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Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Launches a Cowboy-Inspired Coffee Brand

Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Launches a Cowboy-Inspired Coffee Brand

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While fans eagerly await the return of Yellowstone season 5 part 2, Cole Hauser has been busy with a new business venture. Hauser, who plays the fan-favorite cowboy Rip Wheeler, has launched his own coffee brand.

Cole Hauser’s coffee brand is called Free Rein Coffee Company. Free Rein is a “nod to the rugged spirit of the West” that pays tribute to “the hard-working cowboys that [Hauser] grew up around on and off set.”

Just like a real cowboy, Free Rein Coffee Company will help you “get up and get after it.” Hauser has partnered with three of his friends, Karl Pfluger, Aron Marquez, and Paul Anderson, to create quality coffee for those who need it the most.

Where to Buy Cole Hauser’s Coffee

Cole Hauser’s coffee line is available exclusively on the Free Rein Coffee Company website. Prices start at $15.99 per 12-ounce bag and are available in ground or whole bean.

Free Rein Coffee offers six different signature flavor blends that all feature cowboy-inspired names. The company offers light, medium, and dark roast with each blend offering a unique flavor punch. Seasonal flavor blends are also available as well.

In addition to bags of coffee, Hauser’s coffee brand also sells coffee pods, coffee mugs, t-shirts, tank tops, and hats. Discounts are available through bundle options as well as coffee subscriptions. According to Free Rein, they create “Bold flavors. Small batch. 100% roasted in the USA. Just plain good coffee.”

Close up of a bag of Free Rein coffee American Dirt flavour

The small batch facility is located in San Angelo, Texas, where it draws in Western influences. The facility has been roasting coffee beans for 25 years.

“With Free Rein, we’re not only crafting a premium coffee experience, but also paying a heartfelt homage to the American Dream,” said Hauser.

In an Instagram post announcing Hauser’s new company, he stated:

“I’ve decided to start a coffee company inspired by these men and women who wake up before the dawn. Not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. Free Rein is for anyone who gets up and works like a cowboy, gets up and chases a dream, or gets up and just feels like having a damn good cup of coffee. So get up and get after it. Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

“As a nation built on dreams and aspirations, we want to inspire the go-getters, the dreamers, and the believers to fuel their pursuits. Just as the American Dream knows no boundaries, we aim to exceed expectations and create a legacy of our own—one that is deeply connected to our roots and the core values that shaped us. I am so excited for everyone to finally have their hands on this coffee!” Hauser also stated.

Cole Hauser drinking coffee from a Free Rein branded coffee mug

Other Yellowstone-Inspired Food Products

In addition to Hauser’s Free Rein, Yellowstone fans can get their hands on other food products inspired by the show. FoodStory Brands and Paramount Consumer Products collaborated to create a line of food products that “embodies the rustic, authentic experience of the Yellowstone universe.”

The official Yellowstone products line will include coffee, meats, rubs, and seasonings. Gabriel ‘Gator’ Guilbeau, who cooks for the Yellowstone crew and has even been featured on the show, serves as the ambassador of this exciting and tasty new line.

“Yellowstone has an exceptional culinary point of view with authentic Western cuisine, and I’m excited to share it with our fans,” said Guilbeau.

The line includes coffee, chili, meat snacks, breakfast sausage links, smoked meats, and thick-cut bacon. In addition, there will also be delicious seasoning and rubs that will “elevate your home-cooked meats and vegetables with frontier-forward flavors like Cattleman Steak, Cowboy BBQ, Skillet Butter & Herb, and Smoky Bourbon.”

Yellowstoen cook book by Chef Gabriel Gator Guilbeau

For those wanting to dine like the Duttons, the Yellowstone line of food products can be found at Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, H.E.B., Jewel-Osco, and in select Safeway and Albertsons stores.

In addition to being an ambassador for the food line, Chef Guilbeau has also come out with his own cookbook titled Yellowstone: The Official Dutton Ranch Family Cookbook.

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