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Yellowstone’s Top 10 Most Memorable Moments So Far

Yellowstone’s Top 10 Most Memorable Moments So Far

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Yellowstone is now in its fifth season and continues to deliver powerful episodes. The show is full of iconic characters and memorable moments.

There is never a dull moment in Yellowstone. From Beth’s fighting spirit to John’s dedication to protecting the ranch, the Duttons are not a family that you want to mess with.

There have been countless noteworthy moments so far in Yellowstone so far. We have seen people die while others fall in love. Things on Yellowstone often get messy and violence often surrounds the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Here is a mix of the best moments on Yellowstone so far, from small meaningful moments all the way up to some of the Dutton’s biggest fights to date.

Beth Helps Out Monica – Season 2, Episode 9

Beth and Monica holding each other while walking in the Yellowstone TV series

When Monica finds herself at the hands of a racist owner of a boutique, Beth comes to her rescue. The owner of the boutique falsely accused Monica of stealing when all she was doing was shopping, treating her poorly the entire time. The owner even gets two cops involved.

The cops do an unnecessary strip search on Monica and humiliate her for no reason. Fortunately, Beth shows up to end the mistreatment of her sister-in-law.

Beth scolds the cops for treating Monica so poorly and then dismisses them after informing them Monica is a Dutton. The cops then leave, however, Beth is not done teaching the store owner a lesson.

She proceeds to break the glass of a jewelry case before throwing some merchandise. Beth then makes the owner strip down so she can know the humiliation Monica felt.

We often don’t see a lot of moments between Beth and Monica, so it was refreshing to see Beth stand up for her sister-in-law and show what she is capable of doing. While the moment might not have been significant to the plot, it was certainly memorable.

Beth and Rip’s First Date – Season 1, Episode 1

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheelers first date

While Rip and Beth were romantically involved before as teenagers, they have their ‘first date’ in the season one premiere. Rip invites Beth to a music festival but she declines as she wants something more suited to her personality.

Beth and Rip end up going on an unusual but memorable first date. They watch a pack of wolves eat an elk while drinking in Beth’s car.

Rip proceeds to tell Beth that she hasn’t aged and just might cheat death. Beth, being the fearless and bold person she is, runs right toward the pack of wolves, yelling at them with a bottle of whiskey in hand.

When Rip runs after her and questions her crazy move, she simply tells him she was cheating death. It was the new beginning of their unique love story.

John Gives Rip a Cabin – Season 2, Episode 9

Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton sitting on Rips cabin doorsteps

John has shared a close bond with Rip ever since he took him in as an orphan teenager. Rip has proved to be a trusty ranch hand and in return, John has provided Rip with a job, a place to stay and a family.

John gives Beth a letter in which he acknowledges that there is nothing Rip wouldn’t do for the Dutton family. Rip has always been loyal to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and for that John is very thankful.

John also states in the letter he is giving Rip a house on the ranch. In a rare occurrence, we see Rip tear up as he realizes that he has earned the love and respect of John.

Jimmy and John Share a Heartfelt Moment – Season 4, Episode 10

John Dutton and Jimmy talking and shaking hands in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch stables

After a bad riding accident that landed Jimmy in the hospital, John sends him to Texas to learn how to become a real cowboy. While in Texas, he works at 6666 Ranch under the guidance of Travis Wheatly.

Jimmy later returns to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with a new fiance, Emily, in tow. This does not bode well with his former girlfriend and a fight breaks out when she goes after Emily and Jimmy.

After the fight, John has a heartfelt conversation with Jimmy. He tells Jimmy that he will always have a spot at the ranch, but at this point, he owes nothing to John.

The moment shows just how far Jimmy has come since joining the ranch and the respect John has gained for him. After saying heartfelt goodbyes to everyone, Jimmy makes his way back to Texas with Emily by his side, ready to start a new chapter.

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Teaching a Biker Gang a Lesson – Season 3, Episode 4

Rip Wheeler beating up a biker gang on Yellowstone

Ryan, Colby and Teeter find a motorcycle gang trespassing on the ranch property. While Ryan starts off nicely asking the gang to move they don’t take kindly to this request and a messy fight ensues.

While driving down the road, Rip and Lloyd see the fight. A furious Rip then proceeds to drive his truck straight through a group of parked motorcycles. The two men then join the fight and Rip uses a branding stick to beat up members of the gang. He informs the leader of the gang that they leave now or they won’t leave at all.

Later that night, John and some of the ranch hands, including Rip, wait for the motorcycle gang to return. Upon their arrival John confronts them and when they go to leave, he forces them dig their own graves at gunpoint.

After instilling fear in them, John decides to let them go. However, he tells them that if they ever come back then he will bury them in the graves.

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Teeter Fights for Her Place – Season 4, Episode 7

Teeter pleading with Rip Wheeler to get her job back in the Yellowstone TV series

After a violent fight broke out with Lloyd and Walker over Lamarie, all females were evicted from the bunkhouse. This included Teeter, who has long been a loyal ranch hand and sees herself as one of the guys.

Teeter was furious as she was kicked out of the bunkhouse at no fault to her. She storms off the ranch without her pay over the unfair treatment.

