands has garnered a large fan following thanks to her long, wavy mane that matches her owner’s hair.

The lovely blonde duo of Storm and Naomi Beckers has stolen the hearts of many people thanks to their stunning photos.

Beckers started the Instagram account to share photos of her now 10-year-old Haflinger mare. However, her page quickly grew in popularity as people could not get enough of the gorgeous matching pair.

Originally Beckers was planning to post only a few photos of her and Storm from time to time, but people kept asking for more. Now, the blonde beauties have over 55,000 followers on Instagram, as the world can’t get enough of Storm and her owner.

Beckers shares many gorgeous photos of the pair on Instagram that capture their loving bond. From riding shots to portraits that showcase their luscious locks, their page is full of beautiful pictures.

Just look at that stunning mane; it’s every horse lover’s dream! Storm’s mane is truly a sight to behold, as it flows well past her neck. This amazing Haflinger mare has captured not only the heart of her owner but also thousands of people.

Be sure to follow this amazing Haflinger and her owner on Instagram at @haflinger_storm_naomi for more show-stopping photos. The duo also has their own YouTube channel and Facebook page you can check out for more content!