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Dog Runs Outside Every Morning to Bring His Horse Friend a Carrot

It’s not uncommon to see dogs at a barn, as many horse owners also have canine companions. Sometimes the two species even form special bonds that warm our hearts.

This adorable video showcases an amazing friendship between a dog and his equine best friend.

Every morning, the dog runs out of his house straight to the barn to give his horse friend a special gift.

In the footage from Tina LeVoir-Jones, whose friend owns the two animals, the dog excitedly dashes through the barn to the pasture to give the horse a carrot.

The horse gladly accepts the carrot before the dog makes his way back to the house.

Just look at how joyful the dog is as he delivers the carrot right to the horse!

This intelligent dog not only helps his owner with chores around the barn, but always makes sure his horse pal gets a tasty carrot every morning. The dog obviously knows just what to do and is happy to share a gift with his friend.

See the adorable video below!

This heart-warming video shows just how incredible dogs and horses are!

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