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10-Year-Old Girl Tames Wild Mustang Saved From Freeway

10-Year-Old Girl Tames Wild Mustang Saved From Freeway

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In 2015, a frantic Mustang was found running on the 210 Freeway near Sylmar, California. The poor horse was frightened, but fortunately, Total Equestrian Experience was able to rescue the stranded mare.

The mustang mare was underweight and skittish. She wanted nothing to do with people and she was particularly scared of adults.

Fortunately, her life was about to change for the better thanks to some dedicated people.

Rescue Mustang Had A Rough Start

When the little mare first arrived at Total Equestrian Experience, she was struggling to adjust to her new life.

Wild horse tamed by 10 year old girl

According to trainer Ashley Shrader, she would just stand at the back of her stall anytime someone came up to her.

When it came to riding her, things weren’t any better. The Mustang would buck like she was a rodeo bronco. It was clear the mare was still anxious around people.

However, the mare went on to be adopted by a 10-year-old-girl named Ella Fox. Fox’s big heart ended up being exactly what the nervous Mustang needed.

Dixie Has a New Chance at Life

Fox named her new horse “Taking The 210 To The Heart Of Dixie”, or “Dixie” for short. The pair bonded immediately and Fox was ready for the challenge of her new horse.

“We have a unique connection. I think she likes me a lot,” Fox told CBS Los Angeles.

Girl stroking her wild tamed Mustang horse

Though the pair quickly connected, they still had a long road ahead of them. The mare had a temper, which led her trainer to believe that she had been abused in the past.

Even when Dixie would try to bite Fox, the dedicated 10-year-old was not about to give up.

Fox’s dedication paid off and she made incredible progress with Dixie. In just over a year, Fox not only began riding Dixie, but even took her to a show.

To the astonishment of everyone, the pair came home from their first show with a 4th place ribbon.

From a wild horse stranded on the freeway to a star in the show ring, Dixie has come a long way.

Thanks to the dedication of Fox and Total Equestrian Experience, Dixie was able to overcome her fear of humans and enjoy life. Fox and Dixie certainly have a bright future ahead of them.