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10 Biggest Ranches in Wyoming

10 Biggest Ranches in Wyoming

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Wyoming is one of the most scenic states in all of America. With picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife, the state sees millions of visitors each year looking to experience the beauty of the American West.

Known as the Cowboy State, Wyoming is home to some of the largest ranches in America. From generational homesteads to billionaire investors, the state is full of operational ranches, primarily in the cattle industry.

A large portion of Wyoming is open, undeveloped land. While millions flock every year to see Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming is actually the least populated state in the country. Along with tourism, mining and agriculture are the biggest industries in Wyoming.

Here is a look at some of the biggest ranches in Wyoming.

10. Snake River Ranch – 5,100 Acres

Snake River Ranch

Snake River Ranch is the largest deeded ranch in the Jackson Hole. It is located near Wilson and is one of the last working ranches in the area.

Founded in 1929, Snake River Ranch is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Advertising executive Stanley B. Resor originally built the ranch as a vacation home for himself and his wife. The property has also always worked as an operational ranch as well.

The ranch is home to cattle, cowboys, and a large variety of local wildlife. Tours are available to guests wishing to view the scenic property and see the historic ranch buildings which still stand today.

9. The Cottonwood – 11,138 Acres

The Cottonwood Ranch

Located in Daniel, Wyoming, The Cottonwood shadows three mountain ranges and includes plenty of river access. The working cattle ranch has the ability to run up to run 2,000 cow/calf pairs.

Complete with 40 miles of meandering rivers and streams, the ranch offers world-class fly fishing. In addition, the ranch is also home to plenty of big game making it an ideal location for hunting.

8. Bush Creek Ranch – 30,000 Acres

Bush Creek Ranch

Located in Saratoga, Wyoming, Bush Creek Ranch is an all-inclusive guest ranch that spans over 30,000 acres. The working cattle ranch doubles as a luxury resort where guests can immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Bush Creek Ranch offers state-of-the-art lodging and fine dining. While staying on the ranch, guests can partake in an array of activities including horseback riding, goat yoga, fishing, wildlife tours, archery, cattle drives, and much more. Guests can also unwind at the luxurious spa.

7. Geis Cattle & Sheep Ranch – 30,000 Acres

Located in northeast Wyoming, Geis Cattle Ranch consists of 30,000 acres. Founded in the early 1900s, the family ranch is run by fourth-generation ranchers and brothers Gerry and Kevin Geis, along with their wives, Gwen and Bobbi.

The ranch is home to a variety of animals including cows, sheep, horses, and chickens. The ranch even offers tours for local kindergarten classes so they can learn about the ranching lifestyle. They also teach about sustainability, as the family raises most of the meat, eggs, and vegetables they eat.

6. Lonetree Ranch – 42,558 Acres

Lonetree Ranch

Lonetree Ranch is a family-owned operation located in Lonetree, Wyoming. Owned by the Taylor family, it is one of the largest deeded properties in the state.

Spanning 42,558 acres, Lonetree Ranch raises organic, grass-fed beef. They have around 2,000 cattle on their ranch. In addition to cattle, the land is popular for hunting opportunities for mule deer, elk, and antelope.

5. Durham Ranch – 55,000 Acres

Located near Wright, Wyoming, Durham Ranch was purchased in 1965 by Armando Flocchini Sr. The ranch still remains in the family and has been for generations.

Since 1965, Durham Ranch has operated as a bison ranch, with the bison originally sourced from Yellowstone National Park. Today, the ranch is home to nearly 3,000 bison maintained by Armando Flocchini Sr.’s grandson.

Tours are available for the public on Durham Ranch to see their bison herd. In addition, the ranch also offers hunting as well.

4. Cottonwood Canyon Ranch – 60,000 Acres

Located in Big Horn County, Cottonwood Canyon Ranch is a 60,000-acre cattle ranch. The picturesque ranch has meadows, canyons, and timber.

The property of Cottonwood Canyon Ranch is an irrigation and cattle ranch. In addition, the ranch is home to a large array of wildlife and includes recreational activities such as hunting.

3. Marton Ranch – 69,550 Acres

Marton Ranch

Located in central Wyoming, Marton Ranch consists of 69,550 acres over a diverse landscape. Sitting at a high elevation, the property operates as a cattle ranch.

With river frontage on the North Platte River, the property offers great fishing opportunities. In addition, the large range of wildlife provides hunting opportunities too.

2. Continental Divide Ranch – 98,424 acres

Continental Divide Ranch consists of 98,424 acres. That land includes 29,000 deeded acres, 40,960 acres of BLM, 2,960 acres of State School lease, and 23,527 acres of private lease.

Located in the Haystack Mountain Range along the North Platte River, the property is full of rich pastures for grazing. The ranch offers excellent fishing and hunting opportunities thanks to its location and diverse wildlife.

1. Q Creek Ranch – 560,000 Acres

Q Ranch is the largest contiguous ranch in the Rocky Mountains spanning an incredible 560,000 acres. The sprawling ranch is located southwest of Casper and north of Medicine Bow.

Q Creek Ranch is one of the many ranches owned by American billionaire businessman Stan Kroenke. The ranch was originally founded in 1884 by Irish immigrant John J. Sullivan.

Q Creek Ranch was first a horse ranch, once home to over 20 teams of draft horses. The ranch then operated as a sheep ranch for many years before turning to cattle. Today, in addition to cattle, Q Creek Ranch offers hunting and fishing for guests.

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