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Does Banner Creighton Die in 1923? Why Was he Arrested?

Does Banner Creighton Die in 1923? Why Was he Arrested?

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Just like in Yellowstone, the Dutton family faces enemies trying to take their land in 1923. Eager to protect their valuable ranch, they will do whatever it takes to keep it safe.

Banner Creighton is a Scottish immigrant who is a sheepherder in Montana. He has it out for Jacob Dutton and the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, believing that he has too much land for himself.

Banner has proved to be quite the nuisance for the Duttons. Despite a prior warning, Banner decides to graze his sheep trespassing on the Dutton’s land.

An unsuspecting Jack Dutton rides upon the sheep herd where he proceeds to get shot at. Fortunately, the ranch hands come through to save Jack from the sheepherders.

Banner Creighton and Cara Dutton staring at each other

Jacob Dutton and his men proceed to hang Banner and some of his men for trespassing. However, Banner is able to cut his way through, though his fellow men aren’t so lucky.

Furious over the attack, Banner seeks revenge on the Dutton family. Upon returning for a visit to town, Banner’s men ambush the Duttons on their way home.

Banner and his men manage to kill John Dutton and Bob Strafford. In addition, they manage to injure Jacob, Jack and Elizabeth.

Does Banner Creighton Die in 1923?

Banner Creighton does not die in 1923 season one. He has already survived being hanged and has no plans to slow down his pursuit to get the Dutton’s land.

Banner enlists the help of Donald Whitfield in his ploy to take down Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Donald is a wealthy businessman who just purchased the Strafford’s ranch, which neighbors the Dutton’s ranch.

Donald Whitfield and Banner Creighton standing infront of each other with Donald putting his hand on Banner's shoulder in the 1923 TV series

Jack Dutton is eager to get his revenge on Banner, as he is now an orphan because of the sheepherder.

While Jack wants to take care of Banner himself, Cara warns him against it as she does not want to lose any other family members.

Cara decides to take matters to the sheriff’s department, telling them the truth about what happened. While Jacob is not initially happy with Cara’s decision, she did it to protect her family.

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Why Was Banner Creighton Arrested in 1923?

In episode 7, Banner Creighton is arrested. He is charged with two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder for his attack on the Dutton family and Strafford family.

Banner asks Sherriff McDowell who did he murder and who did he attempt to murder. Much to Banner’s surprise, Jacob Dutton makes his way to the door, who has testified to Banner’s attack.

Banner claims that if he is to be arrested, so should Jacob, as Jacob hanged him and killed his friends. However, the sheriff says Jacob was in his right as Banner and his men were trespassing.

The sheriff takes Banner away in handcuffs while he was wearing a robe. Banner had been living at Donald Whitfield’s house where he had been enjoying the company of prostitutes that day.

Later on, one of Donald’s men, Chadwick Benton, shows up at the sheriff’s office to see his client, Banner. While speaking to Banner, the lawyer tells him that they will post bond for Banner once bail is set. He warns Banner not to speak to anyone in jail and tells him he is certain he will be out tomorrow.

Banner’s arraignment has been set for 8 a.m. the next day and he has been assigned to Judge Rawlins.

If Banner does indeed get out of bail, this would be very bad news for the Dutton family. He will likely step up his game to bring down the Dutton dynasty, and with Donald Whitfield on his side the fight will only get bigger.