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Does Kayce Dutton Die in Yellowstone? Other FAQs Answered

Does Kayce Dutton Die in Yellowstone? Other FAQs Answered

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Kayce Dutton hasn’t always had an easy relationship with his family. He tries to remain loyal to his father John, his wife Monica, and son Tate. But since he is a Dutton, he often ends up in dangerous situations.

So, does Kayce Dutton die in Yellowstone?

Kayce Dutton is still alive in Yellowstone, although he nearly dies several times. In the season three finale, Kayce is under gunfire from an assailant while in his office. It is not until season four that it is revealed Kayce makes it out alive from the attack.

While Kayce did get shot during the exchange of gunfire, he survives the ordeal.

Though Kayce is alive and well, he struggles to figure out what his future has in store.

Why is Kayce Branded?

Kayce struggles to balance his relationship with his father and wife, and child. John brands Kayce out of spite for him leaving the ranch to be with Monica after he gets her pregnant with Tate.

Kayce Dutton topless sitting on a log in a field next to a camp fire

The brand indicates that Kayce is bound to the ranch. Despite leaving to be with Monica, Kayce still finds his way back to the ranch.

Monica got pregnant with Tate very early in their relationship, which is a reason why their relationship has problems.

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Does Kayce’s Son Tate Die in Yellowstone?

While Kayce’s son Tate does have a few close calls with death, he is alive. In season two, Tate was kidnapped in an attack orchestrated by the Beck Brothers. Despite the tense and scary situation, Tate manages to make it out alive, though he is shaken up.

After discovering the Beck Brothers are behind the kidnapping, Kayce gets information from Teal Beck regarding Tate’s whereabouts.

Kayce then kills Tate and goes to the house where Tate is being held hostage. He finds Tate locked in the bathroom scared and with his head shaved, but alive.

In season four, Tate’s life is in danger once again. Just as Kayce calls to warn Tate and Monica they are in danger, they find themselves under attack.

Kayce Dutton with his son Tate on Yellowstone

A masked man attacks Tate and Monica, leaving Monica injured. Tate saves his mother from certain death in the nick of time by shooting the attacker with a rifle. Tate and Monica then flee to the bunkhouse for shelter.

Later, Kayce finds Tate and Monica hiding out in their bedroom. Kayce pulls a shaken Tate from under the bed, holds him, and tells him everything is alright.

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What Does Kayce See in His Vision?

In the season four finale of Yellowstone, Kayce undergoes a Lakota ceremony known as a Hanbleceya, or “crying for a vision.” During the ceremony, he has several visions.

Monica Dutton about to kiss Kayce Dutton on Yellowstone

In the visions, he sees a flying owl, a disturbing betrayal of his late brother Lee, Avery, and a woman in white, who represents his spirit animal the wolf.

The woman in white leads him to a cliff where he sees two difficult paths, which foretells a decision he must make about his future.

It is unclear what Kayce’s visions mean and what is in store for him in season five. He tells Monica that he saw “the end of us.”

While it is unclear what this means, it could be a sign that Kayce and Monica’s marriage will end, whether that be from them separating or Monica dying.

Kayce may finally have to choose between his two lives. Kayce likely has a difficult journey ahead for him in Yellowstone season five.

Are Kayce and Monica Still Together?

While Kayce and Monica are still together, their relationship hasn’t always been easy. Though they do love each other, Kayce’s loyalty to his father has repeatedly put a damper on their marriage.

While Kayce and Monica have a hiccup in their relationship and separate, Monica forms a relationship with her physical therapist in season two. However, when things start to heat up between her and her therapist, she calls it off upon realizing she still loves Kayce.

Monica Dutton about to kiss Kayce Dutton on Yellowstone

Monica and Kayce get back together, however, they still face struggles in their marriage. In season four of Yellowstone, Monica reveals that she is pregnant with their second child.

While Kayce is excited to be a father of two, Monica is nervous. She is worried about bringing another child into the world with the dangers of being a member of the Dutton family.

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Will Kayce Dutton Be in 6666?

There has been no official news on whether Kayce Dutton will feature in 6666, the Yellowstone spin-off series.

6666 is set to follow a group of ranchers at the historic Four Sixes Ranch, also known as 6666 Ranch. However, what role the Duttons will have is unclear.

While no information indicates Kayce will be a part of the show, there are rumors that 6666 will feature Yellowstone’s very own Jimmy Hurdstram and Walker. No release date has been announced for the series.