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8 Best Vegan and Synthetic Saddles for Vegan Horse Riders

8 Best Vegan and Synthetic Saddles for Vegan Horse Riders

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Leather has long been the most common material used to make saddles. However, there are now several vegan and synthetic saddles on the market for those looking for a non-leather option.

Synthetic and vegan saddles tend to be lightweight and easy to care for. They are often cheaper leather alternative saddles.

The saddles we’ve chosen are made from only synthetic and plant-based materials, making them vegan-friendly.

Synthetic saddles are available in English and western styles. They are durable enough for trail riding, while also some are stylish enough for showing. Most styles are also waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

Here Are the Eight Best Vegan and Synthetic Saddles.

1. Kincade Synthetic All Purpose Saddle

Kincade Synthetic All Purpose Saddle for horse riding

This low-maintenance synthetic saddle is a wonderful choice for beginners at a price you can’t beat. At only 11 pounds, it is super lightweight and practical.

This saddle features a medium deep seat for your comfort. To help you keep a strong seat, there are padded Airflow flaps with knee rolls. It is easy to clean, which is great for someone looking for a low-maintenance option.

This saddle is great for everyday riding or even trail riding. Its durable design fits a wide variety of different horses, making it comfortable for both horse and rider.

Why we like it:

  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • Budget-friendly and great for beginners.
  • Fits horses of different sizes and conformations.

2. Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle

Wintec HART Isabell vegan Dressage Saddle

This quality synthetic dressage saddle was developed with dressage superstar and Olympic gold medalist Isabell Werth. This beautifully designed saddle is ideal for showing, even for the most advanced riders.

The ultra-deep seat is grippy, allowing for exceptional balance and communication with your horse. For the comfort of all horses, the panels are super soft, molding to their unique conformation. To allow for freer movement and better results, this saddle features an easy-change gullet system and an easy-change riser system.

The protective cushioning of the CAIR Cushion Panel System uses air to distribute the rider’s weight evenly across a horse’s back. Thanks to the ergonomic flex design, the saddle is lightweight and allows for fluid movement in your horse. The high-performance design allows your leg to find a natural groove for easy and efficient contact.

Why we like it:

  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for showing and training.
  • Adjusts to fit you and your horse for superior performance.

3. Henri de Rivel Vegan-X All Purpose Saddle

Henri de Rivel Vegan-X All Purpose Saddle

This vegan saddle looks like real leather but contains no animal products. Lightweight and low maintenance, it is a great affordable option for riders of all levels.

This saddle offers excellent comfort and support. It is practical for all-weather riding, no matter rain or shine. The synthetic wool flocking conforms to the anatomical structure of your horse for top-notch performance.

Whether for trail riding or arena work, this saddle has you covered. It is a great option and is built to fit a variety of different conformations.

Why we like it:

  • Affordable, comfortable and lightweight.
  • Practical for all-weather.
  • Deather a synthetic wool flocking that conforms to your horse.

4. Wintec 500 HART All Purpose Saddle

Wintec 500 HART All Purpose Saddle for vegan equestrians

Whether for showing or training, this durable saddle has the look of real leather but is vegan-friendly. The saddle is supple and comfortable, giving you security as you ride.

A supportive deep seat provides top-notch support and grip, which is ideal for jumping. The super soft panels mold to your horse’s specific conformation, allowing them freedom of movement. Thanks to the easy-change gullet system and the easy-change riser system, this saddle provides an optimal, adjustable fit.

The CAIR Cushion Panel System provides protective cushioning by using air to distribute your weight. It is easy to clean and lightweight, while also having an ergonomic design.

Why we like it:

  • Lightweight, supple and easy to clean.
  • Budget-friendly and ideal for training and showing.
  • Comfortable and easily adjust to fit you and your horse.

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5. Acerugs Western Pleasure Saddle

Acerugs Western Pleasure Saddle made from synthetic materials

Whether for trail riding or showing, this beautiful western saddle is a great affordable option for beginners. At only 18 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to clean.

This saddle is made with synthetic cordura material that is built to last. For your comfort, the seat has soft synthetic suede padding. The silver conchos add a touch of flair, allowing you to stand out in the ring.

This saddle also comes with a matching headstall, reins, breast collar, and pad. There are nine fun and sophisticated colors you can choose from. For the comfort of your horse, the underside is a soft, synthetic fleece and the tree is double-reinforced with fiberglass.

Why we like it:

  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • Comfortable and ideal for showing or trail riding.
  • Comes in nine different colors with a matching headstall, reins, breast collar and pad.

6. Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle

Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle

Durable and easy to maintain, this western saddle is perfect for hitting the trails. The quality synthetic material is scratch-resistant and a great alternative to traditional leather.

For your comfort, the seat has microfiber polyurethane suede padding, which provides great grip. Thanks to the EZ Fold Fender, riders can also easily adjust the fenders for a custom fit. The padded underside provides a comfortable fit for your horse.

This saddle is waterproof, which is great for riding outside all year long. The quick-change buckles are convenient and easy to use, making it great for riders of all levels.

Why we like it:

  • Comfortable, lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof.
  • EZ fold fenders allow for a custom fit.

7. King Series Krypton Square Saddle

King Series Krypton Square Saddle

If you are looking for a versatile trail saddle, this synthetic one is a practical choice. Lightweight and scratch-resistant it is an easy saddle to care for.

The three inch cantle ensures a comfortable and secure ride, no matter the terrain. A reinforced fiberglass tree allows for a reliable fit on your horse. The seat has microfiber suede for ultimate comfort for hours on end.

This stylish everyday saddle is available in five different colors. The saddle also comes with a corded cinch.

Why we like it:

  • Scratch-resistant, comfortable and lightweight.
  • Ideal for trail riding and comes in five colors.
  • Includes a corded cinch.

8. Wintec Western Trail Saddle

Wintec Western Trail Saddle
See on]

This practical synthetic saddle is made with avid trail riders in mind. Durable without being heavy, this easy-to-maintain saddle will keep you comfortable during long rides.

For closer contact and superior comfort, the seat features memory foam padding. The wide trail stirrups provide excellent stability no matter the terrain. With a comfort ride saddle tree, your horse will also enjoy the ride.

The EZ Fold Fender allows you to get a custom fit to your leg for ideal contact. Long saddle tie strings are included to meet your trail-riding needs.

Why we like it:

  • Comfortable and easy to care for.
  • Great for trail riding.
  • Durable and adjustable to your needs.

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What is Vegan and Synthetic Leather Made From?

Vegan and synthetic leathers are commonly made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), which are plastic materials. In some cases, faux leather may also be made from natural materials.

How Long Do Vegan and Synthetic Saddles Last For?

With the right care, vegan saddles can last up to ten years. Synthetic leather does not typically last as long as real leather, but it is often much cheaper. To extend the life of your synthetic saddle, store it covered and also regularly wash it off to keep it clean.

How Do You Clean Synthetic Leather?

Synthetic saddles are easy to clean, as you can simply hose them off. In addition, you may also use mild soap and water to clean dirt off. After washing, allow your synthetic saddle to air dry.

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