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Does Lloyd Die in Yellowstone? Is Forrie J. Smith Leaving Yellowstone?

Does Lloyd Die in Yellowstone? Is Forrie J. Smith Leaving Yellowstone?

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Yellowstone has never failed to have its share of feuds. While we usually see feuds with the Duttons and those eager to take their valuable land, it is not often we see feuds among the ranch hands.

In season 4 of Yellowstone, Lloyd formed a rivalry with fellow ranch hand Walker. The feud formed after Lloyd became jealous that Laramie left him for Walker.

Things began to take a turn for the worse as Lloyd couldn’t hold back his emotions. While Lloyd is typically a level-headed guy, his temper got him into some deep trouble that left fans wondering about his well-being and future on the show.

Does Lloyd Die in Yellowstone?

No, Lloyd has not died so far in Yellowstone. While Lloyd got into multiple fights in season 4 and his future at the ranch was uncertain, he is alive and still working as a ranch hand.

Lloyd’s trouble all began when barrel racers Mia and Laramie began working at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Though Laramie is several years younger than Lloyd, she began to take a liking to the veteran ranch hand.

Eventually, Lloyd and Laramie became somewhat of an item. However, this all changed when Walker returned to the bunkhouse.

Laramie and Lloyd sitting next to each other in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch bunkhouse

Laramie quickly took interest in Walker, leaving behind her fling with Lloyd. This caused Lloyd to become upset with Walker.

Unfortunately, Lloyd wasn’t able to keep his temper under control leading him to get into a fight with Walker. As a result, Rip beats up Lloyd to teach him a lesson as fighting is prohibited on the ranch.

Rip’s beating proved unsuccessful as Lloyd got into yet another fight with Lloyd. This time Lloyd smashed Walker’s guitar and went as far as stabbing Walker in the chest. Fortunately for Walker, the knife missed his heart and he was able to make a full recovery.

As a result of their brawl, Rip makes Walker and Lloyd fight it out in a corral to get all of their anger out. While unpleasant, this was certainly better than Lloyd being sent to the train station for disobeying orders.

Rip Wheeler telling Lloyd off in the Yellowstone TV show

After Lloyd and Walker fight, Rip beats Lloyd up one more time for good measure. He even goes as far as to break Lloyd’s hand so he won’t be able to get into any more fights. This was hard for Rip to do as he is friends with Lloyd but he couldn’t let fighting continue at the ranch.

Is Forrie J. Smith Leaving Yellowstone?

Forrie J. Smith will not be leaving Yellowstone in season 5, but with Yellowstone season 6 being canceled, this will be the last season we see Forries J. Smith as Lloyd.

Forries J. Smith has been a part of the main cast of Yellowstone since season 1. Lloyd has been by John Dutton’s side for many years, as he is the oldest ranch hand.

Lloyd is a branded man, meaning he took a second chance at life by joining the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. He has many years of experience under his belt and is very loyal to the Duttons.

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