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9 Incredible Facts About Frankel (Stats, Owner, Jockey, Foals & FAQs)

9 Incredible Facts About Frankel (Stats, Owner, Jockey, Foals & FAQs)

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Arguably one of the greatest racehorses ever to live, Frankel is a living legend in the United Kingdom. We are sharing nine things you didn’t know about Frankel, whose incredible career won him admiration all across the world.

Frankel was born on February 11, 2008, to breeder Juddmonte Farms at Banstead Manor Stud in Newmarket, Suffolk. He is owned by Prince Khalid Bin Abdullah and was trained under the direction of Henry Cecil. Frankel is out of the champion sire Galileo and his dam is Kind.

During his racing days, Frankel was undefeated, winning all 14 of his starts. From 2011-2012 he sat in the #1 position in the World Thoroughbred Rankings. He was even named the European Horse of the Year in 2011-2012 as well.

The bay stallion took the racing industry by storm, cruising past all of his competitors to remain victorious in his career. He retired in 2012 and now stands at stud at Banstead Manor Stud.

Overview of Frankel’s stats:

Born:11, February, 2008
Height: 16.1 hands (164 cm)
Owner:Khalid Abdullah
Breeder:Juddmonte Farms
Trainer:Henry Cecil
Jockey:Tom Queally
Race Record:14: 14–0–0

Here are 9 facts you didn’t know about this legendary racehorse.

Frankel Was Named After the Renowned American Trainer Bobby Frankel

Frankel was named after the legendary American trainer, Bobby Frankel. Mr. Frankel passed away on November 16, 2009, less than two years after the Thoroughbred was born.

During his career, Mr. Frankel had numerous wins with the racehorses he trained. His victories include training winning horses at the Belmont Stakes, Breeders’ Cup Classic, Santa Anita Handicap, and many more. He won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer five times and the U.S. Champion trainer by earnings three times.

ESPN said that Mr. Frankel was “one of the most successful and respected trainers in the history of thoroughbred racing.” Frankel the thoroughbred certainly lived up to his legendary namesake.

Frankel Has a Large Stride Lenght of 12 Feet

One of the reasons Frankel was so successful is thanks to his large stride. His stride is estimated to be at around 22 feet, compared to the average of 20-21 feet for most racehorses.

Frankel isn’t the only famous racehorse known to have a large stride. The legendary Secretariat had an incredible stride length of 25 feet.

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Frankel Was Recorded Running at an Incredible 43 MPH

Frankel’s speed on the race track was truly outstanding. After winning a race that was over a mile at Goodwood, the bay thoroughbred clocked in at 43 MPH.

To put it in comparison, the average winning speed in five-furlong sprint races is 37.5 MPH. Frankel’s top speed is 20 MPH faster than Olympic Gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt.

Frankel Didn’t Like It When He Was Moved Into a New Stall

When Frankel arrived at Sir Henry’s Newmarket yard, Warren Place for training, he was put in the yearlings barn. During his two-year-old career, he was moved to a “bigger and better” stall.

However, Frankel was not happy with his new move. He wouldn’t settle down so he was moved back to his original stall. The staff tried to move him again a year later, but the results were the same. His stall is now fitted with a CCTV due to his high value.

Frankel racehorse in the winners enclosure

Frankel’s Best Pal is His Brother

Frankel’s best friend is said to be his three-quarters brother, Bullet Train. He would always accompany him while working out and even lives in the same barn.

It was commonly said that Frankel had to be stabled separately when traveling, but that was not true. Bullet Train was the one that would be stabled separately at races.

During Frankel’s Racing Days, He Ate 23 Pounds of Oats a Day

Frankel had an incredible appetite during his racing career. In order to keep up with his intense training routine, he had to eat a lot of food.

Each day, the bay Thoroughbred would eat a whopping 23 pounds of Canadian oats. He eats a mix of corn, alfalfa chaff, and bran. He also has a calcium supplement, which helps to keep his bones in good shape.

Frankel was fed three times a day, eating English hay as American hay proved to be too rich for him. He would also enjoy a daily carrot as a treat.

Frankel Earned a Whopping £2,998,302 in His Racing Career

Winning all 14 of his starts, Frankel racked in a large sum of earnings. From his racing career, he earned £2,998,302 ($3,650,279.77), which is no doubt a lot of money.

Frankel Had His Own TV Commercial

Frankel was the first racehorse ever to have his very own TV commercial. British Champions Series along with Racing For Change teamed up with the York Racecourse to advertise Frankel’s appearance in the Juddmonte International.

The commercial was broadcasted across certain parts of England, with hopes to drive up ticket sales and draw a larger interest from the public.

Frankel even has several books about him, which you can see here on Amazon.

Frankel’s Stud Fee is An Incredible £175,000

If you want a foal from Frankel, you’re going to have to pay a hefty sum. His stud fee is £175,000 ($239,427.82), which could be enough money to buy a house.

His first foal to hit the racecourse was a colt by the name of Cunco, who won on his first start in a Newbury maiden on May 13, 2016. Frankel’s colt Cracksman won the Champion Stakes in October 2017, becoming his first offspring to win a European Group 1 race. This led his stud fee to rise from £125,000 to £175,000.

How Tall is Frankel?

Frankel is 16.1 hands tall and weighs approximately 1,110 pounds. He is bay in color with four white feet and a white star.

How Many Foals Does Frankel Have?

Since retiring to stud in 2012, Frankel has sired well over 100 foals. People are still seeking out Frankel’s stud service for their mares, in hopes of breeding the next top champion.

Some of his most notable offspring include Cracksman, Mozu Ascot, Anapurna and Soul Stirring. His offspring have inherited his talent and it continues to show on the racecourse.

Who Was Frankel’s Jockey?

Frankel’s jockey was Tom Queallly. He rode him for every single race, brilliantly guiding him to his 14 victories.

“Every moment spent on Frankel’s back is a special moment. He is amazing and had all the others cooked at halfway. It was a nice prep for his next race. He is a class apart from any other horse around and does it all very easily … Turning into the straight, I slipped him an inch of rein. You don’t have to do much on him. He’s so competitive and he has a will to win like no other horse I’ve ridden,” said Queally.

Is Frankel the Greatest Racehorse Ever?

Depending on who you ask, some people will say Frankel is the greatest racehorse ever. He certainly had a phenomenal racing career, being one of the best ever. Some people rank him up there with racing legends like Secretariat and Man o’ War.

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