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7 Facts & FAQs About Britt Dekker, Famous Equestrian

7 Facts & FAQs About Britt Dekker, Famous Equestrian

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Britt Dekker is a popular Dutch TV presenter, actress, and equestrian influencer. She was born in Purmerend, the Netherlands in 1992 and currently lives in Amsterdam.

Britt Geertruida Dekker shares her life as a dressage rider and media personality with her large following on social media. She runs the equestrian YouTube Channel PaardenpraatTV (HorsetalkTV) with her friend Esra de Ruiter. Her channel is very popular in the Netherlands and Belgium and has gathered 205k subscribers so far.

The Dutch media star is also active on Facebook (77k followers), Instagram (375k followers), and Twitter (176.6k followers).

Recently, she tried acting in the movies Whitestar (2019) and Silverstar (2020) with great success.

Here are seven interesting facts about Britt Dekker!

Britt Dekker First Appeared On TV As A Teenager

When she was still in high school, Britt Dekker was invited to participate in the RTL 5 channel dating show Take Me Out.

In 2010, she took part in the reality TV show Echte meisjes in de jungle (Real Girls In The Jungle). To her amazement, Britt won the contest and received a cash prize of nearly $35,000.

After she graduated high school, Britt pursued a career in media and became a successful TV presenter. She has hosted various TV shows, guest-starred in series, and even ran her TV programs throughout her career!

Britt Dekker Launched Her Own TV Programs

Britt was first granted an online TV show on with Ymke Wieringa. The two ended up hosting several television programs together, including a travel show on RTL5 and a talk show called Britt and Ymke ask questions.

In 2014, Britt landed a job as a reporter on The Best Idea of ​​the Netherlands. Together with co-worker Jochem van Gelder, she traveled the Netherlands in search of fascinating inventions.

Since her career took off, Britt Dekker has hardly found any free time outside her busy schedule. However, she always has time for her biggest passion, horses!

HorseTalkTV (Dutch: PaardenpraatTV) is an equestrian YouTube channel for all horse lovers. It’s run by Britta Dekker and her close friend Esra de Ruiter, who publish videos every Monday and Wednesday.

Since March 2014, the channel has racked up over 100 million views on more than 800 videos!

HorseTalkTV releases a blend of fun and educational videos featuring horse care tips, DIY ideas, competition vlogs, interviews with top riders, and general info about horses and ponies.

Britt Dekker and her horseVito
Britt Dekker and her horse Vito

Britt and Esra love to engage with their subscribers and often encourage them to request videos in the comments.

The stars of the videos are, of course, Britt and Esra’s six horses! Britt owns the beautiful Eve, Jack, Vito, and George, while Esra’s horses are Parino and Halloween. Despite both women being passionate about dressage, there’s good variety in their content.

Britt Dekker Launched Her Own Online Shop

Like many famous influencers, Britt has also created her own merchandise line, which has grown into a whole online shop!

Britt and Esra’s HorsetalkTV shop sells various horse books, T-shirts, socks, long sleeve shirts, and other items.

Through the shop, fans can subscribe to the HorsetalkTV Fanclub and gain access to an exclusive video every Friday! Esra and Britt are also open to collaborating with other creators on social media, and companies can book them as entertainers for events.

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Britt Dekker Is A Passionate Dressage Rider

Britt Dekker has been addicted to horses ever since she could speak. It wasn’t long after she took her first steps that she started riding horses, according to her bio on

Britt is luckily enough to have her own equestrian property, where he keeps her four amazing horses. However, the apple of her eye has always been George, a light gray dressage horse with stunning moves.

“To ride on this horse is to fly without wings,” Britt wrote about George on Instagram. In summer 2021, the pair competed in the Dutch Dressage Championships, earning 11th place. One of Britt’s biggest dreams is to compete with George at Grand Prix level.

Britt’s horses are regularly featured on all of her social media accounts. Her posts clearly show how much Britt admires her animals, and that their health and well-being are her highest priority.

Britt Dekker Produced And Acted In Her Own Movies

Besides being a media celeb and YouTube star, Britt Dekker also produced her own horse movies!

Her first film Whitestar released in 2019 and was an instant success, partly due to Britt’s large social media following. The movie also stars popular equestrian influencer Matt Harnacke in the role of Eddy.

Whitestar is about the special relationship between Megan (played by Britt Dekker herself) and a rejected jumping horse called Whitestar.

Britt Dekker in the cover of her film, Whitestar

Following in her father’s footsteps, Megan trains the horse to become a champion showjumper. When Whitestar’s owner discovers his potential, he takes the horse away from Megan, hoping to make easy money. To his misfortune, the Whitestar would only perform with Megan.

However, the story doesn’t end here. Britt Dekker’s fans are hugely excited to welcome the sequel to the movie on 15 December 2021, titled Silverstar.

In the story, Silverstar is the son of Whitestar. Following a barn fire, the young horse flees into the woods, where he meets and bonds with 16-year-old Esmee (played by Wendy Ruijfrok).

Esmee returns the horse to Megan, but Silverstar seems to be struggling with trauma caused by the fire. Out of desperation, Silverstar and Esme run away together, as nobody wants to listen to them.

You can watch the official trailer of Silverstar below. There’s currently no English version available, but the shots are breathtaking!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Britt Dekker

  • She loves all animals and has a Beagle called Matzy
  • Her favorite food is frech fries
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • As a child, she wanted to become a mounted police officer
  • In her new movie Silverstar, Britt had a role written specifically for her co-worker’s daughter Wendy van Dijk