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6 Best Treeless Saddles (English & Western)

6 Best Treeless Saddles (English & Western)

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When it comes to treeless saddles, there is a lot of debate in the equestrian world about whether they are beneficial or not. Some people will only ride in treeless saddles, whereas others find them problematic for a horse’s back.

Unlike traditional saddles that have a tree, which is often made of wood or fiberglass that evenly distributes the rider’s weight, treeless saddles have no tree.

Treeless saddles are lighter in weight and flex more with the horse, providing closer contact. They are often a popular choice for horses that are difficult to saddle fit and are available in western and English styles.

Treeless saddles allow for a more “natural” feel, allowing for a comfortable ride as they move with the horse’s motion. They can be practical for owners with multiple horses, as they adjust to fit different conformations. Treeless saddles are more ideal for pleasure riding, as they are often not fitting for hard work.

Best Treeless Saddles

1. HILASON Western Treeless Horse Barrel Racing Saddle

HILASON Western Treeless Horse Barrel Racing Saddle

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This beautiful western treeless is a great lightweight option that is also flexible. The saddle is made from high-quality leather with detailed tooling and features beautiful silver conchos. The seat, which is rough-out leather, is a gorgeous turquoise color.

The skirt structure and the cinching/stirrup webbings absorb and distribute the rider’s weight. Compared to other treeless saddles, it is proven to eliminate the chances of a pressure point which could cause discomfort in a horse.

Why we like it:

  • Weighs only 22 pounds.
  • Flexible and allows for free movement.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship.

2. Tough-1 Eclipse Western Rig Treeless Endurance Saddle

Tough-1 Eclipse Western Rig Treeless Endurance Saddle

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This saddle is ultra-lightweight and comfortable for pleasure riding and even endurance. The flexible design allows you to have close contact with your horse.

For the comfort of the rider, the microsuede seat is padded, providing excellent grip. High-quality fur on the underside provides top-notch comfort for the horse. The gullet bar under the seat is totally flexible, adjusting naturally to any horse. In addition, it is also washable and waterproof for your convenience.

A total of five D-rings allow you to attach additional equipment for your ride. The stirrups can even be removed to convert into a bareback pad.

Why we like it:

  • Lightweight, flexible and comfortable.
  • Ideal for horses with all types of different backs and withers.
  • Capable of converting into a bareback pad.

3. Cashel G2 Brown Soft Saddle

Cashel G2 Brown Soft Saddle

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This treeless saddle’s sleek design and high-quality construction make it a great utility saddle at only six pounds.

The exterior is made from a microfiber suede material that provides superior grip while also being water repellant. The molded pommel and cantle provide a comfortable and secure seat as you ride. To move with your horse, the gullet area expands to provide flexibility.

The fleece bottom provides support and comfort for your horse. Back D-ring straps allow you to attach saddlebags, while the stirrups can be removed to transform into a bareback pad.

Why we like it:

  • Weighs seven pounds.
  • Comfortable and flexible, with the ability to remove the stirrups.
  • Gullet expands to move with your horse.

4. Open Store Micro Fiber Horse FREEMAX Treeless Saddle

Open Store Micro Fiber Horse FREEMAX Treeless Saddle

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Lightweight and flexible, this saddle is ideal for pleasure riding. It is constructed from a high-quality synthetic material that is easy to maintain.

For the benefit of both the horse and the rider, this saddle has a comfortable deep seat. A unique velcro system allows the seat to be removed for easy cleaning. The soft fleece underside keeps your horse feeling good as you ride.

Available in 10 different colors, this budget-friendly treeless synthetic saddle fits horses of all different sizes. The saddle includes D-rings and comes with a girth, stirrups, and stirrup leathers.

Why we like it:

  • Affordable, comfortable, and flexible.
  • Easy to clean and includes accessories.
  • Available in ten colors.

5. Tough-1 Eclipse Treeless Endurance Saddle Pkg

Tough-1 Eclipse Treeless Endurance Saddle

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Comfortable and lightweight, this treeless saddle makes a great option for both trail riding and endurance. It even comes with stirrup leathers, stirrups, a bridle, and a saddle pad too, so you’re all set to get riding.

The wide, padded synthetic seat provides a comfortable ride. This saddle’s unique knee rolls and padded flaps help provide a secure seat. It conforms to horses of different sizes, while providing flexibility and close contact.

Five D-rings allow you to attach equipment for when you head out on the trails. The flexible design moves with your horse, allowing freedom of movement.

Why we like it:

  • Comfortable, lightweight, and flexible.
  • Padded for a secure seat.
  • Comes with accessories.

6. Circle Y Fischer Daisy Short Horn Saddle

Circle Y Fischer Daisy Short Horn treeless horse riding Saddle

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Designed by legendary barrel racer Tammy Fischer, this barrel saddle allows for close contact with unrestricted movement. It molds to your horse’s shape, bending with your horse as they turn.

The cantle keeps you secure in your seat, with an upright swell and deep seat. Forward hung fenders allow for ideal flexibility while turning barrels. The neoprene skirts work to absorb shock while distributing weight.

The beautiful tooled leather features a black suede seat for additional grip. A soft fleece underside keeps your horse comfortable while the innovative treeless build fits just about every horse.

Why we like it:

  • Comfortable, durable, and flexible.
  • Neoprene skirts absorb shock and distribute weight.
  • Ideal for barrel racing and features beautiful craftsmanship.

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