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Who Plays Carter on Yellowstone? Did Carter Change Actors? Meet Finn Little

Who Plays Carter on Yellowstone? Did Carter Change Actors? Meet Finn Little

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Finn Little joined the crew of Yellowstone in season four as Carter. After a rough upbringing, he becomes the foster child of Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler while also working as a stall cleaner at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Finn Little is an Australian actor who plays Carter in Yellowstone. Born on June 9, 2006, in Brisbane, Australia, he is 5’ 10” tall after his most recent growth spurt, as seen in Yellowstone season 5.

While he is just 16 years old, Little has already made quite an impact in the world of acting. He scored his first acting role in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.

As Carter, he has grown to be quite the fan favorite on Yellowstone.

Notable Finn Little TV Shows and Movies

  • Tidelands (2018) as Gilles
  • Storm Boy (2019) as Storm Boy
  • Angel of Mine (2019) as Thomas
  • Reckoning (2019-2020) as Jake Serrato
  • Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) as Connor
  • Yellowstone (2018-present) as Carter

He Has Starred Alongside Some of the Biggest Names in Hollywood

Little got his start in acting when he was just eight years old. While he is only 16 years old now, he has already starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

A young Carter in Yellowstone season 4
A young carter in Yellowstone season 4

In the 2021 film Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021), he starred as Connor, the lead role opposite Angelina Jolie. When he was only 11, he starred alongside Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtney as the main character in Storm Boy (2019).

He has also become a part of the main cast of Yellowstone, starring alongside the likes of Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser.

Taylor Sheridan Was So Impressed With Finn Little That He Wrote Carter With Him in Mind

The creator of Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan was also one of the names behind the film Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021).

While directing the film, Sheridan became impressed with Little’s acting ability. In fact, he was so impressed with Little that he wrote the character of Carter with him in mind.

Finn Little’s Growth Spurt Caused Quite the Stir

Carter in Yellowstone season 5 on the left and Yellowstone season 4 on the right
Carter in season 5 (left) & season 4 (right)

Finn Little who plays Carter had quite an obvious growth spurt since Yellowstone season 4, growing at least a few inches. This had many fans wondering if Carter was still played by the same actor.

In one funny scene in the season 5 premiere, John Dutton seemly didn’t recognize him, and Carter asked him if he knew who he was. John unconvincingly replied, “I know who you are.”

He went on to say “Jesus Christ… quit growing because it freaks me out!” He later says to Carter “if you grow a beard, you’re fired.”

Some great topical humor from the Yellowstone writers!

It wasn’t John Dutton who was surprised, here are some funny fan reactions on Twitter:

Even the official Yellowstone Twitter account got in on it:

Finn Little himself posted on his Instagram account about his change in appearance and joked that the Yellowstone production crew didn’t recognize him.

Seeing as Finn Little who plays Carter is still only 16 years old, maybe we will see another growth spurt in season 6.

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He is Active on Social Media

Finn Little has gained quite a large following on his Instagram with 41.5K followers. He frequently posts to his account, often sharing looks from behind the scenes of Yellowstone.

From riding horses to working with his fellow co-stars, Little seems to very much enjoy his role as Carter on Yellowstone.

*Season 5 spoilers ahead for the rest of the article*

He Gains a Love Interest in Season Five of Yellowstone

Yellowstone season 5 has some exciting moments ahead for Carter. He is set to get a love interest in Halie, who is played by Orli Gottesman.

Halie is a young, confident girl who is outgoing. She gravitates towards Carter and helps him come out of his shell.

In season five, she is set to help Carter be himself while Carter realizes that he enjoys spending time around Halie.

“We’re both at the same age, juniors in high school and getting our licenses and he’s from out of the country, so we bonded over how American licenses work and registrations and what you learn in school. I learned a lot about how schooling works in Australia. Working with him was a blast, it was a lot of fun,” said Gottesman.

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