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Does Beth Dutton Die in Yellowstone? Her Fate Revealed

Does Beth Dutton Die in Yellowstone? Her Fate Revealed

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Fierce, abrasive, and complex are just a few words that describe Beth Dutton. As the fearless daughter of John Dutton, Beth has created a lot of enemies as she strives to protect her family’s ranch.

Yellowstone has its fair share of violence and bloodshed, which Beth has found herself entangled in before. Being a Dutton comes with risks and the series has proved that no one is truly safe.

Throughout the series, Beth has remained a target of those seeking to end the Dutton’s reign of power in Paradise Valley. However, as a cutthroat businesswoman, she is not the person you want to end up on the wrong side of.

Does Beth Die in Yellowstone?

Beth Dutton has not died in Yellowstone despite multiple attempts made to end her life. She is a relentless fighter who is not afraid to stand up for herself and make her enemies pay.

However, just because Beth is a Dutton doesn’t mean she is safe from dying. In the first episode of season one, her brother Lee Dutton died in a cattle dispute. The Duttons regularly find themselves in harm’s way as they strive to protect their valuable land from outside forces.

Beth’s childhood trauma helped shape her into the powerful person she is today. She does not show fear in the face of danger, which has helped her come out on top when her life is under threat.

Beth Dutton’s Near-Death Experiences

Yellowstone has definitely put fans on edge with the well-being of fan-favorite Beth Dutton. She’s had some truly scary incidents that had fans wondering if she would live to see another day.

In season two, Beth had several run-ins with the conniving Beck brothers. One instant in particular almost resulted in Beth’s death as she was attacked in her own office.

Beth Dutton with a bruised and cut face on Yellowstone

While working late one night in the office, Beth and her assistant Jason were ambushed by two masked men working for the Becks. The men killed Jason and brutally attacked Beth.

While she put up a valiant fight, things were looking so good for Beth as the masked men were close to killing her. Fortunately, Beth was able to text Rip when the attackers arrived and he arrived in the nick of time. Rip saved Beth and they managed to kill the hitmen.

While she got a bloodied and injured face, Beth survived the attack. She was clearly shaken from the experience, though she remained brave the entire time.

Again in season three, Beth found her life on the line. While in the office, her assistant found a mysterious package addressed to Beth. Knowing something was wrong, Beth shouted at her assistant not to open it but she wasn’t quick enough.

The package contained a bomb which immediately detonated upon opening. The impact of the bomb destroyed the office and fans were left in the dark about Beth’s fate.

It wasn’t until the season four premiere that we learn Beth survived the ordeal. She walks out of her office in rough shape, but nonetheless, she is alive.

It isn’t until later on that we learn that Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, ordered the attack. In addition to Beth, Garrett also issued attacks on John, Kayce, Monica, and Tate. Fortunately, all of the Duttons survive the attacks.

Will Beth Dutton Die in Season 5 Part 2 of Yellowstone?

While Beth has managed to survive her prior assassination attempts, she may not be so lucky in Yellowstone season 5 part 2. The sibling rivalry between Beth and Jamie has reached a boiling point and the two have it out for each other. The midseason finale ended with Jamie and Beth implying they plan to kill one another.

Jamie and Beth Dutton arguing in the Dutton home

Beth is hot on the trail of Jamie, who is seeking to impeach John from his role as governor. Knowing that Beth wants him gone for good, Jamie wants to get ahead of the game and have Beth killed. He told his assistant he wants it to look like she died from a heart attack or car crash.

“We’ve got something coming. We’re both threatening each other now in some serious ways,” Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, told Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s a mystery to me too where it’s going. I just know this is an inflection point….Something major will come of this moment between Jamie and Beth. This is kind of the final straw. He didn’t much how much Beth was really fed up with him until really recently, and I think that is now flipped a switch in Jamie that he feels similarly,” he continued.

With Beth and Jamie both out for each other’s throats, there is no guarantee that Beth will make it out alive. While she is clever and cunning, she may not be a match for what is yet to come. However, one thing for certain is that no matter what happens, Beth will put up a fight.

A Fan Theory Predicts a Tragic Twist in Beth and Jamie’s Rivalry

With such a long break between parts one and two of season 5, fans have had plenty of time to theorize the outcome of Beth and Jamie’s rivalry.

A Reddit user by the name of lgrahamtx posted a theory on Beth’s future on the subreddit r/YellowstonePN: “Since Summer is living in the main house, I really think Jamie’s hitman will mistakenly kill her instead of Beth. That is the only reason I can see why she is in John’s house other than she is a convenient piece for John’s enjoyment now that the ex-Governor has moved on. I can’t see Beth getting killed just yet.”

John Dutton pointing his finger at Jamie Dutton and telling him off

The post gained lots of traction, as many agree that Summer dying instead of Beth is a plausible outcome. As both Beth and Summer are blonde and of a similar age, a hitman could easily confuse the two women, especially since they both frequent the main house.

Beth is such a popular character that it seems unlikely she would be killed. However, nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to Yellowstone.