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200 Horses Rescued From Abuse Have a New Life at Duchess Sanctuary

200 Horses Rescued From Abuse Have a New Life at Duchess Sanctuary

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Located in the beautiful state of Oregon, Duchess Sanctuary is home to nearly 200 rescue horses, as well as a few donkeys.

The facility spans over 1,120 acres where the horses can safely and happily live the rest of their lives, grazing on luscious pastures.

Jennifer Kunz, who lives at the sanctuary, has dedicated her life to caring for these once abused and neglected equines. Despite the nearly 200 residents at the facility, Kunz knows each one of them by name.

Many of the horses at the sanctuary came from the Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) industry. Mares in the PMU industry have their urine collected to extract conjugated equine estrogen (CEE).

CEE is used in Premarin products, which are sold to treat menopausal symptoms in women.

Mares in the PMU industry are kept in small confined stalls for about six months of the year that are so narrow they can’t even turn around.

When the horses are no longer useful to the industry, they are sold to slaughter. These mares undergo cruel and inhumane treatment, something no horse should have to go through.

In addition to rescue horses from PMU, the sanctuary is also home to Mustangs, horses saved from slaughter and feedlots, or other neglectful and abusive situations.

All the rescue horses are able to live a healthy and happy life, as they receive a high level of care. The horses are able to roam across beautiful pastures, where they can enjoy their life.

The Duchess Sanctuary was made possible by the Ark Watch Foundation, who allowed the purchase of the facility in 2008.

Since then they continue to provide support along with other donors who make it possible to care for so many horses.

Every horse at Duchess Sanctuary has a forever home, where they will always be shown love and kindness.

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