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10 Biggest Ranches in Texas

10 Biggest Ranches in Texas

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When people think of Texas they often think of cowboys and ranches, and for good reason too. Texas is home to some of the largest working ranches in America, many of which have been operating for decades.

The saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas” certainly can apply to the many large ranches found throughout the state. Over 95% of Texas land is privately owned and it is home to over 240,000 ranches and farms, more than any other state.

Of these numerous ranches in the Lone Star State, we are going to be looking at the 10 biggest ranches in Texas. Spanning hundreds of thousands of acres, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill homesteads. They are fully operational, bringing substantial income from livestock, agriculture, and oil production.

10. Jones Family Ranches – 255,000 Acres

Located on the coast of Texas near Corpus Christi, Jones Family Ranches was founded by W. W. Jones in 1897. The ranch still remains in operation by the Jones family.

The ranch produces oil and gives guests the opportunity to stay on the historic property. Structures dating back to the Spanish/Mexican colonial era can still be found on the property.

9. 6666 Ranch – 260,000 Acres

6666 Ranch owned by Taylor Sheridan from Yellowstone

The legendary 6666 Ranch, also known as Four Sixes Ranch, was founded in 1870 by Captain Samuel Burnett. The ranch is located throughout King County, Carson County, and Hutchinson County.

Operating in the traditional cowboy way, 6666 Ranch is home to Angus cattle and world-class Quarter horses. Not only do they breed Quarter horses for ranch work but also for racing as well. The ranch also has its own state-of-the-art veterinary facilities.

6666 Ranch is owned by a group of investors led by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the popular neo-western drama series Yellowstone. The ranch is set to be the centerpiece for Sheridan’s new Yellowstone spin-off called 6666.

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8. Kokernot 06 Ranch – 278,000 Acres

The Kokernot family has a long history of ranching, dating back all the way to 1836. Their scenic Texas ranch is located in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, situated between Alpine and Fort Davis.

Continuing in the family tradition of ranching, the Kokernot family continues to run a cattle operation as well as raising working Quarter horses. Trophy hunting is available at the ranch for serious hunters and includes a variety of large game species native to Texas.

Kokernot 06 Ranch has also been the filming location for a variety of movies and commercials. The ranch also offers hiking, horseback riding, and ATV guides.

7. Nunley Brothers Ranches – 301,500 Acres

Now run by the Nunley brothers, this 301,500-acre ranch was first founded by Red Nunley, the brothers’ grandfather, in 1930. The generational family business remains a successful cattle operation.

Nunley Brothers Ranches span from South Texas to the Texas Hill Country. The family ranch successfully breeds Santa Gertrudis cattle.

6. Longfellow Ranches – 350,000 Acres

Located south of Fork Stockton, Longfellow Ranches is owned by SandRidge Energy founder Malone Mitchell III. The ranches are home to successful cattle and oil operations.

Longfellow Ranch is also home to a 4,700-square-foot luxurious lodge that features five–star rooms and dining. The lodge hosts guests as well as corporate events. In addition, the facilities also offer hunting and scenic wildlife tours.

5. Hughes Ranch – 390,000 Acres

Oil and gas tycoon Dan Hughes founded the Hughes Ranch. His son, Dan Jr., served as the state commissioner as well as the chairman of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Most of Hughes Ranch is reserved for private use by the Hughes family. However, the ranch does sell cattle and hunting leases.

4. Waggoner Ranch – 535,000 Acres

Birds eye view of Waggoner Ranch in Texas, United States

Waggoner Ranch, also known as W.T. Waggoner Ranch, is the largest ranch under one fence in Texas. Established in 1849 by Dan Waggoner, the ranch is now owned by American billionaire businessman Stan Kroenke.

Waggoner Ranch remains a thriving cattle and oil operation, with a large recreation area as well. The ranch farms about 25,000 acres of land to graze cattle and grow crops.

Waggoner Ranch is also known for breeding quality American Quarter horses. Many horses bred on the ranch carry the bloodlines of the renowned Poco Bueno.

3. O’Connor Family Ranches – 587,000 Acres

For nearly 200 years, the O’Connor Family Ranches have been a staple in the ranching industry. When Irish farmer Thomas O’Connor arrived in Texas he was broke. However, after the Mexican government granted him 4,000 acres and he received a part dowry of cattle and horses, O’Connor went on to become a multimillionaire.

The O’Connor Ranch in south coastal Texas is home to the Tom O’Connor field, an oil field that brought further wealth to the family. The ranch is still in the family today, run by the heirs of Thomas.

2. Briscoe Ranches – 640,000 Acres

Briscoe Ranch sign

Briscoe Ranches began in 1910 when Dolph Briscoe Senior established the Briscoe Ranch near Uvalde, Texas, and has stayed in the family. Today, the prominent Texas ranching family is one of the wealthiest in America.

On their incredible 640,000 acres of land, the Briscoes have over 15,000 cattle. In addition to cattle, the ranch also has oil wells as well. The vast land holdings of the Briscoe family span 10 counties in the Lone Star State.

1. King Ranch – 825,000 Acres

Main house at King Ranch in Texas, United States
King Ranch in Texas. Image by Darryn Rose

King Ranch is the largest ranch in Texas and in all of the United States. Known as “The Birthplace of American Ranching”, King Ranch is a National Historic Landmark.

With 825,000 acres of land, King Ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island. It spans nearly 1,300 square miles of land, consisting of four tracts of land spanning six counties. The ranch was founded in 1853 by Richard King and Gideon K. Lewis and today employs over 700 people.

King Ranch is renowned for breeding champion Thoroughbred racehorses and top-performing Quarter horses. The ranch is also accredited for developing the Santa Gertrudis and Santa Cruz breeds of cattle.

Today, the ranch’s primary focuses are cattle ranching and horse breeding, with operations also in farming, hunting, hardware, and luxury retail goods.

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