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Does Teonna Rainwater Die in 1923? Is Aminah Nieves Leaving?

Does Teonna Rainwater Die in 1923? Is Aminah Nieves Leaving?

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Teonna Rainwater is a prominent character in 1923. She is forced to attend a Catholic boarding school where she is subjected to abuse at the hands of priests and nuns who run the school.

In “War and the Turquoise Tide” Teonna makes her escape from the school, killing two of her abusers before fleeing. While she manages to run away, she is far from safe, as priests are hot on her trail.

After spending the first night alone, Teonna meets Hank, a sheepherder from the reservation. Hank knows Teonna’s father, Runs His Horse, and promises to help her. He sends his son, Pete Plenty Clouds, out to find her father while offering her protection.

In episode 7, Teonna’s father discovers her grandmother, who had been murdered by lawmen searching for Teonna. Pete then arrives and tells Runs His Horse that Teonna left the school and there was trouble.

1923 characters Hank and Teonna Rainwater in season one episode 6
Hank and Teonna Rainwater

Runs His Horse tells Pete to take a different way back, avoiding the town and roads. However, Pete is discovered by three priests who interrogate him and capture him.

One priest vows to take him back to school while the others continue their search for Teonna.

Does Teonna Rainwater Die In Episode 7 of 1923?

Teonna Rainwater is still alive at the end of 1923 season 1. She survived an attack from two of the priests, but sadly Hank is killed.

Two of the priests arrive while Teonna is tending to the sheep herd. At first, they don’t recognize her, believing that she is a boy. However, they become suspicious as they start to ask her questions.

Teonna then attempts to run away but one of the priests manages to grab her. He then brutally throws her to the ground and tears open her shirt.

Teonna Rainwater 1923 poster

Realizing that it is indeed Teonna, he brutally beats her. Teonna fights back, blinding him in one eye, but the priest continues to punch her. When Teonna is just moments away from being killed, Hank shows up and shoots both priests.

He then comes to her aid and begins to carry her back to their camp since she is too weak to walk. However, one of the priests manages to shoot and kill Hank despite his injuries.

The priest then attempts to kill Teonna but he must reload his gun. At this moment, Teonna is able to grab a rock and smash the priest’s head, killing him.

However, she is now on her own with the sheep herd, as Hank has died. In addition, she is also seriously injured by the priest beating her up.

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What is in Store for Teonna’s Future in 1923?

Teonna is alive as of now, however, she is still in great danger. She is currently all on her own and is wanted for murder.

Her father is on his way to find her, along with Pete. After being captured by one of the priests, Pete begins to call him out for his hypocrisy. This angers the priest and he attempts to kill Pete.

Sister Mary and Teonna Rainwater at the catholic boarding school for Nativian India girls in the 1923 TV series

Runs His Horse shows up just in the nick of time, killing the priest and saving Pete. The two men then head out, knowing they can spare no time in getting to Teonna.

At this point, all three priests that Father Renaud sent out after Teonna have been killed. However, the law knows what happened at the boarding school and is searching for her.

With Runs His Horse and Pete traveling through the night, they can hopefully arrive to Teonna before anyone else does. Teonna is badly injured and if lawmen arrive first, she may not be able to get away this time. 

Even if Runs His Horse and Pete find Teonna first, they still must continue to run from the law. However, Teonna has proved she is strong and brave, and she is not willing to give up.

As Baapuxti stated before her death, her people will get their revenge for the brutal treatment and abuse the countless Native American youth have faced. The journey for Teonna is far from over and her fight for freedom continues.

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Carrie C

Tuesday 18th of April 2023

The actress who plays Teonna Rainwater is fantastic, and deserves an Emmy. The scenes are so brutal! She must be Chief Thomas Rainwater's grandmother.