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Does John Dutton Die in Yellowstone? Who Shot John?

Does John Dutton Die in Yellowstone? Who Shot John?

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Since the first season was released in 2018, Yellowstone has grown largely in popularity as people can’t get enough of the Dutton family

Throughout the show, there have been several deaths as the Duttons fight to keep their beloved ranch.

With many character deaths throughout the show, one may wonder, does John Dutton die in Yellowstone?

John Dutton is still alive in Yellowstone. Although he has had some close calls throughout the series such as being shot and attacked.

Though John may be alive going into season five, his fate in the upcoming season is unknown. In fact, some fans of Yellowstone even suspect John might meet his demise in season five.

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Does John Dutton Get Shot in Yellowstone?

In the season three finale of Yellowstone, John Dutton is shot on the side of the road while trying to help a mother change a flat tire. He gets shot several times, with his phone taking a bullet that would have otherwise ended up in his heart.

John Dutton after he was shot in Yellowstone

During his attack, a van pulls up to John on the side of the road, and a gunman opens fire, leaving John to die. Fortunately for John, this would not be his end as he survived the attack.

In the season four premiere, John wakes up from a coma in the hospital after being rescued from the side of the road.

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Who Was John Dutton With When He Got Shot?

When he was shot, John Dutton had been driving by himself. However, Beth and Kayce were attacked at the same time John was shot.

Beth was in her office gathering her things when her assistant opened a package that turned out to be a bomb, which blew up once opened.

Kayce had been sitting in his office when a gunman broke in. Fortunately, both Beth and Kayce were able to walk out from their attacks alive.

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Who Shot John Dutton?

At the time of the shooting, John is unaware of who the attacker is. However, it is later revealed in season four that a prisoner named Terrell Riggins was behind the attack. Riggins hired a local militia to attack John, Kayce, and Beth.

John Dutton getting shot by an unknown gunman

When Jamie interviews Riggins to find out more, he discovers that Riggins’ previous cellmate was Garrett Randall, Jamie’s biological father.

When Jamie confronts his father, Garrett admits to organizing the hit against the Duttons and implies he would do it again.

Jamie, however, keeps this discovery secret. It isn’t until later in the season when Beth visits Riggins herself and then confronts Jamie that the truth comes out.

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Does John Dutton Run for Governor?

After recovering from being shot, John later reveals at the end of season four that he will be running for governor in the state of Montana. However, John isn’t the only Dutton dabbling in politics, as Jamie was going to run for governor too.

While Jamie shows up to a press conference from current governor Lynelle Perry thinking she is endorsing him, that is not the case. Jamie sees Beth and John there, thinking they are there to support him in his run. However, Governor Perry reveals that she is endorsing John for governor, which comes as a shock to Jamie.

John Dutton running for governor on Yellowstone

In season five of Yellowstone, we are sure to find out where John’s political journey goes and what his future fate will be.

While John is alive going into season five, there is sure to be plenty of drama ahead.

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When Does Season Five of Yellowstone Premiere?

Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere on November 13, 2022, on Paramount+. The season premiere is said to be a two-hour special.