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Who Plays Jack Dutton in 1923? Meet Darren Mann

Who Plays Jack Dutton in 1923? Meet Darren Mann

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Playing Jack Dutton, the romantic, passionate rancher committed to Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) in Yellowstone’s prequel 1923, Darren Mann is now a part of Taylor Sheridan’s most iconic creation, the Taylorverse.

Mann’s character, Jack, is John Sr. and Emma Dutton’s only son. Like most Duttons, he grasps what it takes to be a rancher, so he doesn’t think twice about postponing marrying the love of his life to care for Yellowstone ranch cattle.

After Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) attacks his family and murders his father, we see Jack’s vengeful side as he prompts his aunt Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) to act fast to crush their enemies and protect the ranch.

Darren Mann is a Canadian actor born to Lenore Mann on 4 May 1989 in Vancouver, Canada. He has a brother, Tyler, but much about him is unknown since he’s out of the limelight.

Born:4, May, 1989 
Height:5’8″ (1.72 m)
Wife:Jesi Dee Mann
Social Media:Instagram, Twitter
Official poster of actor Darren Mann who plays Jack Dutton in the 1923 drama series

Mann’s breakout role was Ballas Kohl in Keith Behrman’s Giant Little Ones, which debuted during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

He also gained tremendous recognition for portraying Lucas “Luke” Chalfant in the top-rated Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Young Baz in the crime-fueled, intriguing dramedy Animal Kingdom.

Notable Darren Mann Movies and TV Shows 

  • Stanley’s Game Seven 3D (2012) as Brad
  • The Tomorrow People (2013) as Stoner
  • The 100 (2014-2015) as Kid
  • iZombie (2015) as Senior Boy
  • Supernatural (2015) as J. J. McKinley
  • Imposters (2017) as Danny
  • The Samaritan (2017) as Dominick
  • House of the Witch (2017) as Shane Reynolds
  • Van Helsing (2017) as Ryan
  • Project Blue Book (2019) as Billy
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2019) as Luke Chalfant
  • Fortunate Son (2020) as Travis Hunter
  • Twisted Blues (2022) as Vladimir
  • Animal Kingdom (2022) as Young Baz
  • The Minute You Wake up Dead (2022) as Lucius McFalls
  • 1923 (2022-Present) as Jack Dutton

7 Facts about Darren Mann

He Started Acting at an Early Age 

Mann joined the professional film industry when he was only 8, thanks to his mother who was an actress and director during her younger days. Factually, she directed his first movie, The Pusher Man.

The Animal Kingdom actor has worked as a film and TV actor for the longest time. And decades of experience have seen him become one of the top talents in the entertainment industry.

Back in the day, Mann was also a stage actor.

Actor Darren Mann as Jack Dutton in 1923

He Played Hockey

A little-known fact about Mann is that he’s a big hockey fan. His great passion for this game once made him take a breather from acting.

Unfortunately, Mann suffered injuries that forced him to quit playing his favourite game professionally and focus on his career as an actor.

Intriguingly, the Embattled star attributes his success as an actor to hockey because it instilled essential values in him, as he disclosed in an interview with PhotoBook Magazine.

“I owe a lot of my success in acting to my former career in hockey. It gave me work ethic, character, thick skin, and a drive to succeed at something that’s exceedingly difficult to achieve.” Mann said.

Adding, “I am an extremely competitive person, though I have learned that the most important person to be competitive with is myself. There were quite a few life lesson moments with coaches who have stuck with me.”

He Wants to Work on War Films 

Every actor has a particular genre that fascinates them more than others. For Mann, it’s war, explaining why he desires to work on films revolving around warfare, as he told PhotoBook Magazine in 2020.

“I have always been extremely fascinated in war history and films. I would love to work on a film like Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Fury, 1917, etc.”

Mann is yet to land a role in a war film. But it’s safe to say that Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 is an excellent start since it dives into the adversities caused by World War 1, including the Great Depression and Prohibition.

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His Wife is an Actress

Mann’s wife, Jesi Dee Mann, is an actress who’s been in the entertainment industry since 2017.

Jesi is mainly known for her role as Katherine in the TV series 20 Something (2018). She’s also worked on other film productions, including No Refunds and Atonement.

Besides acting, she enjoys modelling, playing the piano, and caring for animals.

Mann and Jesi tied the knot in December 2021 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after dating for several years.

Harrison Ford is His Idol

Like most film industry members, Mann has legendary actor Harrison Ford on his list of idols. Speaking to ComingSoon about working with him in 1923, he revealed finding out he would portray a member of Ford’s family in the TV show was among the best moments of his life.

“It’s unreal. It’s a dream come true. Really, you know, growing up watching him and being such a fan of him and his work, idolizing him, really. I had to slap myself multiple times on set being like, “Holy cow, I’m doing this for real. I’m here with Harrison Ford.”

Mann also mentioned that working with Ford is great because he’s good company, so he always looks forward to filming 1923.

“The other day we were sitting, waiting to film. We were in his SUV and he’s just cranking blues and jazz, and he’s grooving in the front seat getting ready, and I’m in the back watching him just like, “I’m never gonna forget this moment. This is a dream come true. It’s so cool.”

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He Is a Dog Person

Mann owns a dog, Ovi, whom he’s often referred to as his best friend.

If you visit his official Instagram profile, you’ll find countless pictures of his furry friend. They enjoy many activities together, including hiking, playing at the beach and spending quality time indoors.

He Has Bagged Several Leo Awards

In 2021, Mann won a Leo Award in the “Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture” category for his role as Jett Boykins in Embattled.

In 2020, the actor walked home with another Leo Award for impeccably portraying Travis Hunter in Jessalyn Dennis’ Fortunate Son.

Impressively, in 2019, his lead role in Keith Behrman’s Giant Little Ones also earned him another Leo Award.

See a 1923 interview with Darren Mann (Jack Dutton) & Michelle Randolph (Elizabeth Strafford) below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Darren Mann

Will Darren Mann appear in 1923 season two? 

Although 1883’s sequel, 1923, is set to run for two seasons, the second season’s cast hasn’t been confirmed yet. Even so, there’s a high chance we’ll see more of Mann’s character Jack who’s already proven his undivided loyalty to his family and Yellowstone ranch.

Where does Darren Mann live? 

Mann owns a home in Canada where he lives with his wife, Jesi.

Does Darren Mann cook? 

Mann is a food enthusiast passionate about cooking and enjoying tasty dishes, especially Asian cuisine.