However, Teeter later returns to the ranch to get her job back. She makes an emotional plea to John and Rip, showing her brand in an effort to get her job back.

“So all that this is my home forever, that’s just talk? F******g scarred for life, it don’t mean nothing?” said Teeter.

Fortunately, Rip is moved by her plea, reassuring her that her brand does indeed mean a lot and offers Teeter her spot back in the bunkhouse.

A tearful Teeter thanks Rip for giving her her job back and makes a promise to John and Rip that she will continue to prove her loyalty to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

It is a tender moment for Teeter, who is known for being tough. It shows that both she and Rip have a soft spot and know the importance of remaining loyal to the Duttons.

Rescuing Tate – Season 2, Episode 10

Kayce Dutton holding Tate Dutton while rescuing him from his captors

The Beck brothers finally take their feud too far with the Duttons when they kidnap Tate. After realizing he is missing, the Duttons waste no time rescuing him.

While at first they don’t know who took him, they quickly realize it is the Beck brothers behind the attack. After getting information out of the brothers, a group led by John rescues Tate.

Kayce ends up finding Tate in a bathroom of a house owned by a hitman the Becks hired. While Tate is unharmed physically, his head is shaved and he is traumatized by the terrifying experience.

The Duttons took no time on punishing the Beck brothers for their actions. Kayce finds Teal in his home sitting on the toilet and shoots him in the stomach.

After threatening Teal for information on Tate’s whereabouts, Kayce shoots him in the chest and leg, killing him while he is still on the toilet.

John shoots the other brother, Malcolm, as he is fleeing from the scene. John then sat with Malcolm as he was bleeding out, only to then walk away at the last moment, leaving Malcolm to die alone.

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Rip Saves Beth – Season 2, Episode 7

Rip Wheeler talking to Beth Dutton as he saves her from her captors

While working late one night, Beth and her assistant are attacked by two masked gunmen in her office. Before chaos ensues, Beth is able to send a message to Rip that says “office help.”

Beth and her assistant put up a fight, however, sadly Jason gets shot. While the masked men try to scare Beth, she refuses to be scared.

Fortunately, Rip immediately heads over to Beth’s office as soon as he gets the text. Rip arrives in the nick of time as one of the assailants throws Beth on the table. The two are then able to fight off the attackers and kill them in the process.

Beth is clearly shaken from the trauma of the attack, however, Rip is able to console her by telling her “I love you.” While the scene is traumatic, it shows how much Rip and Beth care for each other.

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The Duttons Are Attacked – Season 3, Episode 10

Beth Dutton burnt and bloody after a bomb explosion at her office

The Yellowstone season 3 finale left the fates of a lot of characters hanging, keeping viewers itching for more. At the end of the episode it is clear someone wants the Duttons dead, but as to who it is behind the attacks is unclear.

In one of the most dramatic moments of the series, Beth is in her office with her assistant. At first it seems like a typically day, nothing out of the ordinary, however, that quickly changes in mere seconds.

Beth’s assistant finds it odd that Beth received a box within a box. Beth quickly tries to tell her to wait because she doesn’t know what it is. However, she isn’t quick enough to stop her assistant and a bomb detonates, leaving the office in ruins.

Meanwhile, Kayce is in his office on the phone with Monica when all of a sudden he hears gunshots. He immediately springs into action pushing his desk down to create a barrier before a gunman barges into his office.

John is on the side of the road helping a single mother change a flat tire. While helping her, a van approaches them and a man asks “You’re John Dutton, aren’t you?” to which John replies “Yep.”

John Dutton sitting down leaning against a car on the road after being shot in the Yellowstone season 3 finale

A door swings open on the van and a gunman begins to open fire on John and the mother. John is left seriously hurt but still alive on the side of the road.

In this same action-packed episode, Jimmy falls off a horse and is left unconscious. He is yet another character whose fate is left unknown.

Viewers are left wondering who orchestrated the planned attacks on Beth, Kayce and John. In the meantime, Rip begins to panic as he can’t get ahold of anyone. The thrilling episode left fans waiting until the season four premiere to find out the outcomes of their favorite characters.

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Beth and Rip Get Married – Season 4, Episode 10

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler wedding

Beth and Rip have long been a fan-favorite couple in Yellowstone. In the season four finale, the couple finally says I do in an intimate ceremony.

Beth and Rip’s wedding was far from traditional. Beth kidnapped the priest and walked down the aisle in a short gold dress and a fur jacket. The loving couple got married in front of John, Lloyd and Carter on the ranch in a picturesque ceremony.

While far from a normal wedding, it was the perfect moment for Rip and Beth. Both Beth and Rip were emotional and it was clear they deeply love one another. It was a moment that Yellowstone fans had long been waiting for.

What do you think of our list of the 10 best Yellowstone moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ann Maner

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

They can't just stop filming more episodes. There are endless stories to tell and feuds to settle for Yellowstone. The thought of watching literally the last episode is emotionally unsettling for me! The show must go on no matter what the name of it is. It's a fantastic drama filled story with jaw dropping landscapes too amazing to be created by anyone except God himself! Half way through season 5 and I feel like I live on Dutton Ranch too and I'm not where close to being ready to leave so Cowboy Up and keep the cameras rolling. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the hundreds of folks that have made this series possible.