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Who Plays Mia on Yellowstone? Meet Eden Brolin

Who Plays Mia on Yellowstone? Meet Eden Brolin

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Season three of Yellowstone saw the addition of spirited barrel racer Mia. Mia is a regular on the rodeo circuit and even had a stint working at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Eden Brolin plays Mia, Jimmy’s former girlfriend, on Yellowstone. Born on 30 November 1994, she is the daughter of famous actor Josh Brolin and made her screen debut in X in 2008, a film that her father wrote and directed.

Born:30 November 1994
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California, United States
Spouse:Cameron Crosby (m. 2022)
Social Media:Instagram

Growing up with a famous family, she has many connections within Hollywood which have helped her acting career take off.

As well as steadily building a film and TV career since her first starring role in the movie I Dream Too Much (2015-), Brolin has produced three studio albums with the band Atta Boy.


Eden Brolin made her screen debut in 2008 at the tender age of 14 in the movie X, which was written and directed by her father Josh Brolin.

Brolin played Jasmine, the daughter of an ex-con, who is reunited with her father, played by Vincent Riverside, for an eventful road trip.

Eden Brolin and her father Josh Brolin
Eden Brolin and her father Josh Brolin. Credit (left): Kathy Hutchins / Credit (right): Tinseltown /

Aside from a walk-on role in Ruby Sparks (2012), Eden’s next film role was the lead in the movie I Dream Too Much (2015-), an American coming-of-age comedy.

This kicked off a period of steady work in the industry. Career highlights include playing Susan Atkins in the limited TV series Manson’s Lost Girls (2016), playing Charlie Singer in the fantasy series Beyond (2017-2018), and starring alongside Liam Hemsworth and Vince Vaughn in the noir thriller movie Arkansas (2020).

Eden also had a memorable turn on stage as Ophelia in 2019 in Shakespeare@’s production of Hamlet.

Personal Life

Eden Brolin is the daughter of the famous actor Josh Brolin (none other than Thanos himself) with actress Alice Adair, known for her role in Quantum Leap.

The pair were married from 1988-1994 and had two children, Eden and her older brother Trevor, who is also an actor.

Eden was then the step-daughter of the well-known actress Diane Lane from 2004 to 2013. Her father has been married to his ex-assistant, Kathryn Boyd, since 2016. She is only a few years older than Eden. Eden was delighted when the pair gave her a baby sister in 2020.

Eden Brolin and her husband Josh Cameron
Josh Cameron & Eden Brolin.

Eden Brolin has been dating Cameron Crosby since 2017, and the two became engaged in 2018. They got married in an intimate ceremony on 1 May 2022.

Cameron Crosby is best known for playing Teddy in the TV series A Million Little Things (2018-2019). Like Eden, he is also a musician.

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5 Facts About Eden Brolin

She had a Showbiz Upbringing

Eden is the daughter of two actors, Josh Brolin and Alice Adair. She was the stepdaughter of famous actress Diane Lane. But this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding her celebrity family connections.

She is also the granddaughter of Hollywood legend James Brolin and the step-granddaughter of the singer and actress Barbara Streisand.

Mia and Jimmy in a car on the Yellowstone TV series

She’s Athletic and Sporty

When Eden isn’t busy acting or singing, she loves being active in the great outdoors. Her passions include hiking, horseback riding, and fishing, all of which make her a great casting choice for Yellowstone.

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She’s the Lead Singer of the India Band Atta Boy

Alongside her acting work, Eden is also a singer and guitarist in the band Atta Boy. They have produced three studio albums: Out of Sort (2012), Big Heart Manners (2020), and Crab Park (2022).

Atta Boy has garnered over 169,000 listeners on Spotify. Their songs “Walden Pond,” “Jack and Blow” and “Saccharine” have over 6 million streams each. The band describes its music as ‘alternative indie-rock.’

“When we did the first album, we were already engaged in pretty different occupations and circumstances, and I think the hiatus after recording was just an extension of that. We were working to fulfill different passions of ours outside of just the band. I don’t think there were ever terribly serious intentions to be a band full time, but I’m grateful it happened,” she told The Digest Online.

She Has a Strong Instagram Following

Eden Brolin has a strong following on Instagram with 68.8K followers.

She regularly posts to her account, sharing insights into her everyday life and her band. In addition, she often posts about her role on Yellowstone.

FAQs About Eden Brolin

Is Eden Brolin a Real Barrel Racer?

While Eden Brolin plays a competitive barrel racer on Yellowstone, she is not a barrel racer in real life. However, she does enjoy spending time in the saddle, both during filming and outside filming.

“The fun part of acting is, like, the activities that you get to do with your character. Like on Yellowstone — I am a character that gets to ride horses a lot and you’re like, ‘Sick…I get to learn all this stuff.’ I get to do a bunch of stuff on horseback. How fun is that?” Eden said in an interview with Reel Talker.

Does Jimmy Choose Mia or Emily on Yellowstone?

After returning from Texas, Jimmy brings back his new fiancée, Emily. This infuriates his ex-girlfriend Mia, who takes a swing at Emily.

Jimmy and Mia (Eden Brolin) on Yellowstone
Jimmy and Mia (Eden Brolin) on Yellowstone

Mia is clearly upset about Jimmy’s new love interest, though Jimmy points out that Mia was the one who said they were done.

Mia then makes Jimmy choose between her and Emily, to which Jimmy has nothing to say. After a heartfelt chat with John Dutton, Jimmy makes his way back to Texas with Emily by his side.

The official Yellowstone YouTube channel did an interesting video about Jimmy and Mia’s relationship:

Will Mia Be on 6666?

There is no word if Eden Brolin will star in the new Yellowstone spin-off series 6666 as Mia. 6666 will follow the historic Four Sixes Ranch aka 6666 Ranch in Texas, which still runs as it did a century ago.

Rumor has it that Yellowstone’s Jimmy Hurdstram and Walker will also be joining the cast. No release date has been announced yet for 6666.

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