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5 Best Cordless & Battery Powered Horse Clippers

Are you looking for the best cordless horse clippers? Once winter hits, our horses grow thick woolly coats, often resembling a fluffy teddy bear!

This extra-long hair provides warmth and protection against the cold, allowing them to live outside without a rug.

Why Should You Clip Your Horse?

Clipping your horse minimizes sweating considerably and helps them dry off quickly. A clipped coat is also easier to maintain, improves your horse’s appearance while encouraging the summer coat to grow back nice and glossy.

If you work your horse during the winter months, their thick coats can become wet with sweat taking them longer to cool down and risk catching a chill and losing condition.

However, make sure you use the appropriate rugs and shelter to keep your horse warm.

Benefits of Cordless or Battery Powered Horse Clippers

Although corded clippers are more powerful, cordless clippers have many benefits when it comes to clipping horses:

  • There is no power lead for your equine friend to tread on or you to trip over
  • Greater freedom to clip where you want
  • They’re quieter and less frightening to horses
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • Many battery clippers come with a large capacity battery pack giving you generous amounts of clipping time
  • Cordless clippers do not heat up as much as mains clippers.

Tips on Buying the Best Cordless Horse Clippers

Before choosing, consider the grip diameter, shape and weight of the model. You must be comfortable handling the tools you have selected as your wrist will thank you later! A quiet motor is a must as a noisy one might scare your horse.

One of the challenges of using cordless clippers is the power supply so go for a model that has a long-lasting battery to ensure you can finish the clip. It is a good idea to purchase extra batteries too.

Whichever cordless horse clippers you choose, make sure they come with a warranty.

To help you produce the best quality clip on your horse, we review the five best cordless horse clippers so that you can choose the right model for you.

5 Best Cordless Horse Clippers

Wahl Professional Cordless Horse Clippers

Wahl Professional Animal KM Cordless Horse Clipper Kit

Wahl’s very first detachable blade cordless clipper features a two-hour run time and comes with a 10-foot heavy-duty charging cord. The Quick Charge feature provides 15 extra minutes of clipping for every 10 minutes it charges allowing horse owners to take their time.

This lightweight clipper has two powerful speeds of 3,000 and 3,700 SPM, making it ideal for full body clipping. The Wahl KM 2-speed cordless clipper cuts through thick coats, delivering enough power for those torque and tough areas. It is a convenient choice for all your equine grooming needs.

Key Benefits

  • Quiet motor suitable for noise-sensitive horses
  • Constant speed control making it ideal for heavy-duty clipping
  • 5 Year hassle-free warranty that includes Accidental Damage Protection
  • Includes a cleaning brush, blade oil and instruction manual

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable Lithium-Ion Battery

The Oster Volt Cordless pet clippers give horse owners heavy-duty power in a cordless design. The Oster Volt is exceptionally versatile, efficiently cutting through thick and matted coats.

It features a detachable Lithium-Ion battery that outputs continuous power for up to two hours and easily swapped out for extended periods.

This clipper provides high torque at speeds of 2,400 SPM, allowing the blade to stay cooler for longer.

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades, including wide blades
  • A powerful permanent magnet means the blades don’t slow down in thick hair
  • The removable battery system allows for extended running times

WAHL Professional Animal Cordless Clippers

WAHL Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Clipper Kit

The Wahl Professional Animal ARCO cordless clipper kit is one of the most versatile grooming tools on the market. It comes with dual charge battery packs allowing you continuous operation at 5500 SPM.

The adjustable 5 in one blade enables you to trim bridle paths, the face, ears, fetlock and legs, cutting through most coat types quickly and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Comes with two rechargeable battery packs
  • Includes soft zipper pouch, charging stand, charger, four snap-on guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil and blade guard
  • Up to 80 minutes of continuous run time

Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper

Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper

The Andis Supra ZR is a heavy-duty clipper that has corded power in a cordless design. It has five speeds ranging from 1,800 to 3,800 SPM and can cut wet or dry hair.

The detachable blade design gives greater versatility allowing the use of multiple blades for various coat types. These powerful clippers have a two-hour running time and charge quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • Lithium-ion power combined with powerful rotary motor
  • Works with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades

Oster Clipmaster Grooming Clipper

Oster Clipmaster Grooming Clipper

If you are looking for high performance, powerful grooming tool, the Oster Clipmaster is a perfect choice.

The heavy-duty motor runs at speeds of 3000 SPM, allowing you to cut through the toughest of coats with a continuous running time of up to two hours.

It is compatible with all Oster detachable blades, including wide blades so you can find the perfect one for every type and length of coat.

Key Benefits:

  • Comes with charging stand, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and size 10 Cryogen X blade
  • High-quality blades included

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you clip a horse?

For the average horse, you should clip once their winter coat has come through, then every 3 to 5 weeks throughout the winter.

Should I clip my horse in summer?

Some horses such as cobs grow thick summer coats so require clipping to prevent them from overheating.

Do you need to wash a horse before clipping?

It is advisable to bathe your horse a day or two before clipping, so the coat is clean and dry, preventing damage to the clipper blades. If you can’t wash your horse, you should at least groom them to get any mud or small stone of your horse’s hair that might blunt the clipping blades.

How do you prepare clippers for trimming?

Charge the clippers fully. Choose the right size blade for the job in hand and oil before using, adjusting the tension on the clippers.

How do you clean clippers?

Remove hairs from the clippers thoroughly after use with a small, stiff horse brush and wipe it clean. Remove the blades and clean with a disinfecting blade wash, ensuring they are dry before oiling them. Keep the clippers in a neat box or storage bag with the blades wrapped in an oily cloth.

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